Ronda versus the DNB’s.

I see a lot of people giving Ronda shit for her promo on the Bella’s. But the only person to reply blame for, is Vince. Vince always has the habit of not telling person b what person a will say about them. He did it to Mickie James when he had LayCool call her a fat pig and she ran away in tears. Vince is doing the same to the twins. He most likely told Ronda on what things she should touch upon, but he obviously didn’t tell the girls. You can easily tell that they had no idea Ronda would say those things. They both looked like they wanted to cry. But the sad fact is that yes, Nikki did use her relationship with Cena to leverage her career, even though they aren’t together anymore. Brie has used her marriage to Daniel Bryan for cheers instead of a cold shoulder. The twins should not be credited for the women’s evolution. Ever. Paige, Beth Phoenix, Aj Lee, Tamina, and many more. Those women are the real definitions of what a female wrestler looks like. What got the twins by was how pretty they looked instead of how talented they are. It’s a shame that there are people that still don’t see that. For god sakes, it’s 2018, I thought women’s wrestling has evolved more respectively.