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Did you know that behind every Aviation Archive model there is a factual story about the aircraft and/or pilot.

The new Boeing B17F Flying Fortress and Messerschmitt Bf109G-6 two piece set is the perfect example of some of some of the wonderful stories we uncover when reserching the aircraft that we replicate in die-cast form.

On the 20th December 1943 2nd Lt. Charlie Brown embarked upon his first mission over enemy territory, the bombing of the Focke-Wulf factory at Bremen. While the route to the target was relatively routine, once over it the mission ran into problems. Accurate flak smashed the Plexiglas nose, knocked out the number 2 engine and damaged engine number 4. Brown was forced to slow the bomber, dropping out of formation and becoming a straggler, a very vulnerable position for the aircraft. The bomber then came under sustained enemy fighter attacks, number 3 engine was damaged along with the internal oxygen, hydraulic and electrical systems and only the dorsal turret and one nose gun were still serviceable. Of the crew, most were injured, Brown had been shot in the shoulder and the tail gunner had been killed.

The final fighter to intercept the plane was flown by Franz Stigler, who, upon seeing the damage to the B17 and the wounded crew visible inside through the holes, decided not to shoot them down. Instead, after failing to persuade them to land, he escorted them to the coast, at which point Stigler saluted and flew home. Brown landed safely but was told to tell no one of the German’s actions. Both Stigler and Brown survived the war and in the late 1980s Brown tracked down Stigler discovering that he lived just a few hundred miles from him, having moved to Vancouver after the war. They met in late 1990 and remained friends until their deaths just a few months apart in 1998.

Strange Facts About Hitler 


• Hitler never allows anyone to see him while he is naked or bathing. He refuses to use cologne or scents of any sort on his body

• No matter how warm he feels, Hitler will never take off his coat in public

• In 1923, Nazi press secretary Dr. Sedgwick tried to convince Hitler to get rid of his trademark mustache or grow it normally. Hitler answered: “Do not worry about my mustache. If it is not the fashion now, it will be later because I wear it!”


ان في الجنة نهراً من لبن
Surely, a river of milk flows in heaven,
لعليٍ وحسينٍ وحسن
For Ali, Hussain, and Hasan
كل من كان محباً لهم
And all those who have love for these three,
يدخل الجنة من غير حَزَن
shall enter the garden with no misery
حب آل البيت فرضٌ عندنا
For us, love of the Prophet’s family is a duty
والمقرر اصداره في فبراير المقبل
And with a love like that, we fear no difficulty
A poem dedicated to the Ahlulbayt dating back to the 7th Century. I was the first person to wwll inside and I took the liberty and quiet nature of things to be Sami Yusuf for a second or two lol. #su16z (at Hagia Sophia)

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The signs as the 1900s

Aries: The 80’s (flashy fashion the Brady bunch)
Taurus: The 40s (WWll, feminism)
Gemini: The 80’s (flashy fashion the Brady bunch)
Cancer: The 50’s ( conservative, old hollywood)
Leo: The 80’s (flashy fashion the Brady bunch)
Virgo: The 10s
Libra: The 20’s (party’s jazz classy)
Scorpio: The 90s (Grunge fashion and Rock)
Sagittarius:The 70s (Disco, cocaine)
Capricorn: The 40s (WWll, feminism)
Aquarius: The 60s (sex revolution hippies)
Pisces: The 60s (sex revolution hippies)

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My biggest fear is Larrying being outted. Itd be a PR nightmare for awhile. And its not right they need to comeout on their terms. But like it would straight end Taylor Swifts career. Omg she closetted a gay man made him miserable. Then she proceed to make millions off of it with a hit song&trash him 24/7 despite knowing damn wwll you relationship was PR&fake. Like omg shed get dropped from her label faster than antis dropped Danielle once the Lounielle split new dropped!

Nah, she won’t. I’d surely look bad to her, but no one would pay much attention to her. Most people already know that she’s awful and thinks about herself all the time AND she’s famous for dating gay man. It wouldn’t be much of a shock, just absolutely awful for Harry and Louis to be outed like that