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Do wolves have a special ritual for mating?

Once a wolf finds a mate, the two of them bond until it’s the mating season, and then mate. The couple bonds by sleeping close and touching each other more and more, mouth each others muzzles, touch noses, and bump there bodies together. There may be mutual grooming and nibbling of each other’s coats and the two may walk pressed close together.

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Hey! Can I just ask if you have viable and nonbiased sources about the whole "Wolves don't have strict alphas," thing? Mostly asking because I want to be able to tell other people this if it's true because it' fascinating but I want to be able to source it so they know I'm not making stuff up. Thanks in advance! - a fan

Hi you! :) Fortunately there are lots of studies done that prove this, and also lots of well written (scientific) articles with proper scientific support/sources that explain this issue. Here are some articles and books:

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This is probably a silly question, but here it goes: It has always been this saying: "lonely wolf" etc, but doesn't wolves travel in a small pack, or do they actually live by themselves? In case they do both, what is to decide wheter they choose to be alone or not? and what do they prefer?

Nooo not a silly question don’t worry ♥

The whole concept of “lone wolf” is just over-romanticized. This is what the term lone wolf means in scientific terms: As offspring begin to mature, they usually disperse from the pack as young as 9 months of age. Most disperse when 1-2 years old, and few remain beyond 3 years. When they disperse from the pack, they are a ‘lone wolf’ for a while, until they have find a mate to start their own family with.

Wolves do sometimes live by themselves, but that’s usually due to unfortunate circumstances rather than it being their own choice to live as a lone wolf. Living in a pack increases level of survival, but besides that wolves are one of the most social animals there are.

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Happy Anniversary!! :D If i remember correctly, you and David are sort of in a LDR, right? Do you have any advises on how to keep a LDR going? Me and my bf will be separated from next year onwards for 2 years. :c

Yay, thank you! ^^

We kind of (kiiind of) are - we live 123 kilometers away from each other and both have very busy lives, so there are times when we don’t see each other for like weeks to a month. But we text, whatsapp, call, chat, snapchat and what not, I sometimes send him letters, etc. Now that we both have a smartphone we talk everyday from when we wake up to when we go to sleep again, and it’s really good to have that constant contact.

If we’d be seperated for as long as you and your boyfriend, I know it would also bring me comfort to know that we’ve been together for 4 1/2 years and that those months are nothing compared to that and our strong relationship.

You could send each other letters or other stuff you made for each other, do cute stuff like watch the same movie with skype on, lay in bed with your laptop and turn on your webcam, I’d basically do everything together with Skype/webcam on, haha. Maybe if you both don’t have enough money to visit each other, meet half way? I think it will be tough at some moments but where there’s a will there’s a way - I always find that an annoying thing to hear/say, but it rings a truth. Good luck to you both, you can do it! <3

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Do wolves see in black and white or colour? I'd have thought that since dogs see monochrome, wolves would too. And that they rely on scent and sound more than sight. But I'm not sure.

Wolves can see some colour. We don’t know much about it yet, but it is believed that wolves may be only partially color blind. Wolves have only red and blue photo receptors in their eyes, and are green colour blind. Unlike humans, who have red, green, and blue photo receptors.

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Why are you getting jaw surgery? :)

For medical reasons, but for me personally also cosmetical reasons. I have an overbite, we tried fixing it wirh braces but that didn’t work so now they are going to fix it by doing jaw surgery. I’ll make a more detailed post about it when it’s about to get done :)

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I used to have a wolf fact book, which said wolves walk on their toes. Is this true?

Yes, it’s true. All canines are digitigrade; meaning they walk on just their toe tips. It’s a very effective way of running. It helps them to stop and turn quickly and to prevent their paw pads from wearing down.

The front of a wolf’s feet are very large. This allows greater weight distribution when a wolf runs on snow. It also provides more support to prevent them from sinking in the snow.

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A (slightly) unusual question: What do wolves smell like? Do they smell like dogs, or is it a different scent?

Nice question :)

For me, this is what the smell smelled like, and reminded me of: 

They indeed smell like dog, wet dog. Also a musty smell, a bit like old rain, it’s pretty intense but I love it because it has this ‘old forest’ smell in it, if that makes any sense, it’s hard to explain. 

Basically wet dog but a lot more musty and ‘nature like’ 

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I was wondering if wolves in Wolf Parks get real cakes or special meat cakes, you know, if they're celebrating something, there are videos and photos of caretakers giving wolves pieces of cake. Is it real cake with cream and such?

The cakes and pies they give to the wolves look like “human” cakes, but consist out of eatable stuff that’s okay for wolves. Usually just meat or egg cakes, but sometimes something fancier like carrot cake with cream cheese frosting, or pumpkins stuffed with piggy ears, or peanut butter fruit icecream… basically treats made of anything edible for wolves!

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It's weird you never answer any of my questions, either anon nor written from my blog. It seems like you answer only the questions you like or the ones you know the answer to. Are my questions too hard for you or what? Cause I feel like I will know nothing from you anytime soon. Shamely.


If you would have put only the slightest bit of effort in reading anything on WolvesWolves before sending this ridiculous message and claiming you know things about me, you would have known that at the moment I am working my ass off to graduate, to set up an art exhibition, to volunteer, to try and get a job, and to maintain basic things such as a social life.

Do you see this? This is the amount of unanswered messages in my inbox right now. For answering difficult messages, I want to take my time (something that I lately do not often have, as I just explained), do a little research and maybe put along proper sources with them. 

Now I receive about 15 new messages each day. On a lucky day when I’m actually able to do some blogging, I can answer about 5 of them. You do the math.

Also, I am not that way, but even íf I would only answer the messages I like or know the answer to; you absolutely do not have the right to give me or anyone shit for such decisions this way. I am not obliged to anything at all. Remember that next time when you for some reason feel entitled again to send such bitter messages only because you are so dependent on my knowledge and embittered because you can’t always get served any information you want at any time with only a snap of your fingers.

Here’s an idea: if certain questions are só important for you to have an answer to, why don’t you get from your lazy ass and do a little research yourself, instead of waylay me with your crazy bullshit.

Now go and stand in the corner of shame you little fuck

*WolvesWolves out*

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That anon that sent you hate for not being a biologist and said 'you'll get found out' is clearly a total douchebag. I am a biologist, currently doing my dissertation on wolves, and I LOVE your blog, and can confirm all the information you post is correct and really well informed. Who cares if you aren't a biologist? Its an interest! I am super interested in Harry Potter, but I am not a wizard - does this make me unqualified for blogging about it??!!! Keep doing what you're doing, its great!

Thank you everyone for your kind words ♡ *nuzzles*

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What color wolf is the most common?

The book “Wolves: Behaviour, Ecology and Conservation by David Mech and Luigi Boitani states:

“The most common coat colour is grey flecked with black, with lighter underparts.”

These lighter underparts are in different shades of very light gray or beige/brownish, and a “dirty” white/off-white. An example:

(Picture by MLGreenly)