The Cult of Ares: Act I • Winter Soldier AU (Set)

Before the Justice League unite to face Steppenwolf, Diana taps Bruce for help investigating a rash of chemical weapons strikes. They discover who is responsible — a transnational paramilitary force working in the shadows for decades to sow the seeds of WWIII. In the presence of Athena, Diana realizes that her old nemesis, Ares, is responsible.

Diana becomes obsessed with the Cult of Ares. So much so that she begins to have prophetic dreams about them. The night terrors drive her to the brink of paranoia. She is certain that Ares has been resurrected and is leading the Cult to some sort of doomsday attack.

When a top secret transfer of chemical weapons for disposal is interrupted by the Cult of Ares, Diana and Bruce suit up to stop them from stealing the weapons. But the Cult releases a highly toxic gas, forcing Bruce to save the civilians at the expense of the weapons. Diana goes after the leader — who she believes is Ares — only to recognize through a gas mask a pair of unforgettable blue eyes. Bruce’s research confirms it. The leader of the Cult of Ares is none other than Steven Rockwell Trevor, the love Diana lost a century ago.

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Bana al-Abed’s Twitter account tweets approval of Trump’s Syria missile strike

  • In the wake of President Donald Trump’s missile strike on Syria, the Twitter account of Bana al-Abed has come out in support of the president’s controversial military action.
  • Al-Abed, a young Syrian girl who used Twitter to share her experiences of the bombings in Aleppo, took to social media Friday morning to share her approval of Trump’s missile strike.
  • “I welcome Donald Trump action against the killers of my people,” al-Abed tweeted. Read more. (4/7/17, 10:13 AM)

National World War II Memorial, Washington, D.C., March 25, 2017

Majdanek extermination camp, Lublin, Poland, June 16, 2016

(The mound in the foreground of this image is comprised of human ash and bone. The Nazis and their collaborators killed some 360,000 innocent victims at Majdanek.)