wwi hetalia


2014 marks the 100th year anniversary of the unofficial Christmas Truces between the British and German soldiers during WWI. And so this happened. idk what it is; I was basically scribbling everywhere and hoping for the best. it was 2 in the morning ok?

but anyway, Merry Christmas/ Frohe Weihnachten~

Italy can lift heavy weights between rushes of adrenaline, so basically in drastic moments he can force himself to carry nearly twice his weight 

So when Germany fainted in Hetalia World Twinkle episode 6, Italy completely panicked and knew he had to get Germany out of his clothes and into the shade fast and literally lifted Germany on to his back and dragged him through the dessert 

Another situation happened when Germany was shot in No man’s land in WWI, Italy dragged him out of No man’s land, through the trenches, and to the ambulance car when they ran out of stretchers. 

He completely strained his legs after carrying Germany’s unconscious body so many miles and he couldn’t walk for days, Germany ended up feeling bad since Italy injured himself saving him so when he recovered faster than Italy he would carry Italy places until he could stand up on his own again 

APH Fic: "Never Your Hero" Announcement

Provided all goes well, “Never Your Hero” chapter 24 will be released tonight on my fanfiction account. I thank everyone for their incredible patience and continued enthusiasm for this project, and I hope to reward all of that tonight. ;w;