Mr. Dean Ambrose. Why I love him. The man is the future of the WWE. His Mic skills are just amazing, he has the talent in the ring that makes his matches epic, he is very confident in himself, and with his natural heel persona he has, he deserves a big push in the company. He has so much passion for what he does, by the way he talks about it to the look in his eyes. The twisted and cocky personality he has is something I do enjoy watching, now and in the future. He has carved his name in stone in wrestling, and in the fans’ hearts. Well, mine he has! I do believe he can make it, and whatever he does, I’ll be behind him no matter what. His looks are just a HUGH bonus.

Wrestling is a man's sport?

So, I was looking through my tumblr, and I follow a confessions page(thewweconfessions) and I saw one that said this “Wrestling is a man’s sport! All these annoying divas just need to leave. The only they’re good for in the company is holding the men back from reaching their full potential in the ring *coughZigglercough*. I’m just waiting for the day when the divas division is finally ended and the soap opera type love stories will stop.” Really? First of all, it’s pretty stupid since women can actually put on better matches, if you look it up, interviews etc. WWE officials have said  to the girls some matches were ‘too good’. Men do not own the sport, no one does, it was simply an idea that was acted upon, and grew, so much that for a decent amount of time, it was equal for both men and women. The divas hold the guys back? Excuse me, I’m pretty sure the writers are in charge of storylines, not the divas. They are not holding the guys back, it’s apart of the storyline and they try to make it fit. So getting pissy with the divas over storylines is so retarded I can’t even insult whoever said that point. Love stories? Again, it’s not the divas, it’s the writers, they are in charge, and what Vince says go, or is it him asking the divas permission? Whoever sent that in deserves a back hand, I can’t even begin to express my irritation towards the sexist dumb arse who sent it in.