6 Cup Gold and White Teapot by Hall & Corelle Livingware Coffee Cups

Apparently I’m only buying things that are white, gold and beige. Odd.

This teapot is sooo darling - it still needs a deep cleaning but the gold polka dots are bright. It was made in America by Hall and has a blue mark and ID numbers in gold on the bottom. It has a chip on the lid of the pot, unfortunately, but it isn’t noticeable unless you lift it all the way up and out. A piece of tape (meant to keep the lid on) was covering that flaw when I bought it. D'oh!

The Corelle Livingware cups were part of a set that I hesitated about buying and then poof - it was gone! Lesson learned. Livingware seems to be fairly popular on eBay and these cups are cute by themselves.

Occasionally - I luck out. Today I picked up this mid-century Crown Trifari necklace and earring set for a scant $6! I’ve become more aware of really asking to see every single piece of jewelry in display cases that piques my attention. I also bought a big box of cufflinks and a vintage hat in its original box. Pictures soon. Good day!


Haven’t been Tumblring much because I’ve been pretty busy with school.

In Retrospect - the vintage mall where I have my booth - has been hoppin’ now that students have settled into Fayetteville and vintage collectors realize they’ve got competition.

Here’s some pictures of my restock for the month of September.

Soon I’ll start working on a Halloween display.


In Retrospect opened yesterday and I’ve sold some things already!

To celebrate, I.. bought more stuff.

Thrift store haul of the day:

  •  A vintage (1980s) issue of Architectural Digest, which I will use in a display, and a framed print of a New Yorker cover with a slinky martini-sippin’ lady.
  •  A rotating necklace display that - have to brag - I got for $1. I didn’t have such a thing yet so, amusingly, this is the premium find of today’s thrift lot. :)
  • A framed copy of a poem called “The Fretter” by Richard M. “Pek” Gunn. This kind of Americana doesn’t usually interest me because we’re drowning in it here in Arkansas. However, I really like the crosshatch-y line drawing of an old man looking out into the wilderness that is behind the text of the poem. Rather morbid for a happy ol’ southerner poem
  • Two mid-century anniversary trays that I had been eyeing for a while. They’re long and skinny and would be good for laying necklaces out on, or little candies, or just to sit on a vanity.
  • Couldn’t resist - another compote dish by Jeanette. This one is in “Amberina” (amber-colored, obviously) and not in as pristine shape as the clear one I already have at the store. Regardless, pedestal dishes like this can be used for all sorts of things.

While I might eventually have to give up these babies because they’re so delicate and impractical, how often do you find vintage snakeskin shoes that match your vintage snakeskin purse?!

I picked up the shoes today at Salvation Army for nothin’ after I’d stoically walked past them a few times. I don’t usually wear tall heels - I’m 5'9" and my boyfriend is 5'3" - but I thought these looked somehow familiar.

My grandmother had held on to this snakeskin purse for a long time. Maybe she was letting it increase in value? Then again - maybe she was just waiting for the perfect shoes!


New Furniture Coming to the Booth!

Very seldom do I buy furniture because it’s usually out of my price range, but occasionally I’ll score. Today was one of those rare days!

  •  Delwood Mid-Century Modern Green Industrial Office Chair(s) - There’s actually two of these, but I could only take an attractive picture of one in my tiny apartment! They are in fantastic shape and simply need to be cleaned. I will spiff them up a bit tomorrow so that they’re ready to use. They’re soooo cute.
  • Mid-Century Foot Stool - This little foot stool’s vinyl upholstery is somewhat similar to the covers on the Costco stools I sold earlier, so I’d guess it’s 60s at the latest.  It appears to be filled with chalk. It’s super cute and goes with the cream chairs I have in my apartment but alas, someone else needs this more than I do.

 These will be in the store on Tuesday!