After some time without “talking” to each other, they did a housou playing Splatoon, and…

Lon: Somehow, my heart is beating really fast…

Soraru: Why?

Lon: My hands are shaking too

Soraru: Should we stop playing?

Lon: No www that’s not it…

Soraru: Eh? What is it?

Lon: I’m telling you that it’s not that kind of thing

Soraru: What are you talking about…?

Lon: I don’t know, my body is strange

Soraru: “Could it be ‘love’?” There are a lot of comments saying that it’s “Love”. If you fall in love, your body and your hands start shaking? Isn’t that dangerous?

Lon: -laughs-

  • 学校
  • 96猫xそらる
  • 生放送

96neko: Well then, I’ll play the role of the girl bitting choco-pan who is late for school so, you do the boy who bumps into the girl when he turns at the corner

Soraru: Ok

96neko: Make sure to say “Are you ok?” and lend your hand

Soraru: I understand

96neko: Ok! Let’s start!

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i dont know if someone has done this or not.. actually i forgot to upload this one page from wan, one of my favorite pages, how could i forget this page smh I MEAN LOOK AT THEM- look at the trio! they’re so adorable i just want to hug them and give them milk also cookies ; u ;

[nb: it would be good if you dont repost them but it’s alright as you dont claim my scans as yours thank you!]