Dinner tonight is:
½ cup dry quinoa cooked in green tea
1/2 lb 96% lean ground beef
½ can corn
1 clove garlic minced
5 whole carrots
½ onion

-Sauté garlic and onion
-add carrots and put in oven for 15 mins on 375
-start making quinoa
-take carrots out and out and put the raw ground beef in that pan
-cook to your liking and add corn, and pepper

I tracked this as 1 point per ounce but it’s likely less!

Week 21

I couldn’t make the meeting yesterday so I went to another of my fabulous leader’s meetings today. I have lost another 3lb!! 46lb in total now. I’m approaching a number of my big goals and I feel really positive that I’ll be doing my hardest to achieve them ALL by Xmas (2 weigh ins to go!!)

1.5lb to go until I am ¼ of the way to Ultimate Goal of 10 stone
2lb to go until I have lost 15% of my start weight
3lb to go to earn my next Silver Seven
4lb to go to earn my 50lb loss certificate

I CAN DO THIS!!!!!!!!!!

I would also like to take this opportunity to apologise for my lack of posting meals lately. I am quite stressed with juggling looking after nan, my 2 boys with different school runs, maintaining my home, swimming, preparing for Christmas, attending various Christmas evens laid on by school and nursery and still finding time to cook and eat healthily!!!

Dinner. Spicy chicken enchilada with sweet potato wedges. 4pp on f&h.

Last week we were watching telly and an advert for Old El Paso dinner kits came on. Loverboy got a bit excited and pleaded with me to do Old El Paso.

I don’t know if you guys have dinner kits like this overseas. They are in a fact box and contain a pack of wraps, a bag of spice mix and a bag of tomato salsa. They have instructions on the back and they tell you what else you need to buy. They are pretty much the most insulting thing you can bring into your kitchen as it takes NO additional effort to make what they box up yourself. It’s also really high in propoints and not very nice. And it’s quite expensive… usually around £3.50.

So, with loverboy pleading with me to serve this insult in my kitchen, I made my own using WW wraps and stuff I had in the cupboard. Total cost would be about £1.20 to replace the dinner kit that I refused to buy.

Loverboy throughly enjoyed the dinner and had a second helping. Then, he said; “Old El Paso has really improved. It tastes so fresh and the spices have more depth”…. haha hahahaha

Old El Paso - 0
Fat woman - 1

My dessert tonight was preeeetty delicious. VitaTop Banana Choco muffin (2points) with a 100 calorie Klondike bar (3points). My sweet tooth was going cray today. Did you guys know they have 100 calorie Klondike bars ?!?! It’s the little things :’) These are the things I’m thankful for - losing weight while still being able to enjoy the things I love. It’s all about portion control guys!

I pre packed my food today- this will last from 7:00am-7:00pm!
1 Banana 0pp
1 navel orange 0pp
1 Sliced pink lady apple with lemon juice (to prevent browning) 0pp
2 sugar free strawberry kiwi jello 0pp
10oz watermelon 0pp
1 cup green grapes 0pp and 1 reduced fat cabot cheese snack 1pp
1 peeled hard boiled egg 2pp
28g reduced fat wheat thins 3pp
1 bag sour cream and onion Special K cracker chips 3pp
1 cinnamon roll fiber one brownie 2pp
1 kashi trail mix bar 4pp
1 tuna sandwich on Sara Lee 45 calorie multi grain bread 3pp

Total points used for today: 18 (if I eat everything I took which I usually don’t)

Dinner tonight is leftover chicken, quinoa and asparagus! 😎

Skinny Stuffed Shells

I loooove pasta. That’s why I knew Weight Watchers was the perfect program for me because I could eat the things I like all while staying within my points range.

I used to always make this recipe of stuffed shells I found on Pinterest that everybody would rave about when I would make them. After discovering Recipe Builder, I knew I had to figure out how many points this dish was. I alternated the cheeses to the reduced fat kind to make it less points.

9 points for 7 shells never tasted so good :D

DELICIOUS is an understatement. The sauce, the lemon zest and the stuffed cheesiness. So yummy.

& the best part is - I have left overs for today ;)
If anyone is interested in the recipe, send me a message!