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Lipstick Stains

Was originally called Kat Von D Lipstick Stains, but the name was too long in my opinion so. I shortened it. But. It’s Kat Von D. Like dick. Which you will be getting. In this fic. I can make a rhyme anytime. Busta move.

Warning: this is purely smut that was inspired by my new Kat Von D lip kit that I am obsessed with. So. Dicks and lipstick and smut, oh my. (Also, heads up, the liquid lipstick that Kat Von D sells doesn’t come off like it is fabulous so it doesn’t really like? Leave marks? But this is fiction? And her name has D in it????) Slight daddy kink??? Like it’s used once or twice more jokingly than anything. Still super sexual. But yeah. Not in the act. I just wanted to write smut. So.

I mean. It’s kinda fluffy. I’m not too sure how good I am at writing Ro? But I tried. Ya know. 

@luceromma4403 requested this from my list of idea stuff. And the lovely @fuckyeahbulletclub helped me out with ideas SO THANK YOU, GO CHECK OUT HER STUFF, IT KICKS ASS. 


You contained your squeals as you were handed your bag, the Sephora lady smiling back at you before the usual ‘have a nice day!’ You quickly retrieved your cellphone from your pocket, scrolling through your messages, trying to find the conversation between you and your best friend while dodging the mall traffic. You clicked on a name, your eyes switching back and forth between the phone and the sea of people. Without looking, you quickly typed out a message.

‘I bought a new lipstick kit. Wanna test it out with me?’ You added a cute kiss face emoji, hitting send. Your phone buzzed back almost immediately, the screen lighting up with 'Ro,’ causing you to smile.

It wasn’t exactly a secret that you had a huge crush on the huge Samoan wrestler. The sexual tension that surrounded the both of you was almost suffocating. A handful of your friends knew of the long time crush you had on him, including your best friend in the WWE world, Sasha. Which is who you thought you texted.

Imagine your horror when it was revealed to you that Roman was the one you texted. Kissy face and all.

'Was this meant for me?’ The only text back. You bit down on your lower lip, your feet slowing as you thought of a way to respond. You could always send a quick 'no, sorry, meant for Sasha!’ And the whole text would probably be forgotten in a few mere minutes. Or.

'So yes or no Mr. Reigns?’ You pushed send before the fear of rejection could overtake you. A light blush fumbled onto your cheeks, your steps becoming quicker yet again as dirty thoughts began to swarm around your head. Your phone buzzed back almost immediately, yet you waited till you were back in the safety of your car to read it.

'Please, yes babygirl.’ A bright smile bubbled to your lips, quickly texting him your address and a added 'be home in 20,’ along with it. Your eyes flickered over to the Sephora bag carefully placed in the front seat. Your thighs rubbed together, trying to create some form of friction as the anticipation of what was to come began to bubble up.


You stood in front of your bathroom mirror for what had seemed like hours now. The second you had gotten home, you changed into a matching set of lingerie that you quickly hid under your clothes. You looked down at the small box holding 8 different colors, trying to decide on which to use first.

Can’t go wrong with red, right? Very carefully you put the color on your lips, smacking them together as you finished. The second you had put the bottle down, the doorbell rang. Your heart stopped. This was finally it. Upon opening the door, a 6'3" nervous looking wrestler filled your vision. A blush fluffed onto your cheeks as you looked up, a smile bubbling onto your lips to reflect his. You stood on your tip toes, placing a light kiss to his cheek, leaving behind a small red kiss mark.

The second you stood back to admire your work, his arms enveloped your frame, his lips immediately pushing themselves to yours. He made quick work of shutting the door, pushing you against it gently.

It took all you had to push him away. He looked like a lost puppy as you did.

“I still have 7 colors I haven’t tried yet,” You pulled your best puppy dog face as he released you with a growl. You let out a small, flirty giggle back as you started walking teasingly slow back to your bathroom for the next color.

You picked a burnt red color as your next choice, figuring it matched nicely with your outfit. Plus you secretly wanted to see how it would mix together with the bright red still smeared on his lips from earlier.

As badly as you wanted to rush over to the couch, you took your time, feeling his eyes on you as you teasingly removed the sweater cardigan you had been wearing, revealing the tight black tank top you had been sporting underneath. A low whistle left his lips as you relaxed yourself onto his lap, your arms softly dangling over his shoulders. You bent your knees slightly as you found yourself pushed against his chest, his arms tight around your waist.

“Like this color daddy?” You whispered, a gasp surprising you as his hands gripped roughly at your ass. His only response was another deep growl as his lips attacked yours. Your arms tightened around his neck as his tongue found yours, wrestling together until he won dominance. He rested his lips on your collar bone, pressing gentle kisses to it leaving the colors to smear on your skin.

You quickly took his face in your hands, running your fingers gently over the scruff that had been on his face. You laughed lightly at the color that had been pressed to his lips. The mixture was actually a very pretty color, but you weren’t going to tell him that. You placed a gentle kiss to his other cheek. You placed a hand onto his chest, pushing yourself up to get another color.

The second your turned to walk, a quick smack to your ass followed, causing you to turn.

“Better hurry babygirl,” he threw you one of his familiar smirks, leaning up to place a gentle kiss to your lips.

You found the teasing control you had earlier slip away. You rushed quickly to the bathroom, quickly wiping away the dark red and replacing it with a bright pink. When arms wrapped around your waist the second you had been done, you felt your heart stop.

“I got you babygirl,” A warm breathe encircled the crook of your neck as gentle, teasing kisses were placed there. Before you had the chance to let out more than just a whine of approval, you were suddenly turned, lips covering yours in a heated kiss.

Hands gripped roughly at your ass, your legs wrapping around Roman’s waist, lips never parting with the exception of a few seconds of air.

He grunted, frustrated with the many doors opened that had not led to your bedroom. You laughed brightly, resting your forehead against his as you directed him quietly. He threw back a gentle, loving smile, walking in that direction.

Without taking his eyes off of your form, he gently placed you onto the bed, his body hovering over yours.

“Should’ve done this sooner,” he mumbled sweetly, placing a light kiss to your cheek. A playful smirk flew to his lips as you nodded back at his statement.

Seconds flew by as the two of you stared at each other in awe. All urgency from before had vanished as his hands slowly trailed your shirt off your form. You shivered as the air around you hit your skin, a deep groan leaving his lips as he moved to slowly remove your bottoms, leaving you in the matching lingerie set you had prepared.

His eyes grew darker as they looked back towards your face. A deep kiss was placed to your lips, his hands moving quickly to rid of his own clothes. A line of saliva connected your lips as he slowly removed his lips from the passionate kiss, lips now trailing down your neck.

“The things you do to me babygirl,” it came out as a growl against your neck before he bit gently into it, a moan of appreciation leaving your lips. You drove your hips against his, listening to the way his breathe hitched against the gentle kisses being placed on your burning skin.

He drove his hips against yours, fingers sneaking past your senses as they dipped into your panties.

A moan snuck it’s way past you as one finger circled around your love button.

“Shit, babygirl,” A deep groan rumbled throughout the room, as the fingers began to rub a bit rougher. “Soaked for me.”

“R-Ro,” you let out a light whimper of noise, as your hips began to move against his fingers. All movement suddenly stopped, causing you to throw a look in his direction. A deep chuckle was his only response.

“Go get us another color,” he whispered against your lips, pulling you up off the bed before giving a light smack to your ass. You turned back, seeing him making quick work of taking off his own clothes.

You quickly rubbed off the hot pink color, replacing it instantly with a vibrant purple. You took a second to mess your hair a little, adoring the reflection in the mirror, the purple matching nicely with the black lace barely covering your body.

“Babygirl, I know you’re not making me wait this long,” it came out as a command, his voice becoming a deep growl as you stepped back into the room, the teasing control from before showing itself in your steps. You feigned innocence, standing in front of his sitting form. You moved your hands slowly behind you, pulling the piece of lace covering your chest away, watching his eyes widen and a curse word fall from his lips. A light pout forming on your lips

“I would never make you wait,” You giggled, placing a purple kiss to his chest, moving your way down to his hardening member. His breathe hitched as you slowly pulled his boxers away, allowing him to spring up. Big. Oh god, he was mouthwatering. You looked up, feeling his eyes burning holes into the form you had taken on your knees.

You teasingly licked up his shaft once, his fingers tangling in your hair as you let out a light giggle at his response. He growled in return, mumbling a quick 'stop teasing,’ your way. You wrapped your lips around the head, starting off slowly as you took in as much as you could. Your eyes flickered up, making eye contact with his.

You began to make quick work, shifting your head up before slamming it back down, relishing in the groans that fell from his lips.

“Shit, okay, you gotta stop,” He gently, yet aggressively pulled your head away, placing a kiss to your now pouting lips. Using his thumb, he wiped away the lipstick that had smeared on your lips. He grabbed a tissue, wiping away the rest of the color, leaving your lips a natural hue, only a barely visible trail of purple staying behind. “Gotta be inside you.” His eyes begged, pleaded with you.

You nodded quickly, a gasp leaving your lips as your panties were ripped away from your body. Before you could scold him for ripping your fairly expensive panties, he mumbled 'I’ll buy you a new pair.’

His hands guided you back onto the bed, your back gently resting on the firm material. He hovered over you, his hair falling in his face. It was as if time had stopped, his lips slowly falling onto yours. The kiss was passionate, full of love. You whimpered against his lips, feeling his head begin to push into your dripping core.

“You’re so warm,” it came out as a groan as his lips moved to place calming kisses to your pulse. “So tight.” You moved your head back into the pillows, your eyes beginning to fall shut. “Look at me babygirl, need you to look at me.” Your eyes immediately shot open, a loud almost whoreish moan leaving your lips as he finally filled you up.

“Roman, please,” he filled you up so well, you wanted nothing more for him to just take you roughly, passionately. You had to bite your lip as you took in his huge form towering over your body. The sight itself was incredibly erotic, you could feel the tingles throughout your body.

He thrusted once, as if testing the waters, groaning as you let out another moan of approval. He licked his lips, taking in the sight of your nude form writhing beneath him. His thrusts became rougher, his cock hitting deeper and deeper. One hand wrapped around his bicep, your nails digging into the skin while the other tangled itself in your own hair.

“R-Roman,” you whimpered out, a small moan following his name. He quickly removed himself, picking you up to sit on his lap. You slowly steadied yourself back onto his cock, before slamming down on him, a groan of pain mixed with pleasure leaving you as his teeth sunk into the collar bone he had been placing kisses to. You moved your hips, feeling his member rubbing your core. Your muscled tightened around him, his fingers digging into your hips as he helped you move.

His mouth enveloped one of your nipples as he gently sucked and nibbled on it. Your hands held onto his shoulders for support, as you head leaned back, the pleasure building up inside of you being almost too much to focus.

Before you could mention it to him, you felt your body shudder in delight, the knot that had been forming finally loosening. His mouth released you with a pop, a growl mixed with your name and curse words falling from his lips as he felt you tighten around him.

“Already babygirl?” He whispered, continuing to move his hips up into yours as your movement slowed down, your orgasm overtaking you. You whimpered in response, his lips finding their place in the crook of your neck as he placed sloppy kisses there.

You could already feel another knot bubbling up in you, your pussy already throbbing and sensitive. His movements were becoming erratic, signaling that he was close.

“Cum for me again, please,” he begged, your hips moving to keep up with his thrusts. As you let another orgasm shatter through you, his cum filled you, both moans mixing together in the air. He pulled your body closer to his, mumbling quick thank you’s against your skin. Your hips continued moving as you milked his cock to completion.

Your body shuddered against his as he pulled out, leaving you feeling empty. His lips found yours in a heated kiss that slowly died down to small, loving pecks. He moved so that the both of you were lying down, pulling the covers over your nude bodies.

“That was,” he mumbled, looking down at you, the smile never leaving his face. “Wow.” He chuckled deeply.

All talking stopped as your fingers traced over the ink dancing over his chest. He hummed in delight, placing a gentle kiss to the top of your head, breathing in the scent of sweat mixed with your perfume.

“Y'know,” You mumbled, placing a kiss to his chest, admiring the way his body moved while breathing. “I still have 4 colors we haven’t tested yet.”

A eruption of giggles filled the air as Roman moved, towering over you yet again, placing playful kisses on every inch of your face.


You gently rubbed at your eyes, a yawn tearing itself from past your lips. You rolled over, the hold the giant Samoan in your bed had on you loosening. You smiled down at him, placing a gentle kiss to his lips before stretching your legs out of bed. You fingers were used to pull the shirt Roman had worn the previous night over your head.

You slowly moved to the kitchen, your arm stretching over your head as another yawn ripped past you. You grabbed some eggs and bacon, throwing them into pans before flipping on the stove.

As breakfast was finishing up, a tan pair of arms encircled your waist, one hand flicking to turn the stove off. You let your body lean into his chest, humming gently as a gentle kiss was placed against your neck.

How is it possible that you actually look sexier in my t-shirt?” The gentle mumbles tickled your neck, and you found yourself turning in his arms.

“How is it possible that you actually look sexier in my lipstick?” You quietly retorted, admiring the lipstick stains covering his face and chest.

You stood on your tip toes placing a small kiss against his lips. A light chuckle came from him as his hands went under your ass, lifting you onto the counter. You laughed against his lips, capturing them with yours yet again.

“You’re mine now, right?” The first time fear danced around his eyes. You rubbed the padding of your thumb against his cheek, adoring the way he leaned into your touch.

“Of course,” it came out as a whisper, his forehead resting against yours. Lips met each other once more in a heated kiss. Your first official kiss.

Shit!” Roman pulled away quickly, his hand shooting up from the still hot stove as he quickly turned the sink on cold.

A small laugh erupted from you as you swung your feet from the counter. Your eyes met Roman’s shining ones. Oh yeah. You could get used to this.


Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose look to their battle at Money in the Bank: WWE SmackDown, June 4, 2015

Credit to WWE on you tube. 


Closing Moments from Stuttgart, Germany Live Event 14th November, 2015

Via WWE Deutschland‘s You Tube Channel