I promised that I would post photos from when I went to the WWE Live Event the night before SummerSlam. I’m a bit late, but oh well. Here are some of the best photos that my mother took (mainly because I can’t take photos to save my life). (Of course we only ended up with maybe 1 or 2 good photos from Seth and Dean and a million good photos of Hulk Hogan.) If you use them credit me please.

@Regrann from @ohyeaitsmel - So… Roman reigns came around to everyone after the main event and was taking selfies with like everyone and he got to me and I’m hella fumbling with my phone and I was like “dad I can’t do it take one” and my dad hella fumbled with his too and Roman goes “it’s all good that’s the cutest thing I’ve ever seen man” lol and he waited until I got my shit together and finally got one! Not a great one but I got one!! #wwesanjose #vipexperience #mylifeiscomplete #Regrann

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Went to the WWE Live Event last night...

And it was epical, as promised. XD The first match right off the bat was Dean Ambrose vs. Seth Rollins, so that made my night right there. XD I’m glad I went, even if I did have a headache afterward from all the loud sounds. XD I might post some cruddy, blurry photos later, idk. I had fun and now I’m probably going to go play Skyrim until SummerSlam comes on, unless someone wants to talk to me here (talking is good XD).


Spear to Del Rio.#WWESanJose

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