National World War II Memorial, Washington, D.C., March 25, 2017

Trump and everyone else

I walked out of an exam today, heard about the Trump victory, and could already see the world collapsing. I caught the train home, and the only thing I heard was people discussing the result. Commuters were looking at their phones in disbelief, messages were flying “Have you heard the news?”. Strangers sharing their opinions. They were not happy. My mother picked me up from the train station, and our only topic of conversation on the ride home was the Trump victory.

Hi, let’s just get one thing clear - I am not American, I am Australian.

However, I still feel the need to write on this election as the Trump victory could have absolutely catastrophic consequences for the rest of the world.

Already, experts are predicting a share-market crash, a hike in interest rates and are questioning the strength of the military alliance between Australia and the US.

Security analyst Thomas Wright has said “The US will potentially become a rogue actor under Trump. That would be a major security challenge for Australia.”

Ok, so Mr Trump does not seem to have a problem with Australia at the moment (thank goodness, but honestly who knows what’s going to happen) however he DOES seem to have a bone to pick with China, and that could also create big problems for us too;

“I think the economic shock to Australia would be big. The damage he would do by a trade war with China would be immeasurable,” former Australian foreign trades minister Bob Carr has said.

Also, as Trump is a climate change denier, Australian politicians could use this as leverage to avoid taking decisive action regarding environmental issues. Seriously. Linked to this, his racist anti-immigration strategies could also strengthen Australian racist anti-immigration groups.

We don’t need this America.
Unfortunately, your decision doesn’t only impact you. I understand that there are some very scared people in America right now, shocked that this could ever happen. The rest of the world feels your pain too. Please, continue to fight for your rights, for yourselves and for the rest of the world. No one wants WWIII

TL:DR This is gonna be a tough ride for everyone, not just America

Stars and Stripes
Stars and Stripes

KMFDM - Stars and Stripes
WWIII, 2003 

Stars and stripes
Learn how to fight
We come together by the dawn of the light 
Oh so proudly we hailed as the rocket’s red glare
Stars and stripes

Control the airwaves
Fuel the reaction
Use every weapon of mass-distraction
Turn active people into passive consumers
Feed ‘em bogus polls and harebrained rumors

Cut back civil rights
Make no mistake
Tell 'em homeland security is now at stake
Whip up a frenzy, keep 'em suspended
Don’t let 'em know that their liberty’s ended