Ana's guide to playing Lupus

1. Research actual, up-to-date information on wolves.

Ways of the wolf is a nice book, but it is horribly out of date. W20’s Changing Ways is going to update things, but until it comes out, it is best to just read actual articles on wolves. The biggest reason it is important to read up-to-date articles, is that the concept of Alpha and Omega are basically akin to the strongest guy in prison and the scapegoat. This is because the alpha and omega behaviour comes from watching captive wolves who usually were unrelated. As such, their behaviours were pretty much like a bunch of humans in a unisex prison.

Actual wolf packs are families, and that means they resemble human families in the middle ages and before. Mother and father, couple of older siblings who stayed at the territory, and the pups of that year. The parents call the shots, the kids obey. Any chance of omega is negated by the wolf disliked simply loping off to find better place to be.

Now, Garou Nation itself -does- resemble more the prison system. And that makes sense, it -is- made up of unrelated wolves.

2. Make your characters intentions clear to other players. 

How many times have I seen great players of lupus get stumped by one thing, the others players not understanding wolf body language. And, as much as this is on them to learn, it is also on you to ease things up. Don’t assume others know every little thing, decribe the body language and then give a summary of what it means.  Such as “Her ears lower and she presses herself against the ground, licking her nose. She relents her disagreements” or “He yips and prances, tail wagging and panting.  He liked the news very much”.

3. Don’t become a millstone of the group.

Related to the previous point, consider your character’s actions and when being stubborn or ignorant would just stall everything down. This is, of course, true with any character. But lupus tend to end up in this role the most.

I don’t mean this as little things, such as avoiding cars in general. But situations where it unneededly takes time from the session. Such a refusing to go to a car when pack needs to be at the Caern ASAP.

4. Treat your character’s family as a family.

As noted in point 1, wolf packs are (mostly) families. This means your character had a father and mother and siblings. Consider them as such, and maybe make your character reference them at times. Generally, try to make it clear the wolf-kin aren’t just a statistic, but a very much living part of the tribe like the human kin.

5. Your character is able to learn the same skills as homids and metis can.

The biggest for last, after the initial dots, lupus can learn any skill a homid or metis might. They are not locked to their First Change way of thinking forever. Depending on the tribe, the lupus would have received the basics of not being a Veil breach by the time they are cliath. Lupus can count, might even actually be good at it. Some might learn to write to not rely on their packmates as much. Basically, once the game starts, lupus aren’t limited in their choices of paths.

I hope this has been helpful!

Werewolf Herbs and their powers


Or atleast, I would like people’s input into this.

In Werewolf the Apocalypse, there is a rite that can be performed, called the Rite of Spirit Awakening, which when performed on an object, awakens the spirit inside of it, empowering the item, and allows you to speak with it with the proper tools. In every edition of the game, in the description of the rite, it mentions that you are able to perform this rite on plants to be able to empower the plant.

Now, normally if someone were to perform this on some kind of poison, it would mean that it would be able to work on supernatural beings that normally have a (super)natural defense against such things. But only back in the very first books, hidden away in the original player’s guide were there examples actually listed. And even then there were only 5 herbs used as examples, and they weren’t quite… well, balanced. Being able to use a rank 3-4 gift by awakening basil, a very common house hold plant/seasoning, is quite scary, even if it was listed with a “Use at ST’s discretion” warning on the listing

So with that in mind,, I have set out trying to work on a database, of plants that have some spiritual, mythological or magical history, and give each of them some ability or abilities that would be usable when the appropriate herb or plant is awoken. Having a stronger power or gnosis rating depending on how long it was taken to harvest the plant, or the number of successes with the rite, the plants do not need to have a roll done to activate them once awoken; It is more how powerful the spirit is when you took the respect to harvest it or awaken it. Used in different ways, can have different effects, and list them out, along with what parts of the plant is used, and what heavenly body, element, or direction is respected when used. 

So, if you want to help, go look at the google document I have posted it on. Anyone and everyone can comment on it, but if you want to write with me, send me a note and we will talk. But i would like to make sure its fair and we all can make it fair!


I am looking at filling it out for the tabletop version of the game, but I don’t mind adding LARP versions or effects as well! 

“Once a little boy sent me a charming card with a little drawing on it. I loved it. I answer all my children’s letters — sometimes very hastily — but this one I lingered over. I sent him a card and I drew a picture of a Wild Thing on it. I wrote, ‘Dear Jim: I loved your card.' Then I got a letter back from his mother and she said, 'Jim loved your card so much he ate it.’ That to me was one of the highest compliments I’ve ever received. He didn’t care that it was an original Maurice Sendak drawing or anything. He saw it, he loved it, he ate it.”


Braid - The New Nathan Detroits (live at WWTA in Allston, 8/12/2012)

Some live footage of the secret show Braid played in Allston, MA this weekend. Looks like the most amazing fun ever. Hate that I wasn’t there.

Werewolf the Apocalypse opinion?

Part 2

In your game, do you believe that if a kinfolk has gnosis, that they should be able to step sideways into the Umbra? Most humans not being able to, there are other beings in the World of Darkness that are able to access the spirit world, or different parts of it. 

In 2 instances, do you believe that kinfolk should be able to enter if the have gnosis; In the spirit of being a ST to keep a group together if possible, and in general, do you believe they should be able to?

What We Talk About When We Talk About Love
Author: Raymond Carver
First Published: 1981
Genre:  Short Stories 

About the Book:

Raymond Carver writes multiple short stories about the different faces and aspects of love. They are not connected, and from the very odd mother- son relationship to the young couple buying furniture from a man who is selling it in his back yard, you’ll find anything and everything.


I love short stories. All kinds of them, really. But Carver’s style really gets to me because it’s so simple and yet touches you in a way that makes you put down the book and just repeat that one sentence in your head.

There are much, much lighter short stories than Carver’s, that has to be said. This is why I will add a major trigger warning for character death and violence in general. 

The dialogue is absolutely genius, the descriptions are precise and make your eyes just a big wider.

Even though each story is just about ten pages, it’s not a book to read “on the go” if you really want to understand the stories, I think. Still, it’s absolutely brilliant.

Rating: 10/10
Age Recommendation: 17+
Educational Value: 3/5
Sex: 3/5
Drinking, Smoking; Drugs:

Liv xx

Custom werewolf totem: Cernunnos

I am an assistant Storyteller for an online game of Werewolf, specifically concentrating on spirits and the Umbra, and setting up quests and stuff. So, it wasn’t so much of a surprise, but I did appreciate when the Head Storyteller came to me and asked help in designing and building a custom totem for him, based on the Celtic God, Cernunnos. 

If you would like to check it out, check out under the cut. This is for MET, but I added what I thought the equivalent was for the tabletop version

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And now, for a brief laugh, a song from a Sabrina Sinclair, to a co-worker. I hope she got the promotion over him

The Brave Sir Robin, from everyone’s loved, Monty Python’s Holy Grail, to Mr. Lee Usher

I know there is no video for you to see, but all you need to know is that this is a mostly audio joke, without coconuts

demonsanddogweeds  asked:

I'm sorry, but I got to ask, how the heck did he gain that deedname? Owns the Tiger is pretty unique XD

It’s a mysteryyyyyyyy *wingles fingers*

…. in that it’s a far less epic story than it likely sounds. Tony is a redhead. And growing up in the States with raid hair means he got teased a lot as a kid, Tony the Tiger being an obvious taunt used against him.
And then he learned that he was a werewolf.
Of course being a werewolf doesn’t mean people aren’t still dicks to you, which with a twitchy young ahroun is a much riskier prospect. A few fights and maybe a frenzy later, he got told to suck it up by his mentor. It was a thing he couldn’t avoid, he needed to make it his own.
So, he did. It was like he was being stalked by his own big cat, slicing into him whenever he was vulnerable. So he finally found the courage to turn around and confront that, taming it in the process. He is a ball of orange and fluff, sure, but you’d be smart to damn well remember that there are claws hidden away from sight, ready to lash out. He’s even gone so far as to have stripes dyed into his fur.

He’s less cuddly than the mascot, admittedly.