I decided to visit the What Would A Man website to re-read some of the new blog entries. I was about to click the tab for the blog but got side tracked by THIS PHOTO! Look at the girls looking FABULOUS! They are wearing my favorite color and I think I know where the ‘fits came from! 

Chazeen (girl in the middle) never EVER ceases to amaze me. God really has blessed me with a life long friend. We call each other cousins (if you haven’t heard, we aren’t really cousins) but she is really like a sister! I love her and I am proud of her. Can’t wait until we both conquer the world :)

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Conceited Girl Syndrome Special: 5 Fails When Posting Girls Night Out Pics

It happens all the time. Somebody posts quite frankly a shitty pic of you. Or a group shot of a team of lovelies pops on the feed. Of course the one who posted it looks phenomenal, strategically. After taking a tighter glance you start to notice the friends, the outfits, the hair, the all around glam until it happens –BAM someone got caught with the lazy eye, or the food stain, or worse the ugly face. Yikes!  And now your glam shot has been turned into a damn shot, as in Damn, what’s up with that one?

Yet another symptom of Conceited Girl Syndrome; posting pics of yourself where you look amazing, but your girls… Not their finest hour. It happens all the time. Looking good? Post. But real friends scan. Critically. Why? I can go on for days and nights about the power of a strong crew of female friends and get super sister souljah on the matter, but nah, I’ll spare you the lunch break. Just check out these 5 rules for posting girls night out shots, and feel free to forward this blog to a friend that accidently violates. Knowledge is power:

1. Pics Where Her Tummy Is Doing That Swollen Thing

Now let’s not get touchy, some of us are just naturally juicier than others. And if that’s the frame we’re working with at the the time of the picture flash, than it’s all good. I’m talking about the times when some of us are looking abnormally larger than we have to. Maybe the delayed flash caught our exhaled gut as opposed to the intended inhale gut. Idk. Nobody’s fault (except maybe the impatient shooter that was naive enough to believe that when ladies ask, “Do you mind taking a picture of us?” it actually means one shot). In any event, these pictures are better off being posted in the album of personal memories. Note.

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Dream Guy Gone Bad: The Ugly Day My Idris Elba Turned Mr. Bourgie 

I’m not usually attracted to pretty boys but this time I decided to give it a try. We met at a charity event. I must say he was a pretty handsome man. Tall dark and handsome to be exact. In his 20′s. His attire… Fly. He was wearing a suit and it fit him oh so well. Tailored to a tee. His smile… Niceee. *Fabolous voice* It was kind of like an Idris type of smile. Yeaaa…now you get it! Very debonair, “Well, hello there” type of smile. If this were a scene in a movie you would see a sparkle flicker on the screen every time he showed those pearly whites.

I was smitten, at least for that moment. If you’ve read my blog, 5 Guys You Should Def. Date Before Settling Down, you know that I am a very avid believer that women should try to date different types of men before they take the big step (marriage). I’m far from that stage but in the end I want no regrets. I want to say that I enjoyed my single life and never feel tempted to try something new. It’s like an internship, you try working in different industries until you find the one that best fits you. I’ve also always wanted to date Idris Elba but hey if you can’t date em… find your own! Which is exactly what I did.

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VLOG PSA! 3 Assumptions That He Wishes You’d STOP Making!

My guy friends often complain that ladies always think a guy can read their mind. I agree. I’m very big on being direct. Well, usually I am but this summer I got caught out there crushing on a potential cuff. I stubbornly didn’t want to initiate the “what’s up with you and me” convo and expected my flirting efforts to be good enough for him to know what the deal was.

Not the case at all. Luckily my boy Jamar was there to chat it up with me and share some insight. Thought I’d continue the convo on camera for all of you ladies who risk the chance of experiencing this little dating hiccup like me. lol

Check out my newest vlog: 3 Assumptions That He Wishes You’d Stop Making.  Smh. Don’t be a victim. Watch the clip friends