This facepalm is brought to you by the PR disaster known as the company “Ocean Marketing”. If you don’t know this overnight meme sensation please direction your attention to the link below:


Read it, now back to me, now back to that, now back to me. Okay, good.

I’m assuming at this point you’ve read that selection of emails and your jaw has dropped from the sheer idiocy that is Ocean Marketing. No, I swear this is not a hoax. I am not ingenious enough to make up such a wondrous example at why people, like me, are taught: The customer is always right!

As a fellow gamer this bothers me, but as someone in the customer service industry I can’t help but speak out against this man. We’re not all like that, I assure you. Actually we are normal folks who suppress our rage. This “Dave” in question asked nothing offensive what so ever. It was totally uncalled for to tell him to put on his “big boy hat” and go so far as to insult him over and over.

You know I really have no snarky words for him other than: I wwebsite as on the internet, sir. And I wwebsite ten times better.

-Chopped Liver

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