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if nicorinpana and the second years trio are a thing, could this mean nozoelimaki could be a thing too?

Yeah I mean remember that episode where they wrote snow halation? That was pretty nozoelimaki. Nozomi and Eli practically confided in Maki with Nozomi’s greatest wish and she helped them make it come true. It’s already a cute canon trio!

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has your opinion on kanda changed any after you saw his memories

M: “I think I have worked out why you and Kanda are at each other’s necks so often… It’s because you’re so similar.”

A: “You’ve got to be kidding! Don’t put me together with a total idiot like him!”

M: “You’re a total idiot as well.”

M: “…”

M: “The darkness surrounding each of you of you is so deep.. that I can’t see how to pull you out of it.”



Yea… maybe he’s not such a big idiot as I thought him to be..


Chevrolet BelAir / 1955 by Ruud Onos

Doodled Momo and Yuki!! ヽ(。・ω・。)ノ
I want to do my proper shading and stuff on this but my sched is pretty packed right now ;; I still have exams and I don’t wanna stud- Maybe when I have free time again…


Untitled by Alícia Rey

#www ficlet No. 2

In honor of #wewantwednesday and all the awesome prompts you guys have sent in. This is another approximately 1000 word ficlet based on one of those prompts. Many of you were horrified at the place at which I chose to end the last ficlet, #www ficlet No. 1, and for you I have nothing but an evil cackle. 

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Now, this ficlet is based on a prompt by @pipe-dreams-and-plaid-shirts​ which sited a scene from the tv show Graceland where one of the characters was attacked in the hospital and suggested I do the same to Clint. So…taking that…read on…

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