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Tattoo : Do not resuscitate.

It took an 82-year-old English granny to tattoo Do Not Resuscitate on her chest for us to realise just how weak the last badass tattoo we gushed about was. Apparently Joy Tomkins, who decided to do this after witnessing her husband’s slow and painful death, got this tatt inked with another one saying P.T.O (short for Please Turn Over) on the back of her right shoulder.

For me, the best line of Phantom of the Opera is when the phantom sings “Either way you choose, you cannot win” while Raoul sings “Either way you choose, he has to win” while the phantom is giving Christine the choice between marrying the phantom and having him kill Raoul. This line perfectly displays  how people misunderstand the phantom thinking that he would enjoy killing Raoul as much as he would enjoy being married to his beloved. Simultaneously, it shows Erik’s torment that he will never be loved because he knows that Christine would not consider it a victory to be his wife and have Raoul live because he knows that she will never love him like he loves her. Neither way is a victory for the phantom because either his bride will not love him, or his beloved would be free and hate him all the more and have decided that allowing somebody to be killed was the better option than marrying the mysterious one who loves her so. 

so one time in my high school choir class we were watching the 25th anniversary version of phantom of the opera and Ramin was singing “Music of the Night” and when he sang “silently the senses abandon their defenses”, literally everyone in our class shivered and gasped then we all looked at each other and this guy was like “damn, I’m straight but that just gave me an orgasm” and my best friend was like “damn, I’m gay and I’ve never been more sure”.

Three Relationships That Really Should NOT Be Romanticized or Replicated:

1. Harley & Joker
He pushed her off a roof. He beat her up and left her for dead multiple times PLUS they’re both at least incredibly unstable.

2. Romeo & Juliet
They were in lust, not love. They killed themselves over a their lover dying when they hardly even knew each other.

3. The Phantom & Christine
He stalked “watched over” her ever since she was a child. He’s as old as Madame Giry. He kills people. He also tried to kill the person she actually loved.