wwii soviet scout

Soviet soldiers of the 1st Guards Mechanized Corps of the 3rd Ukrainian Front in an American-made M3A1 Scout Car, supplied to the Soviet Army under the Lend-Lease program, drive through the burning streets of Vienna during the Vienna Offensive. With the city surrounded and under bombardment, the 3rd Ukrainian Front, along with Bulgarian troops, would take Vienna on 13 April 1945. Vienna, Austria. April 1945. Image taken by Yevgeny Khaldei.     

Coming to a trench near you…
Ways to bind and pull the prisoner out of hiding.
In cases where a prisoner bound, after binding him to quickly pull out of hiding. If there are two men, the first fighter puts bound and lifts it, and the other pulls the collar (Fig. 134), and if there are three soldiers, the two captive lift and transfer it to a third.
From deep trenches and communication trenches associated with the pull rope (Fig. 135).