Hold Me Closer - Rowoon (m)

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You down another shot letting your head drop along with the cup, tears hot on your cheeks. Fights with your fiancè are never easy, they usually end with him leaving to his office angrily and you drinking until you forget your own name. The two of you come from completely different worlds he recently inherited his father’s company, while you struggled to get your medical degree.

His family wasn’t necessarily against the two of you, his father and you get along well. His mother has told you she is glad to finally see him smiling. You lift your head pouring another shot then downing it, more tears slipping down your cheeks while you think back to when you first met Seokwoo.

He had seemed lonely, sitting by himself glaring at the people around the classroom. You had been told how “cold” or “rude” he was, but once you had forced your way inside the walls he had built around himself he was just a cold-looking softy. He loved to hold your hand, back hug you, he’d give you gifts any chance he got. A smile formed on your lips at the memories, your head started to feel fuzzy a slight ache hit through you when you decided you’d had enough to drink.

You stumble falling next to the bed, not quite making it to the bed. You rest your head on the side of the bed to dizzy and tired to force yourself up into the bed.

You open your eyes feeling a pair of arms wrapping tightly around your waist, the pounding in your head was intense, but you don’t want to move afraid he will wake up and still be angry with you. You eventually do try to pull yourself away from him the ache becoming too much for you to bare. He whines in response holding you back against him again.

“Seokwoo,” you whisper, he whines again his head against your neck, “let me get an Asprin or something,” he leans over you towards the bedside table handing you a bottle of Asprin and water, you sit up muttering a thank you to him.

“Are you okay?“ he mutters half-asleep softly propping himself up on his elbows, “you didn’t hurt yourself did you?” he asks examining you, you shake your head.

“I don’t think I did,” you stretch your arms over your head your shirt lifting a bit, “when did you get home?” You ask, he sits up scooting closer to you, he presses his lips to yours in a quick kiss.

“Stop drinking so much,” he presses his lips to yours once more, “don’t go out to drink by yourself,” another kiss, “only drink if I’m with you,” this time he doesn’t pull away instantly, he moves his lips slowly against yours making you dizzy, he presses his hand to your cheek shifting slightly closer to you.

He puts his other hand on your leg rubbing soft circles on your thigh. He kisses down your jaw to your neck sucking and nipping softly. You rest your hands on his shoulders holding him as close to you as you can. He holds your hips turning it so that you are in front of him he pushes your legs apart pulling you forwards so that he is in between them.

He lays you back against the bed never taking his lips off of your neck. He presses his weight onto your own turning his attention back to your lips, you grip the back of his hair returning the kiss. He takes your bottom lip in-between his teeth tugging it when he pulls away from your lips. His eyes were dark and hazy looking into your own.

He trails his hands under the hem of your shirt tugging it up with them, he runs them along your side tracing along the outline of your figure. You shiver under his touch enjoying the feeling of his hands moving slowly up towards your breasts. He reaches around under you to unhook your bra pulling it off of you, discarding it, your shirt was next, then his.

His lips were on yours while his hands playing with your nipples. You sloppily kiss him back arching your back towards his chest. He moves his hands away from your breasts one lacing into your hair holding your head still, while the other holds your hips against the bed. He rolls his hips down onto your own, a satisfying sigh passes his lips hitting your own.

The kiss becomes increasingly more sloppy, his hands fumbling with your pajama bottoms, while you fumble with his boxers. He lifts your hips his hands still struggling to get your pajama pants down but finally managing to get them to your ankles where you kick them the rest of the way off. You slide his boxers down, him stepping out of them before he presses his chest into your own his lips detaching from yours, he runs his hands softly against your outer thigh.

“Do you want this,” he asks in a gentle tone that makes butterflies erupt in the pit of your stomach, you answer his question by pulling his lips back to yours moving them slowly against his.

He grinds his hips into yours, a small growl hits your lips before he deepens the kiss further moving his lips more frantically against yours. You wrap your hand around his length pumping him a few times, he moans against your mouth, your core aches to feel him inside of you. You tighten your grip around his base, he bucks his hips against your hand. He guides your hand lining himself up with your heat. You rest your hands back up on his shoulders gripping lightly at the back of his hair.

He runs his tip across your folds teasing your entrance before he snaps his hips into yours, a choked whine finds its way past your lips, breathing out heavily. He sinks his teeth into your shoulder sucking the same spot. He pulls himself almost completely out before slamming back in. He whispers soft profanities against your shoulder holding tightly onto your hips.

He starts thrusting into you at a quick pace, his hips sharply hitting your own. He moves along your neck sucking and biting marks against your neck, sharp exhales hitting the spots he bites into. He moves one of his hands rubbing his thumb against your clit sending shock waves of pleasure through your body, it is almost too much to handle. 

You turn your head to the side arching your back towards him, shameless moans passing your lips. Your moans mix with his own, his thrusts becoming more and more sloppy with each passing second. They come shallower and quicker he grips your hair forcing your head back his lips attaching to your lips sloppily. 

He thrusts into you a few more times before he releases inside of you, he speeds up his circles on your clit riding out his orgasm, while trying to get you to reach your own high. Heat spreads through your lower half your own high leaving you shaking below him, your nails dragging down his back. He pulls himself from you letting his weight fall on top of your own. You wrap your arms around his middle holding him as close as you possibly could, he wraps his own arms around your back doing the same.

“I love you,” he mutters against your shoulder, you hum, “are you not going to say it back,” he whines lifting his head from your shoulder, “do you not love me?” He complains you smile laughing.

“I love you,” you say softly brushing one of your hands through his hair, he leans down pressing a lazy kiss to your lips.

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Prove You Wrong- Lee Jong-Suk

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“You’ll never make it anyways,” tears pricked at your eyes, “yah, Y’N, just give up already,” his voice rang in your ears, you looked down at your feet, “even your parents left you,” you left the breath be knocked out of you.

“You’re pathetic Y’N,” he pushed you back, “I pitied you for too long,” he sighed, “you’ll never make it Y’N, it’s better for us both if you stop trying now,” you looked up to meet his eyes.

“Okay,” you said in a cold tone, “thank you,” you smiled looking into his cold eyes, “you’re just saving me from embarrassing you right, you’re too popular for me now, right,” you chuckled, “you’re the pathetic one Lee Jong Suk,” you turned away from him.

You stormed off tears streaming down your cheeks, but you couldn’t let him see that, you had to make him thin you were strong, you couldn’t be weak in front of him.

“Y’N,” you stood up holding your bag in front of you with a smile on your face, Jong-Suk’s eyes glued onto you when you sat next to him.

“Miss Y’N you’re a designer from Japan correct,” he asked you nodded brushing your hair from your eyes.

“I’m actually from Korea, I studies in the United States, Japan, China, and Italy before deciding to start my brand in Japan,” you looked around at the men sitting in the room you knew a few of them, one was Jong-Suk’s manager, the secretary, and the CEO of his entertainment.

“Why do you want Jong-Suk to model for your brand,” you looked over at Jong-Suk smiling.

“He fits with the theme, and considering I’m making this design for a collaboration with a Korean brand, I think he would fit perfectly,” you hid the malice in your voice smiling at the CEO.

“This will get Jong-Suk publicity, not just in Korea, but Japan and China as well, which will widen his reaches, it can be beneficial to us both,”  you paused, “as long as Lee Jong-Suk agrees to it of course,” you ended your statement bowing to them before leaving the room.

“Y’N,” you turned recognizing the voice, “what are you playing at,” Jong-Suk asked his eyes looking deep into your own.

“I’m proving you wrong,” you cocked your head to the side, “I made it Jong-Suk,” you crossed your arms over your chest.

“Y’N,” Jong-suk called, barging into your studio.

“I’m busy Jong-Suk, can’t you just take up whatever this is with my staff,” you said measuring the waist of the mannequin once more.

“I’ll wait if you’re busy,” he sat in the chair behind you, you huffed looking at him over your shoulder.

You walked out of your studio Jong-Suk following behind you. The rain was falling hard now, but you didn’t care you just wanted to get away from him.

“You’re going to catch a cold,” jong-Suk Called to you, you slipped off the curb of the street landing on your hand.

You shook your hand looking down at it, you scraped it, but it was nothing too serious.

“Just go,” you shouted pulling yourself up, the cold raindrops hitting your head and back.

“Y’N,” Jong-Suk leaned down, putting his hand on your shoulder, you pushed him back pulling yourself up.

“You’re too famous for me remember,” you paused, “or has that changed since I’ve moved on to bigger things, or is it because-“ he cut you off pressing his lips to your own, holding your face in his hands.

You pushed him back shaking your head tears pricking at your eyes.

“You love to hurt me don’t you,” you clenched your fist ignoring the pain from the scrape, “you were my first love Jong-Suk, but I never meant anything to you,” you shouted.

“You threw me under the bus for fame,” you scoffed, “but here you are, when I finally made it somewhere,” you sighed stepping towards him.

“I,” he sighed shaking his head, “I never meant to hurt you,” he looked anywhere but into your eyes.

“All I could think about for the past seven years was how I could get my revenge for what you did,” his shoulders dropped, “and I’m finally on my way to getting it,” his eyes finally met your own.

“You’ll never make it,” he looked away again, “those were the last words I said to you,” he muttered, you shook your head.

“You’ll never make it anyways, give up already, not even your family wanted you,” you paused, “should I go on,” you tried to keep your voice from shaking.

“I didn’t mean it,” he put his arm on your shoulder gripping tightly into the fabric of your shirt, “please, Y’N, you’re my best friend,” those words made your heart ache, “you’re my- first love too,” he released the tight hold he had on your shirt sighing.

“Why,” the word fell before you could think, “you used to be the one to save me, every time- you were the only person I trusted,” you hit his chest letting your tears fall, “even though I didn’t have my parents I had you,” you hit his chest but left your hand on his shirt grabbing into the fabric.

“I’m sorry,” he pulled your head against his chest, “I panicked,” he paused, “it hurt me to say it, you acted strong, you made sure you didn’t cry,” his voice shook.

“I didn’t want to be pathetic,” you muttered against his chest, “I wanted to prove I could be better, I wanted to prove your wrong, I wanted to prove everyone,” he brushed your hair listening to you.

“Pretend you’ve never met me Jong-Suk,” you said once you pushed yourself away from him, you didn’t want to say it, but you couldn’t let yourself forgive him no matter why he did it.

“Why,” you looked up to meet his eyes.

“I don’t care why you did it,” you paused, “you still know it was wrong,” you brushed your hair back, “I want you to live with that,” you sighed, “or move on and forget me, I’ll do the same,”  you pressed your lips into a line.

“What’s the theme for this collection,” the interviewer asked, you looked over at the collaborator, Kibum before turning back to her.

“First Love,” Kibum nodded in agreement, “Kibum helped me pick the color scheme for the designs,” you motioned over to him.

“Did you enjoy working together,” she asked, Kibum reached over lacing his fingers with your own.

“It was the best collaboration I’ve done, she’s such a hardworking woman, it’s hard not to fall for her once she starts talking about fashion,” you looked down shyly.

Jong-Suk put his hand up on the wall beside you blocking you from moving.

“Are you dating him,” you met Jong-Suk’s eyes pulling the collar of your jacket.

“It’s not a concern of yours,” you cocked your head to the side, Jong-Suk clenched his fists against the wall.

“It concerns me because it’s you,” he said softly moving closer to you.

“But who am I, Y’N the orphan the nobody, or am I Y’N the world known designer who can raise your popularity,” you push his arm stepping away from him.

“You’re neither,” he called, you glanced back over your shoulder not slowing your pace.

“Why can’t you forgive me,” you bit the inside of your lip turning to face him.

“Would you forgive me if I said the same thing to you,” you paused, “if I told you you’d never make it onto YG, to stay a model, if I told you,” you paused, you found yourself stepping towards him on your own, “if I told you that no one would want to see you act, that you’re just a pretty face and nothing more, that you can’t act your to stiff-” he cut you off pressing his lips to your own again.

“That’s enough,” he said resting his forehead against your own, you did your best to avoid eye contact, “let me prove to you that I won’t hurt you again.”

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I made some sigils today for my Shadow Work Journal. Since Shadow Work is super personal, I wanted it to be protected. That’s one thing off my list of stuff I wanted to do today. ;)! 

You’re more than welcome to save them, and use them, but please if you share them on your Discord chats or what have you, CREDIT me. I put a lot of work in my sigils.

Tempter - Jungkook (m)

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You could tell Jungkook was up to something, you knew by that smug look he had. “Noona,” you smiled at the younger, yet taller, “could I stay with you tonight,” he gave you one of his signature bunny smiles, “I guess, but why do you want to stay with me all of a sudden,”  a devious look flashed over his features, “I miss spending time with my favorite noona,” you laughed at his words patting his shoulder.

“Get back to practice before Namjoon chews me out,” Jungkook nodded, walking off, you sat on your phone with a few of the other stylists, “you get a great job on Jungkook’s makeup for the music video,” you turned towards her, “is the music video out,” she nodded, “you’ve not seen it,” you shook your head, “your little Dongsang’s all grown up,” you quirked an eyebrow an amused smile forming on your lips.

You felt a hand rest on your shoulder the other stylists had gone quiet, “practice is over Noona,” you looked up seeing Jungkook’s hair messed up, sweat covering it, it stuck to his forehead in places. “Okay, let me get my bag, I’ll take us to my apartment,” he nodded, you walked to your station him following behind you. You picked up your bag and keys, 

“Go take a shower Jungkook,” he laughed looking down, “okay noona,” he walked off towards your bathroom you headed to living area sitting on the couch, “Noona,” Jungkook called after some time, he pointed at the bottle of soju, “can I have some,” you sighed grabbing the bottle, he pulled it back away from your reach, “Jungkook, you’re too young,” he smirked. “Noona it’s just me and you,” his voice was raspy sending shivers down your spine. 

“Jungkook,” you kept your eyes on the bottle, “please,” you sighed, “give me the bottle,” you gave in, “I’ll get a shot glass,” Jungkook smiled at you, you shuffled towards your kitchen the bottle in hand, you sat the shot glass on the table, glaring at the younger who’s eyes fixated on the liquid being poured into the glass. “Here,” you pushed the glass towards the younger, who thanked you,

He picked up the glass slowly pressing it to his lips shyly sipping the drink, you smiled at how cute he was. He downed the drink coughing afterward, you shook your head, he ran his hand through his hair. “Can I have another one,” he asked shyly, you sighed, “I guess, but this is the last one,” he nodded, you poured the shot handing the glass back to Jungkook.

He downed the shot scrunching his face up sitting the glass down, you laughed at his reaction, “cute,” you patted the younger’s shoulder walking from the kitchen, he followed behind you grabbing your wrist, “Noona,” he said rather boldly compared to his usual shy tone, you looked down at your wrist that he was holding tightly trying to pull away from his grip, he tightened his grip.

You swallowed the lump in your throat, “am I a man to you Noona,” your voice caught in your throat, Jungkook pulled you closer to him, he chuckled, he let go of your wrist sighing, “I’m just teasing noona,” he smiled down at you, you sighed. “I’ve got some work to do, you know where the guest room is,” he nodded, you shuffled off towards your room.

You sighed sitting on your bed taking out your phone, although you loved being a stylist for Bangtan, that wasn’t all you did, you didn’t make enough from that alone. You were a set designer for a few other groups, and a director for music videos sometimes. You always liked working with the Bangtan boys more than the other groups you worked with. 

You sighed sending out your emails to the directors for the two other groups you were currently working with. “Noona,” you turned searching for Jungkook but saw no signs of him. You quirked an eyebrow standing up you walked through the hall, your breathing caught at the sound of a moan admitting from the guest bedroom. Your curiosity got the best of you, even though you were already sure of what was happening in that room.

You opened the door biting the inside of your cheek seeing Jungkook’s head thrown back his eyes closed, lips slightly parted. He opened his eyes letting out a breathy moan, his eyes found yours, he didn’t slow his movements. “Please,” he said quietly his eyes searching yours, “Noona,” your breath caught in your throat, your throat felt dry. “I need you Noona,” his lips twitched into a smirk, noticing your reaction.

You tried to swallow the lump in your throat, as much as you wanted to go in there and do sinful things to the maknae, you knew that you shouldn’t. No matter how tempting it was, you knew there were boundaries that you shouldn’t pass as his sunbae. His movements on his length had slowed, gasps and moans escaping his lips. “Y’N-ah,” the part of you that had been holding you back from going in there seemed to disappear the moment your real name had slipped from his mouth.

He whined when you pulled his hand away from himself, replacing it with yours, his distaste didn’t last long when you gripped him tightly running your hand upwards on his length. He covered his eyes with his arm his other hand gripping the sheets, his lips were parted shaky breaths escaping him. You ran your thumb over the head of his member using his precum as a lubricant. 

“Noona,” he started letting out a moan bucking his hips against your hand, “come here,” he sat up lightly wrapping his hand around your back pulling you up towards him. You let go of his member letting him pull you on top of him, you straddled his waist, you kept your hands placed by his sides. One of his hands trailed up your back resting at your neck, trying to pull you down. 

You complied leaning towards the younger until your lips were close enough for you to feel each other’s breaths. “Don’t tease me Noona,” he whined out, you chuckled pressing a light kiss to his lips, you went to pull away, but his hand held you against him, he gripped tightly into your hair. Moving his lips needily against your own, trying to convey his point that he wasn’t in the mood to be teased.

He flipped it around you laying against the guest bed his body over yours. He pressed his body against yours pulling away from your lips his head nuzzling into your neck, he pressed his lips to your neck leaving feather kisses. His hand trailed down your stomach slipping into your shorts, he lifted the waistband of your panties sliding his hand down to your core rubbing up and down your slit.

“You’re wet Noona,” you took a sharp breath in when two of his fingers slipped inside of you pumping slowly, you gripped into his hair a quiet moan passing your lips, you arched your back hitting Jungkook’s chest. Jungkook removed his fingers from you pulling them from your shorts, he sat up straddling you, he put the two digits into his mouth licking them of any fluids, you looked away from the lewd action.

He pulled your shorts and panties down at an agonizingly slow pace. He rested his hand on your inner thigh trailing it up until his hand moved to your core, the same two fingers pushed past your folds once more, his thumb found your clit circling it. You whimpered out his name your eyes falling closed, you felt Jungkook’s head nuzzle back into your neck. You gripped the sheets of your guest bed trying to hold in your sounds.

Your walls tightened around Jungkook’s fingers he hummed against your neck pulling his fingers from you again. “Do you want me inside of you noona,” he sucked different spots against your neck, “do you want me to fuck you until you can’t walk,” his voice came out in a hiss, he tugged your earlobe after he spoke. “Jungkook,” you whined out, his dirty talk sending you into a haze.

You could feel Jungkook’s tip at your entrance, he’d push lightly through your fold before edging back out, teasing you and himself. “Wait,” you said pushing yourself up, you leaned over towards the bedside table opening it, pulling out a condom handing it to Jungkook, he quirked a questioning eyebrow at you, you were going to explain, but he pushed you back flat against the bed once he’d gotten it on. You felt him prodding your entrance once more, he finally pushed himself into you slowly letting out a low groan as he did.

He buried his head against your neck, you put your hand on the back of his neck, the other on his shoulder. You were surprised by how much he stretched you, he stopped once he was fully inside of you. He rocked his hips slowly letting out whimpers against your neck. “You’re so tight,” he muttered when he started to pull out from you. He snapped his hips sharply into your own once he had almost completely pulled out of you.

You arched your back upward pressing yourself against Jungkook, moaning his name. His hand gripped your hip tightly he pumped harshly into you moaning, his thrusts were erratic, changing pace with almost each thrust into you. You unintentionally scratched down his back, one of his hands trailed to move against your clit rubbing rough circles against the bundle of nerves. 

One of your hands gripped into his hair moans and whines leaving your mouth before you could try and stop them. You walls tightened around him when you hit your high, breathy gasps left you as you shook through your orgasm gripping tufts of Jungkook’s hair, and clawing his back lightly. The heat and tightening from your release pushed Jungkook to his own his body tensing over your own, “Y’N,” he breathed out, he made no move to pull himself from you, he tried to regain some type of energy. 

“Noona,” Jungkook peppered your neck with light kisses before lifting his head from your neck, his face was flushed a pink color his lips swollen and bruised. He finally removed himself from you pulling the latex from his member tossing it into the trashcan next to the bed. He wrapped his arms around you pulling you into his chest flipping it so you were laying on his chest. “I’m tired noona.”

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After a relatively warm spell it’s freezing here again today and will be for the next week. I don’t know how small birds like this cope in these conditions!

I’m Not Perfect - G-Dragon

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“I’m tired of you only calling me when you need me to save our ass Jiyong,” you crossed your arms over your chest looking at the man sitting on your couch with his head in his hands.

“You’re the one person I didn’t want to hear this shit from,” he snapped, “can’t you see I’m hurting,” he stood up abruptly, putting his hand to his forehead his eyes shut tightly.

“What are they asking for to not post the article, I’ll do it,” you picked up the papers that were sent to him.

“Why is it such a big deal, I don’t know why I should have to hide these things, my relationships,” he started to vent about him being locked out of his private Instagram and twitter, you read through the papers sighing.

“I’ll contact them, I’ll do whatever I can G-”

“Don’t call me GD, I hate when you call me that, I’m Jiyong,” you huffed taking out your phone going to your mail.

“Be glad I’m your friend, I could get in major trouble with my dad for this,” you reminded him, reminding yourself that he was just that a friend, and that he had someone he was trying to hide, that’s why he was in this mess.

“Who’s the girl you’ve got to hide,” you asked while typing the email, you looked over at him when he didn’t respond.

“It’s no one,” you scoffed looking back to your phone.

“It’s obviously someone or you wouldn’t want to keep the account private so bad,” you thought back to all the times you had to get him from bars and clubs in the past your smile dropping for a moment.

“I’m not perfect, but YG, the fans they all think I am, I’d like to keep it that way, that’s all,” you shook your head sending the email.

“I said I would pay however much it takes, you can go now Jiyong,” he thanked you before leaving your apartment, it hurt for him to actually leave like that.

Tears formed in the corners of your eyes, he really only needed you to get him out of situations, he only went to you to keep scandals from breaking out with him or his group that’s all you were to him.

“Jiyong,” you handed him your phone letting him read the response email.

“You got my accounts back, how much was it,” you nodded taking your phone back from him.

“Don’t worry about how much it was, don’t do it again,” you paused looking down, “I’m not going to save your ass again Jiyong, you hear me,” he smiled nodding. 

You wished he knew you were being serious, you sighed not knowing what else to say.

“Y’N,” you turned around greeted by Youngbae, “I thought you were leaving for America,” he asked Jiyong turned quickly you looked down.

“I was about to leave actually, I’m going away for awhile,” Jiyong let out a loud sigh pushing his hair back.

“When were you going to tell me,” he gripped your arm to pull you closer to him, Youngbae said something about letting the two of you talk going into the room behind the two of you.

“I wasn’t going to,” you pulled your arm out of his grasp, “it just means you have to find someone else to keep your scandals at bay, or you have to stop jumping from girl to girl,” you pulled at the end of your sleeve.

“I told you it’s not that,” Jiyong practically growled out his eyes staring deep into yours with a look of anger mixed with hurt.

“Then what is it, what are you hiding from even me, I don’t even have that private Instagram account- just how many do you have,” you stepped back from him he followed stepping towards you ending with the two of you on the other side of the hall from where you’d been.

“It’s picture of us,” he pulled his phone out of his jacket pocket, “see here’s the pictures from when we were kids, Christmas after you got back from your trip to Europe,” he paused, “a selca you took on my phone,” he turned it towards you, “are you leaving because of me,” he asked hurt clear in his voice.

“I know I’m not perfect, I just didn’t want them to hurt you,” he stepped back from you, “have fun in America, be safe, call me every day,” he rambled, “don’t skip meals, I’ll hunt you down if you do,” he paused, “don’t get sick and overwork yourself,” he sighed.

“Okay Jiyong,” you wrapped your arms around his middle, “take care of yourself too, okay,” he nodded, “I’ll see you when I get back.”

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