S&C ~ Today we created a covenant.  Today we vowed to be “willing to march into hell for a heavenly cause”.  Today we renewed our vows thanks to Father Mitch, Janet & Russ, John & Shauna and Frank & Fran!  Today we found our way back, found each other amongst the messy stormy seas of this past year, and found new ways to help us that we may never lose sight of each other again…even us as we venture through unchartered waters.  We need only reach out to each other to be the others guide…“for I know I’ll never find another you”

Famished Frog turns into whatwouldmaggieeat

OKAY LADIES AND GENTS (actually no one is probably reading this…but that’s cool!),

Famished Frog is changing it’s name to whatwouldmaggieeat!

Why the change?

All this while I thought Famished Frog was original, but alas it is not **insert an emoticon with the biggest frown here**. Famished Frog exists as a restaurant/bar/lounge in a far away land that is New Jersey. 

Why this new name?

I tweet/talk a lot about food and a while ago my friend started hashtagging whatwouldmaggieeat and/or WWME (for short) whenever she talked about food or food cravings. And hence the inspiration for this name.



gotta have some bacon - but only 1-2 pieces every couple weeks

S&C ~ Created the perfect Celebration of our Love! From beginning to end, today was simple & magical all at the same time…truly our best Valentine’s yet! *Colored Christmas lights on the headboard *My compass locket *Our very own musical performance *Starbucks for my regular made with love by love *Visiting w/ Brian, Lena, Jonah & the Lil One to share in the love *Finding the perfect soundtrack to soothe your restless nature as we fought to make it on time to dinner reservations *Dialoguing *Dinner for Lovers @ Toast - trying a bunch of new foods together *Packing for our weekend trip to the Buff *Tea from our fancy new Kettle *The best & final surprise…a video from our Honeymoon which Sean created! “I know I’ll never find another you”