Today marks the 100th anniversary of the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand, which sparked what came to be known as the First World War. To mark the war’s anniversary, we’re participating in Home Before the Leaves Falla collaborative digital history project featuring library and archival materials related to the war. Check out the site for highlights from our collections, which we’re also sharing all this week on Tumblr! 

Photo credit: WWI soldiers circa 1918. Charles P. Smyth Collection, CHF Image Archives. 

Watercolor of the ideal cot set-up before barracks inspection, as painted by Army Captain M. Nixon-Miller during World War I. Check it out on our digital library!

If you’re in the area, come out tomorrow night to see this painting and many other items related to Philadelphia during World War I at HSP’s launch party for the World War I online centennial exposition, “Home Before the Leaves Fall” at wwionline.org. Here’s more information about tomorrow’s event and our ongoing document display.

The College of Physicians of Philadelphia Digital Library | A Philadelphia physician encounters the Great War

The College of Physicians of Philadelphia Digital Library is a new searchable image database and exhibition platform dedicated to celebrating and communicating the history of medicine.

For those interested in the history of medicine and WWI, check out this new digital exhibit about one Philadelphia physician’s experience serving in the Great War.


And…we’re live! This was the scene last night when Home Before the Leaves Fall officially launched at the Historical Society of Pennsylvania. The event included a talk by author Pete Williams, as well as a physical and digital display of war-related materials from local institutions like hspdigitallibrary, falveylibrary, othmeralia, and ismarchives. Check out Home Before the Leaves Fall for more great content and join us as we begin commemorating the 100th anniversary of WWI.