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On this day in wrestling history, on Monday Night Raw, Chris Jericho battled Triple H for the WWF Championship. Jericho would pin HHH after a fast count from Earl Hebner. HHH would later bully Hebner into reversing the decision and nullifying Jericho’s title win. The WWF title was then returned to The Game.

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1. Favorite Current Male Superstar? Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns, Kevin Owens, Chris Jericho…

2. Favorite Superstar of all time? Stone Cold Steve Austin

3. Favorite Current Female Superstar? Becky Lynch, Charlotte, Sasha Banks

4. Favorite Female of All Time? Lita

5. Wrestlemania or SummerSlam? ‘Mania

6. Do You Have the WWE Network? Yeah, I have a 3-month free trial rn lol so thank you @wwe

7. Favorite Title Belt of All Time? The Attitude Era WWF title belt was great. And the big gold belt too.

8. Favorite Current Belt? I actually really like the WWE title. And the IC title; Dean looks great with it, I am just saying.

9. Least Favorite Superstar of all Time? Hah, I really don’t know.

10. Least Favorite Current Superstar? Ehh, I find some people overrated but I don’t actively dislike anyone.

11. Favorite Wrestlemania moment? I wasn’t around for it but Seth’s cash-in was pretty epic. In terms of ones I’ve watched live, The Hardys showing up this year was insane. I’m sure there’s a bunch from back in the day but I can’t remember specific moments.

12. Favorite Era? Attitude Era, for the nostalgia value. But it was really awesome. And I’m actually a big fan of a lot of the current era; I’m enjoying wrestling as a whole a lot more than I thought I would back in August.

13.Favorite Match of the Year (so far)? Dean winning the IC title was nice. Cena/Styles at the Rumble was awesome. And mostly for the feelings and because I was so invested in the story, Seth/Hunter at ‘Mania. I’ve watched it back a bunch of times already. And hell, that triple threat on Raw this week was amazing.

14. Favorite Piece of Merch You Own? I only own a Dean tank top with his logo in red atm.

15. Favorite Faction of All Time? The Shield. DX were great too.

16. Do You like the Current Main Title Holder(s)? IDC about Brock. And I used to be super into Randy back in the day but I’m bored of him now and the feud with Bray ended up so disappointing. The US and IC title scenes look way more interesting to me rn.

17. Do You Think That the Women Should Have More Titles? Tag titles, maybe?

18. Favorite Finisher? I actually think the RKO is the perfect finisher. The Stunner is a classic. Roman’s Spear is great. The Curb Stomp (RIP - I like Seth’s new one too though). Hell, I love that Dirty Deeds is so protected and that people pop like crazy for it even though it’s just a DDT. It’s very simple and very Dean and it has a great name.

19. Favorite Stipulation? Ladder matches are great. I’m also fond of the Elimination Chamber. Hell in a Cell can be really good too.

20. Favorite PPV? Royal Rumble, since I was a kid.

Bonus: Have You Met Any Superstars? If YES, Who? Haha, nope.


On this day: Hulk Hogan nails Ted DiBiase with a steel chair just as The Million Dollar Man did to him earlier in the night during Hogan’s WWF Title tourney bout, allowing Randy Savage to hit the Flying Elbow, win his 4th match of the night and walk out of WrestleMania IV with his first WWF Championship. (3/27/88)