Haven’t been Tumblring much because I’ve been pretty busy with school.

In Retrospect - the vintage mall where I have my booth - has been hoppin’ now that students have settled into Fayetteville and vintage collectors realize they’ve got competition.

Here’s some pictures of my restock for the month of September.

Soon I’ll start working on a Halloween display.


6 Cup Gold and White Teapot by Hall & Corelle Livingware Coffee Cups

Apparently I’m only buying things that are white, gold and beige. Odd.

This teapot is sooo darling - it still needs a deep cleaning but the gold polka dots are bright. It was made in America by Hall and has a blue mark and ID numbers in gold on the bottom. It has a chip on the lid of the pot, unfortunately, but it isn’t noticeable unless you lift it all the way up and out. A piece of tape (meant to keep the lid on) was covering that flaw when I bought it. D'oh!

The Corelle Livingware cups were part of a set that I hesitated about buying and then poof - it was gone! Lesson learned. Livingware seems to be fairly popular on eBay and these cups are cute by themselves.