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Here they found real war, but they were not ready for it.

“They were used to easy victories. This deprived them of flexibility on the one hand, of tenacity on the other. For them, war was merely maneuvers.”

-Georgy Konstantinovich Zhukov, on the Nazi invaders.

Quoted in “The Tempering of Russia” by Alexander Samuel Kaun.

A Henschel Tiger II ‘223’ belonging to SS.Panzer-Abteilung 501  abandoned just outside of La Gleize on 19.Dec. 1944.
 It still has brackets on the rear hull for mounting the jack but has no coat Zimmerit which was no longer applied to AFVs after 9.Sept.1944. This indicates that it was manufactured between early September and and the beginning of October 1944 when Henschel was instructed to stop fitting the jack bracket because the associated jack was no longer being issued with the vehicle.
 After the recapture of La Gleize the American 1st US Army organized a tour for some press corps photographers during which these photos were taken.