Hey all~

So yeah, since me (BC/bonsaiCatnip) and Ris (AC/abyssalChthonicist) are like… poop at checking our own personal blogs here on tumblr, we’re setting up this thingy here for people to be able to get ahold of us, since we’re gonna be checkin Wwor2troommate2evver more often now, we’ll actually be able to feild questions about the blog and other stuff that people wanna know that’s not like, directly IN the blog itself.

A couple rule thingies we’re gonna put out is like… Don’t be a dick.

Also, asking ‘When’s the nest update?’ will be ignored and stuff, cause Life. We don’t know. We just update when we can since this is a little hobby.

But yeah, other than that, basic stuff infos is “Yes, we both use Paint Tool SAI, and yes, we both use Tablets”

Idk what else to post up here aside from that, soooo~ *derp*