chiefadmiral said: i’m doin okay. wwhat about you??

ivwe been ok.
better then usual… vwisitin a therapist helps more then i thought it vwould to be frank…….

actually might havwe a legit job here in a fewv days too, so im nervwous.

human-billcipher asked:

((Oops forgot to turn anon on. Hahaha. Well i'll take Louise i guess.))

pppthhh its okay  friend ^^ i;ll start  it then remeber the other thigns are in effect as well   ^^ )

louise gulped nervously looking down he wore a simple collar  it made him nervous as the other seemed to loom over him  he could do nothing against the others orders “ wwhat do you wwish sir” this was going to be intresting   though it made him wonder why the other wanted him   but he spoke not