WOD 8-17-17

I did the name workout where you spell your name and do the exercise for each letter.

Y'all… I only made it through my first name and the first letter of my middle name before I swear I was gonna pass out or throw up. I am so out of shape 😬

But I will continue on until I can do all of it!! 😈

In the Garbage

My mom sent me home with leftover dessert from her birthday yesterday since I have such a hard time saying no. So it came home with me. After having a piece today, I could tell I wasn’t to be trusted with it so I told my husband to throw the rest away! I felt guilty for a second since my mom made it, but I know I shouldn’t let that be the reason I overeat or binge or go way over my daily points. I feel better now that it’s gone!

Choose Your Hard

Sometimes when I’m feeling like this whole losing weight thing is just too hard I remember what my Weight Watchers leader tells us all the time:

“It’s all hard. Being overweight is hard. Losing weight is hard. And maintaining weight is hard. So, chose your hard.”

It might feel easy in the moment to just eat whatever I want, but ultimately, being overweight is hard, and that’s not the hard that I want. So, I just keep going.

My dessert tonight was preeeetty delicious. VitaTop Banana Choco muffin (2points) with a 100 calorie Klondike bar (3points). My sweet tooth was going cray today. Did you guys know they have 100 calorie Klondike bars ?!?! It’s the little things :’) These are the things I’m thankful for - losing weight while still being able to enjoy the things I love. It’s all about portion control guys!