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Also, a lot of people were genuinely worried HILLARY would start WWIII because she has a track record of supporting wars until pub l ic disent is high and elections are coming up, because she kept accusing Russia whenever anything went wrong even though they were never found guilty (which didn't stop her from claiming 17 groups found them guily when in reality 2 said they were potential hack culprits), and becuase the no fly zone she repeated called for would have increased tensions w/ Russia.

Oh hang on, you’re going to bat for Russia and trying to say Russia wasn’t seriously interfering with the US elections. I’m going to guess your IP address doesn’t originate in the United States.

Trump doesn’t understand geopolitics, as evidenced by this week. And he will soon be in command of the largest nuclear arsenal on earth.

What if North Korea really did follow up on their threats and bombed us and we bombed back and like China and Europe started getting involved and eventually it was just World War III and in a hundred years high school kids would be sitting in history class and the teacher would have to start like “In early 2014, comedians Seth Rogan and James Franco announced their new movie, The Interview…”

Separate & Unequal: This is why political cartoons matter

Pulitzer-Prize-winning political cartoonist for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution – and avid Daily Kos reader – Mike Lukovich has created an iconic political cartoon. In my view, it’s the most powerful, evocative visual representation of the injustices America has witnessed, and the black community has suffered, these past two weeks.

The body laying on the ground could be Eric Garner or Mike Brown, both of whom were robbed of justice by the grand jury process after their lives had already been taken. But the body laying still, motionless really represents the black community in America, evoking a deadly Jim Crow, reinvented and housed where justice in this country resides.
Or, if you’re a minority in America, where justice has yet to fully reside.