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No More Dick Draggers

Kim Duncan once again joins the boys, as Ivan celebrates David Bowie’s 69th birthday, Michael unearths ungodly keepsakes from his past, and Dreg tries to explain his version of will power. Also, an Oliver Platt conspiracy, MSU vs. Iowa, the so-called return of the cassette tape, Making A Murderer, the next Hollywood blockbuster, and lots and lots of Burnett’s flavored vodka.

Check out the new album from Dylan Ryan / Sand out now.

“Dylan Ryan is a drummer adept at combining his jazz skills with adventurous rock.” – JazzTimes

On top of being a stand up bloke, a great drummer, a friend to the podcast “We’re With the Band” (Ep. 10 “Do You Dig Jazz?”) Dylan has also contributed drums to a number of records and bands I have had the pleasure of being a part of over the years. I highly recommend checking the new album out and catching their fall/winter tour.

10/24 - Eagle Rock Center For The Arts
11/03 Sugar Maple - Milwaukee, WI
11/04 Black Sparrow - Lafayette, IN
11/05 Gabe’s - Iowa City, IA
11/06 O'Leavers - Omaha, NE
11/07 Cafe Berlin - Columbia, MO
11/08 The Heavy Anchor - St. Louis, MO
11/09 Dreamland - Louisville, KY
11/10 The Comet - Cincinnati, OH
11/11 The Thunderbird - Pittsburgh, PA
11/12 Double Happiness - Columbus, OH
11/13 The Burlington - Chicago, IL



So this is the first week of 2012 where there’s been more than one thing worth buying. Welcome to 2012, kids.

* And this was actually already released, but didn’t seem to warrant a WWTB all on its own…and I’m a slacker.

** I don’t care what else comes out this year, this album has already won “Most Pretentious Album Title of the Year”.



Been a few weeks since we posted any WWTBs…lots to catch up on.

…and a few things we’ve failed to mention over the past few weeks:



Beyonce released a new album today.

That’s right, this HBIC didn’t even announce it, she just released it and I would be wrong not to include it in my WWTB because, you know, it’s Beyoncé.

Oh and did I mention it’s 14 songs long with 17 music videos?  With no fodder, with no hype, she just dropped a deluxe album.

Get it on iTunes today for $15.99.