Part 2


“youre not as awwful a heap a dirtscrapin mustard shit as my sessions captor”

“7H4NK5 URRR N07 45 MU5CH 0F 4 55H5H17N00K FUCK1NG7URFL33LL47N1NG 8ULG3W0NK 45 MY P345C3 0F 7H5H17 4MP0RN4”

“no fuckin shit noww get back to wwork”

And then Eridan and Mituna sort-of bonded over shitty hate-art, with Eridan providing much-needed artistic critique and even condescending to draw Mituna himself. Mituna survived the experience with minimal physical harm. The end.

anonymous asked:

i appreciate that anon tryin to get you to givve your technology to the seadwwellers but wwe need specific wwaterproof technology so that really wwouldnt wwork and it wwould be simply awwful if wwe could no longer havve your wwonderful posts and responses

Oh dang, you’re right… I’ll see if I have anything water proof

(Thank u frond. ^u^ That’s so sweet.)

–Mod Mercy

to any gamzees out there i just wwanted to say that youre all absolutely amazing. gamzees wwho wwere controlled by lil cal and face so much hatred because of actions they did not commit of their owwn vviolition are amazing and youre all so strong for stayin strong against the people wwho try to blame you. gamzees wwhos timelines wwere completely different and get blamed for things that nevver evven occured period in their timelines are terrific. gamzees wwho dont remember anything about their timelines are spectacular. all gamzees are beautiful an pure and i wwill personally beat up anyone wwho says otherwwise. keep up the good wwork you wwonderful clowwns. :o)

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Lilly, what's your opinion on March Eridan? I know a lot of people on here are offended by him and there are others who don't mind him. What do you think about him?

OK, since I seem to be opening cans of worms lately. Here’s my bit on March Eridan.

I enjoy March Eridan as an excuse to draw Eridan in pretty dresses. That’s it.

Clearly I have no problem with that.

Let’s take a look at the canonical March Eridan:

This was for a calendar, for March. Hence, March Eridan.  People have since interpreted March Eridan as very sexy, to the point of of either being jailbait, a stripper, it goes on.

What I get from this image is, Eridan competes with Rose in everything (first lesson in showmanship, etc), and he’s doing this as “Let me show this bitch how to dress.”

Trolls fundamentally don’t care much about clothes, so it makes sense that they wouldn’t assign clothing to particular genders. At the least, it’s a show of power (Feferi and Eridan both as seadwellers have weird fashion tastes, but Kanaya is the anomaly of them all.) I could just as easily picture the other guys going “hey look a skirt is more comfortable, neat.” Similarly, I think everyone would react to Eridan waring a skirt as “well eridan’s wearing flashy clothes what else is new”

So I enjoy the concept of Eridan using clothing as competition, expression, or a way to make himself stronger.

What I DON’T enjoy is the concept of “Eridan Wearing Girl’s Clothes” as a big joke. ESPECIALLY when using transphobic slurs and ideas.

So I look forward to March because Eridans in pretty dresses making it wwork, but I kinda dread it in that it’s an endless parade of SEXY DESPERATE MARCH ERIDAN HEEHEE jokes.

I mean, look at that canon art there. Does Eridan look desperate? Troll is here to dress up and beat bitches. And he just finished getting dressed.

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I'm sorry about your cat. :( it's always so hard losing a precious family member.

thanks buddy

it wwas peaceful an relativvely quick an she had a good an reasonably long life so at least theres that

i sort a wwant to talk about it but im gonna put a cut here in case anyone aint comfortable readin pet death details or wwhatevver cause im thoughtful like that

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CA: Hey Vvris, look
CA: I knoww I aint nevver been the best kismesis. I’m ovver dramatic and I can be pretty petty and pathetic sometimes
CA: But Kar’s been helpin’ me sort some stuff out and, wwell, I wwas hopin’ wwe could talk.

CA: Wwell? You there or not?
AG: Uh, yes, I am here. sorry for not replying sooner
CA: Oh. Good. So uh, hi
AG: Hello Eridan… so, what’s this a8out sorting stuff out?
CA: right, wwell, Me and Kar kinda hooked up lately. you knoww, in the pale sense. and he’s been helpin’ me wwork out some of my… emotional stuff. He’s already kinda helped me come to grips with Fef and Sol bein’ a thing, but I still feel like our Blackrom was left sorta open ended. you knoww? Like we still need closer. 
AG: Yes, I see what you mean. 
AG: You two should, uh, totally come over. we can talk and, uh, have a 8ig feelings jam!

CA: …
CA: You’re bein’ sarcastic ain’t ya
AG: Noooooooo, I tooooooootally mean it
CA: See, the wway you’re stretching your O’s makes me think you’re bein’ sarcastic. 
AG: I’m not 8ein’ sarcastic, Eridan. just come over, ok? ;;:)
CA: You missed a two of the eyes
AG: Oh, whoops
AG: :::;)

oh yeah alright lets just all jump into this party of makin me feel like complete garbage isnt THAT fun
you knoww i see all of this and you knoww nothin wwill evver change about me if you keep goin like this but hey luckily i found people wwho wwere actually patient wwith me and tried somethin else other than just insultin me from evvery direction and it wworked and i changed and i feel better noww
people change i knoww right wwhat a wweird concept

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I'm glad to see your writing again, Eridan. I liked the stuff you previously posted when you guys first made this blog, you should be proud.

i literally spent a half hour arguin wwith kar about wwhether he sent this ask until he pointed out howw he wwas drivvin home wwhen i got it

so you can probably gather that im ridiculously skeptical about anyone other than my owwn fuckin matesprit genuinely likin that shit

i did wwrite a lot a stuff back wwhen wwe first started because wwe didnt havve a lot a followwers an actually out a all of those the thing wwhat got the most notes then wwas some stupid crude poem about kar suckin my bulge wwhich id texted to him at wwork

anywway like i said on that other ask me an kar are wworkin on another pic an text collab so yeah im gonna do more wwritin dont wworry