Near the end of World War II most carrier aircraft that flew missions over Japan would strike their targets and return. Generally those that didn’t come back after a mission never would, but for one Corsair coming back just took a little longer.

A Corsair Comes Home”, 8 March 2016. Full article here on the Naval History and Heritage Command website.

A photograph taken from onboard a German Panther medium tank showing its commander looking down upon the crew of a Sd.Kfz.251/1 Ausd.D. The vehicle has camouflage netting attached for foliage to be easily attached and mounts an MG42 machine gun complete with gun shield. #war #history #vintage #retro #guns #gun #ww2 #40s #tank #tanks #1940s #military #battle #warrior #warriors #combat #campaign #battles #wwii #worldwartwo

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The performance characteristics of the 12.8-cm FlaK 42 Zwilling:
Caliber 128 mm;
Overall length – 9230 mm;
Barrel length – 7835 mm;
Width – 4200 mm;
Height – 2950 mm;
The angle of the vertical guidance – from 0 to +87 degrees;
The angle of the horizontal fire – 360 degrees;
The mass of 32000 kg.
The rate of 24-28 shots per min.;
Most firing range – 20900 m;
Reach height – 12800 m;
The initial velocity of the fragmentation of the projectile – 880 m/sec;
The mass of a fragmentation shell of – 26 kg;
Crew – 22.