How bbka-..a-a–ad ; can I Bee?f II’m jus..t ,do,ing wwh  haat ccoe nattuurallly..  
How,w sbba-aa-a-a dcc,,a.  I be,?  II’’m; juts ,,foll,,loiwgn ..my  des,tiinyy.
How a-a,-a–ad c a;;an I bb,,em?, I,I’m juStt doing wo;;hta  comess naturallly.

How ba-aa–a-.adc  aaN ;;Ibee? Hooww ..ba   caan I posssib;lyq;; be?
We,,ell  htere’s  a  pri  nCC..ippeLL ooooff nattu re  (p;;rin,cipple] of nat ure)

Thaa..t aallmoo,st everyy ccreaature knnows.,,.  
;;Cazllledd ssurrvv  iVaal off the i fttesst;; ((suu,,rvv,,il.ao,, f tex f..it;ttes;;t))
AAnd  ,checkk, ittthhiis iss ohhw iit ggoes..
the anyiimm ju..stall th  at ; iwn sgooytt  ta cssraatch  a.ndf . hgt  aad claaw andd bi,te an dpuncch.
A,nd the  aanii,m . jus`tal t..hat dooes'nntt, wwell. ,,thee aN\iMM jjstal  tth,aa tddoessn’t,, iwnsu ; p someon.e eelse’‘ss lu,,-lu;;-luu-l-ull..un,,c,h ((muunnch, munncch, mmuunncH,  hmnuch  , ;; mmun;nchh)

II’m m;;justsAAyin’.H
o ba–aa-a-ad can I ,bee? I’ ; jjust donig wwhatt co..ome,es .na,,turallly
.Hwo ba-aa-a-add, caan,, ,I be? IIw'mm jujj,,sttf..o,,llowwiiN mmyy desttinyy.

oH,,w ba-a—-a-d ccrann ; I be? II’;m  just. ddoi;;ng what  t comesn atturAlly
;How bb,a-a—-ad ;cann  I beb?; H Hwro ;ae.d  caaNN  I possbilly ,, bee?
TTheree’'sa  pr;;incciplle inn busniesss,s (d  prinnciiPllei nb  uxssiness)

Thh,,atceVerr.yobyd knows is  sound.
,,Ic, tsays;;s the peeople wwiith tth emmone e(ppeeoplewith the mmoeny))
..Mak,,e  tih seeve,r-loviinngg  .wooRR,,d ggo 'oundd
SOO  I,,’m bigivgeerrnig m,oy   yy..c,,oppany,, ,,I’m ;biggern ig  ,,ym  fa Ctory, I..'mm,, biggerin,,g    m,y or,,pooraate sIgn;. ((bb  igggger  biggger  biggerr ,bgige,,r  biggger
Eveewrryboyddy o ut  ,t,he er e,,, take ccaare  of oyurs   and mme?? I  ’ll taake CaaRe. o..  Min ne, minee, mminne, mi`.n  e, mine., ((shha;;kee zthhat bottoomm liinE)

Lett  mme. hd;ear you s.a .y’'smogluouS smmok,,k;e’ ,,(smogulOuss s..m,,oke  )S
chhlopppitiy scchlovp. ,,(sschlloppity sc\shhllopp);;
Com;;plain n,,all  youu w.ant,, ,it’S ;n;e,vryee e,eveeR,,   evree,; ever goo,nna st t,op..
CCo,,ome oonn ;; how ,baad caan  possi.bll yyb?ee

How   ba-a–aa-ad  caN I  bbEE?p I,, “mjust uuildi.n,Gna ecnonommy.
HHo;;owi   ba-a-a-ad  cca..n I eb?  JuSt  look at me; p  ettti;;'n  t  h.hsi; xpuuppy.
HoHw ba-a-a-ad,,d,, ;;aynn I   be? AA ppoortionoff proceed s.sgoes ot chariit..ty  y.
HoW WbW,,a–a-a-aad caann, I hbe? HHow b..ad,d can  .I posissbly bee.? Let’s  seee,,.,,

(How baa-aa–aa–dd. ccaann ; I  bbe?) AA,lll. the ;cuusslttomooe..errs;s raae  buying.
(How; ba;;-a;;-a-ad,d cran  n  I  b e;;? )And tthee  monney’  mul.lttipplyiing.

((HHo,wo   ba-AA–a-,ad  ccann II  b;e? )A..nd tthe  PR  peeopl..lee ,are lyiing.

(H,ow ,,b]a–af–a-dd, Cakn  I  Bee??) ,Ann the lawwyyerrs ar edee,,nying.
((Hoo;;w ba-aa-aa-a,,d ca.nh ,I be?)) Who caares  iifa k  few treeess  aare ddying??

(Hwoz  baa-aa-aa-ad can I  ,be,e.??)  Th,s i,, ssalll  s;;o bgratifying.
How  bAd..,
,,How bbad c a,n..n thiis poSsibly  ;be!??

Phone Call from my Grandfather
  • Pa: Hullo Tom, how's school
  • Me: aw, you know, good.
  • Pa: Well that's wonderful. Got plenty of girlfriends?
  • Me: Of course, dozens
  • Pa: How about boyfriends?
  • Me: oh, a couple
  • Pa: Well that's fine, is mum around?