We have successfully god tier’d. Those peasants surrounding us had no idea of the greatness they walked near today. They have no idea of the horrors that will soon be visited upon the-


Forget you saw that.

So anyways, Kenzie and I used our dress down day (stupid private school uniform) at school to geek about homestuck. Were you surprised? I was surprised.

  • caligulasChocolate:((why can't i hold all of these AUs))
  • Consulting Detective Eridan Ampora:((gotta rp them all, erikar (with pokemon theme song)))
  • caligulasChocolate:((OMFGHSACfads))
  • caligulasChocolate:((i wanna be the bes karkat. Like no rper ever was. To rp all AU's is my real test, sadstuck is my caaaause))
  • Consulting Detective Eridan Ampora:((jesus christ))
  • caligulasChocolate:((ERIKAR; just you and meeee, i know it's our destiny, ERIKAR uhhh you're my rprail in an AU we must defeeend))
  • Consulting Detective Eridan Ampora:((dsklfjsklllllllllllllllllllllllllgkls;fjglksdjglksdjagklj))

wwellthisisspooky replied to your post: I was about to introduce myself on here but then I remembered you already know me. Kinda, i dunno we haven’t spoken much!

I think you are an equally if not more cool cat from what I know and I agree! And yessss that would be so nice, haha I feel like I practically know you already though from all that she’s said ^_^

; ____ ; i always smile really big when i hear she talks about me aaaa. shes mentioned some adventures with you but i’m sure it’s nothing like hanging out with you in person uvu

vvomitin asked:


okay another self pic here and is that some cosplay i see going on

cosplayers are always a big sell for me

the layout is basic but not really a big issue

again self shots and shit are totally awesome in my book

6.5/10 not a huge amount of stand out but it is better than average

#im never gonna stop loving cosplayers #sports

vvomitin asked:

I was about to introduce myself on here but then I remembered you already know me. Kinda, i dunno we haven't spoken much!

i do know you!!! and we haven’t spoken much but being that i think you are a cool cat, i think we should remedy that some time! aww gosh if only i could hang out with you and maddie and all her other neat friends from your area u_u