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Randy Orton Sex Headcannons

Alright. I have some words to say alright. I have grown up with this man being number 3 on the list of my favourite wrestlers. Now, hes like 7 or 8 but he’s still top 10. 

He was admittedly one of my first crushes as a kid because I watched Smackdown v Raw all the time. So he has a special place in my heart. 

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- He is rough as fuck. But only if you ask him to be, he can also make love; not well, but the poor guy tries. Seriously, all you have to say is something like “Fuck me up daddy” and that is exactly what he will do. I tell thee.

- One look from him can put you back in your place. But he’ll still spank you into submission if he has to. He loves to have you over his knee though, he basically lives for it. 

- Will never bottom. Or so he thinks. Your dominant side shocked him at first but he couldn’t hide how much he enjoyed you taking control that one time, and he secretly hopes you’ll do it again.

- Daddy kink, kitten kink, praise kink, think of a really kinky kink and the guy probably has it. 

- See when I said he’s rough… Yeah, I felt the need to say it again to emphasize my point.

- LOVES to have you on your knees. But he spends equally as long in between your legs. 

- Dirty talk is a must for this guy. 

- Orgasm ratio is 3:1 to you, because he’s such a generous guy. 

- He loves it when you beg. It’s the fastest way to get what you want because he can’t resist it when you do it. 

- You guys could so have angry sex, make up sex, morning sex, any kind of sex.

- You guys could be friends with benefits too because he’s that chill. 

  • Sami Zayn: what do i have to do to get a wrestlemania match?
  • Kevin Owens: *attempts murder on Jericho and destroys the Festival of Friendship. Gets a match*
  • AJ Styles: *attempts murder on Shane O'Mac. Gets a match*
  • Baron Corbin: *attempts murder putting a forklift on Ambrose. Possibly will get a match*
  • Randy Orton: *commits arson. Gets the main event match*
  • Sami Zayn: ... oh!