he’s not okay with this either.

I make jokes but can you imagine?

The eternal, terrifying question of whether or not he’s measuring up?  If he would be making Shiro proud?  If they’re failing at saving the universe because it’s HIM in charge of Voltron and not Shiro?  How cruel it is that the universe was robbed of the best man for the job?

Every “that’s not what Shiro would do” cutting to the core, every decision prefaced with "what would Shiro do" pounding in his head?

Everybody has done problematic things in the past. Some of us made sexist remarks. Some of us were transphobic. Some of us irreparably hurt others with the intention to hurt them.
Nobody is perfect. Never demonize somebody because they did something wrong. Help them learn how to be a better person. Don’t perpetuate the hate!

Before you send insults or hatred somebody’s way, even if they hurt you, ask yourself this: What Would Steven Do?

The Meeting - Part II

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“…I knowed you’d be here, Mummy sayed! Mummy readed the stories to me…I want to be a dective, too…how did you do it? Pease tell me…I was good…”

Sherlock was stunned into silence, allowing the news to sink in. He couldn’t move, let alone think. He stood stock still for several moments, staring unblinking at the photo – it wasn’t enough…he wanted to absorb every detail of the youngster, he needed to see her in the flesh. He whipped out his phone as he moved through the corridors.

Why didn’t you tell me? SH

I did not want to cause unnecessary distraction. Moriarty’s network was top priority. M

Unnecessary distraction? She’s my daughter. I’m a father. SH

No, brother dear. You played no part in raising Scarlett. You have no sense of responsibility over her. You, Sherlock, are nothing more than a sperm donor. M

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