Oh my fucking god I had completely forgotten that detail holy shit

I didnt even like tf but id occasionally watch tfa when it was on, like, I tried to get into it but it didn’t interest me

BUT I FUCKING. REMEMBER NOW. That I imagined bellas dad as capt fanzone. I had completely forgotten that detail wtf.

I only remembered when I was thinking of berry-bella and kevin-edward that her dad came to mind too and I was like ‘wtf thats fanzone’

wwhat the ffucK

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I don't know about you but I think we all need 22 with Spencer :) You're great! Thank you for making this!

You looked up through the parted hair in front of your face.
Carefully observing him as he made his coffee.
You found it amusing by how much sugar he put in his cup.
You may as well call it ‘sugar milk with a hint of coffee’.
You were to busy day dreaming to realize Reid had moved away.
Your eyes moved up to the tall man standing beside you.
Coffee in his hand.
“Huh?” You shied away, looking down at your paperwork.
You watched as Reid laughed under his breath and shake his head.
He leaned over and whispered into your ear.
“You know…I’ve seen the way you
look at me when you think I don’t notice.”
He slowly kissed your cheek and stepped away.
You froze and your mouth fell open in shock.

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Erikka sits on a bench in a park, texting on her phone. (gendybendy-erifish)

Eridan sat beside her with little warning. “wwhat’s up asshat?” The insult while genuine in its aim to offend also had a bit of endearment to it.

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Babe wwe nevver had that date, wwhat do you wwanna do?

0h shit. We c0uld watch a m0vie 0rrr s0mething if y0u want.

you knoww for someone wwho claims to stay indoors most a my life i tend to showw the majority a my selfies wwhen im outside

usually right after shoots cause thats wwhen i feel fuckin pretty an obligated to share my beauty to the wworld

wwoww look its someone on tumblr wwho doesnt havve any self depreciatin qualities an actually enjoys lookin at themselvves in the mirror

is it vvain is it egotistical no its called growwin the fuck up an enjoyin wwhat you got wwhich some a you sadly dont got the brains capable a doin such a thin