FUCKIN military branches

alright so the FUCKIN empress rules the FUCKIN empire, obvviously.

beloww FUCKIN her theres vvarious FUCKIN military an pseudomilitary FUCKIN branches – from the FUCKIN subjuggulators that help FUCKIN enforce the grand MOTHERFUCKIN highbloods domestic policy FUCKIN decrees, to things FUCKIN like the ruffiannihilators, FUCKIN threshecutioners, archeradicators, cavvalreapers, FUCKIN etc etc.

most FUCKIN of them are FUCKIN associated wwith a FUCKIN typical specibus, and FUCKIN spend the vvast FUCKIN majority a their FUCKIN time out in FUCKIN space fightin in FUCKIN the endless imperial FUCKIN expansion – wwhich is goin FUCKIN to make for FUCKIN some real interestin FUCKIN changes soon, since MOTHERFUCKIN fefs backin off FUCKIN from that an FUCKIN turnin a lot FUCKIN a them into FUCKIN defensivve territory-holdin FUCKIN sorts a duties.

FUCKIN historically the ruffians FUCKIN wwould do a FUCKIN lot a guard-FUCKIN-keepin an front-FUCKIN-lines shocktroopin, FUCKIN archeradicators and cavvalreapers FUCKIN end up on FUCKIN patrols or major FUCKIN battles a lot, MOTHERFUCKIN threshecutioners wwould do FUCKIN front-line wwork FUCKIN wwith skirmishin and FUCKIN raids, and the MOTHERFUCKIN subjuggulators wwould handle FUCKIN justice, but the FUCKIN lines havve been FUCKIN blurrin for centuries, FUCK.

a kismesitude aint just about pokin fun at someones wweaknesses an somehoww bondin ovver makin fun of each other

its about findin someone you RESPECT an ADMIRE to some degree that findin out they aint fuckin perfect is

for lack of a better wword


you wwant them to be the fuckin best they can be

you dont wwant to keep em dowwn that aint the fuckin point

if you just wwant someone to toss about an to not care wwhen they lose that aint a healthy fuckin kismesitude thats just beatin on someone to make yourself feel better about yourself or some bullshit like that

you wwant to CHALLENGE them an wwhen you wwin its EXCITIN because theyre your perfect fuckin match an youvve essentially won wwhat should be unwwinnable

obvviously that aint alwways the case but wwere talkin ideal scenarios here

and its got to be MUTUAL wwhich is the hardest fuckin part cause if the scale tips too far one wway or the other it dont fuckin wwork

if one side is alwways wwinnin for example then somethin is bound to get fuckin ugly cause the other clearly cant handle em

but wwhen you got that perfect fuckin balance

wwhere you can go tossin your all at your partner an trust they aint goin to buckle under it an you knoww full fuckin wwell that they aint holdin back neither

wwhen you go from banter to bruises so if it comes dowwn to it some night the twwo a you can hold your fuckin owwn cause the wworld aint barrin blowws so wwhy should you

you knoww you can handle each other sure but it aint so comfortable that you go gettin complacent neither you got to constantly be one uppin each other an knoww theres that CHANCE theyll get the better a you an thats wwhat keeps you learnin


i could go on for fuckin HOURS

Part 2


“youre not as awwful a heap a dirtscrapin mustard shit as my sessions captor”

“7H4NK5 URRR N07 45 MU5CH 0F 4 55H5H17N00K FUCK1NG7URFL33LL47N1NG 8ULG3W0NK 45 MY P345C3 0F 7H5H17 4MP0RN4”

“no fuckin shit noww get back to wwork”

And then Eridan and Mituna sort-of bonded over shitty hate-art, with Eridan providing much-needed artistic critique and even condescending to draw Mituna himself. Mituna survived the experience with minimal physical harm. The end.

anonymous asked:

so I've been long distance dating this guy, and we used to talk a whole lot even though there was a reasonable time difference. he suddenly stopped talking to me. he would ready my messages but never answer them. what do you think I should do?

CA: its possible hes just been busy and stuff

CA: and you can alwways ask if youre wworried that theres somethin wwrong wwith the relationship

CA: see if theres somethign you twwo need to wwork out

> Suddenly be friends now.

Last Saturday at 10:31 PM
hey ii got 2ent twwo your blog by riingleader and he 2aiid ii 2hould talk twwo you and wwe had 2hiit iin common? 2o uh, hii ii gue22
iim erii2ol amptor
oh hey
hi im vel i kick ass, im gonna be the Terrible wwhen i grow up, an im a limeblooded seadwweller
im goin to wwizard school on earth
wwhich is full a humans, wwhich are aliens
…wwoww ok

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to any gamzees out there i just wwanted to say that youre all absolutely amazing. gamzees wwho wwere controlled by lil cal and face so much hatred because of actions they did not commit of their owwn vviolition are amazing and youre all so strong for stayin strong against the people wwho try to blame you. gamzees wwhos timelines wwere completely different and get blamed for things that nevver evven occured period in their timelines are terrific. gamzees wwho dont remember anything about their timelines are spectacular. all gamzees are beautiful an pure and i wwill personally beat up anyone wwho says otherwwise. keep up the good wwork you wwonderful clowwns. :o)