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House Republicans vote to allow employers to give workers paid time off instead of overtime pay

  • House Republicans voted on Tuesday to change how workers are paid overtime in a measure critics say is a “wolf in sheep’s clothing.”
  • The Working Families Flexibility Act — which has the support of President Donald Trump’s administration — would allow employers to give workers paid time off rather than overtime pay for logging extra hours, according to CNN.
  • While Republicans lauded the legislation as a way to give more flexibility to employees, Democrats and labor groups slammed it, arguing that because the measure gives employers the final say on when the time off is used, they can essentially delay workers’ overtime compensation. Read more (5/3/17)

This is the video of the monologue I did for my English class. I want to thank @lordjazor for doing a voice request from part of this monologue so I could get a few tips from him. I felt pretty confident about how I did–what do you guys think?

A picture I’ve been meaning to post 5ever (but couldn’t because my sister just only now found it again), of my uncle’s Phantom of the Opera pinball machine–that I saw when we went to see Beauty & the Beast live this year.

And I positively lover that it’s Leroux! Though some of the music in it is very akin to Webber’s Phantom.

I feel like I was born to love this fandom, tbh, seeing as how my family also does;)

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Tattoo : Do not resuscitate.

It took an 82-year-old English granny to tattoo Do Not Resuscitate on her chest for us to realise just how weak the last badass tattoo we gushed about was. Apparently Joy Tomkins, who decided to do this after witnessing her husband’s slow and painful death, got this tatt inked with another one saying P.T.O (short for Please Turn Over) on the back of her right shoulder.