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Could I ask for your help?

Hello everyone! I don’t normally post things like this to my blog, but I feel in this case it’s important.
In September of last year, my school faced a tragedy, as one of our classmates was killed. She was a senior, supposed to be graduating this June. And our principal and county have decided to not even mention her at graduation. Her mother personally asked our principal and the county to mention her at graduation, and they refused with unjustifiable and flimsy reasoning. I didn’t personally know Rachel, but god forbid I lay down and let someone be forgotten.
Her sister made a petition on her behalf yesterday to make the county allow her a mention, with a goal of 10,000 signatures. In just over a day, it has a little less than 9,000 signatures. So please, if you could help sign the petition.
It should be known that it is also number four trending on Buzzfeed, so if you’d like to know more there’s the Buzzfeed article as well as local news sources on the page.
Thank you so much for listening.

Reblogs would also be greatly appreciated!
Mafurata’s Morning (071215)

Mafumafu: “~ 8:30 am~

Ura: “Wake up-www” Sway, sway

Mafu: “” (← Accompanied Urata-san with his games until 4 in the morning)

Ura: “…”

Mafu: “zzz”

Ura: “He--y www” Tickle, tickle

Mafu: “Uaaah!? What!?” Jumped up awake

Ura: “I’m heading out so! Mafu can just keep sleeping alright! See ya!”

Mafu: “””

Urata: “Sorryy”

Mafumafu: “I thought you woke me up to go out for food but to think that you’d have me return home just like that”

Urata: “I indicated that you could go home”