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Dean Ambrose - Happiest Man Alive.

Dean Ambrose - Prompts #20 “I’m pregnant” and #37 “You’re lying”

Request for - @ryleeroseb4

Warnings - Fluff, Pregnancy (is that warning idk)

Word Count - 2000 Words.

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Today was a big day, it was Smackdown live and your long term (3 years to be exact) boyfriend Dean Ambrose had a title shot to become the 2x Intercontinental champion. You so badly wanted him to win, it would be the perfect set up to tell him about your long awaited 3 month pregnancy that you had been waiting to surprise him with. You see, you and Dean had been actively trying for a baby over the past year. Although it was hard considering you were also on the road with him as one of Smackdown Live’s make up artists. It was safe to say it was pretty early to be trying for children but you both knew you had found ‘the one’ the moment you saw each other. When you two had first started trying you were both extremely naive thinking it was going to all happen quickly, but you were both very wrong. There had been a few complications along the way - some hard to swallow and others well, they just mean’t you got more time in bed with your man

But low and behold after many months and weeks of quite literally relentless (but incredibly fun) trying; you were finally pregnant. You had been bursting to tell him since you found out when you were just 2 weeks. But you had contained yourself and waited for the 3 month ‘safe point’ now was just a waiting game of pin pointing the moment you were going to tell him. But tonight’s Smackdown match up provided that perfect opportunity - that if everything went to plan.

You were currently backstage with Dean’s best friend Roman and his daughter Jojo, you were both ‘hiding’ from Dean due to the fact Roman was still meant to be with Raw on tour but he opted to come see his brother after a long time apart and you were meant to be wrapped up in bed after a faux illness you had suddenly contracted; this morning you had told your boyfriend you that you felt deathly sick (which wasn’t a lie with morning sickness and all that) and you probably wouldn’t be able to make it to his match tonight. You must admit you felt overly guilty when you saw the dimples from his unusual morning smile disappear as you told him you couldn’t make it, but those feelings instantly went away as soon as you look at or even felt the 12 week scan in the back pocket of your jeans. Or remember that your elaborate surprise would fix a permanent grin to his features for a long long time. Roman was the only person who knew about your pregnancy and he only found out an hour or so prior to meeting him at Smackdown - but you had sworn him to secrecy, not even allowing him to text his wife or Seth, you didn’t want people knowing before the person that deserved to know the most.

~Match Time~

As soon has Maryse’s hand connected with Dean’s cheek your heart sunk - instantly recognising the imminent disqualification heading The Miz’s way obviously resulting in him retaining. You looked over to Roman who at first appeared pre-occupied with little Jojo, but you could see the same look on his features as the one you felt in your stomach. The nauseous feeling only became worse when you saw the ref raise his hand in the direction of the time keepers area, you placed your head in your hands bracing yourself for the sound of the bell - but slowly began to raise your head as the sound never came and Roman gave your shoulder a slight nudge along with a heartychuckle. Your eyes wearily glanced up to the screen to a smile formed on your face and giggle bubbled from your rouged lips as your saw Dean being as stubborn as ever arguing with ref, almost pleading the ref to not disqualify The Miz. You could see the sceptical look dousing the features of the official causing you to cross your fingers and bite the skin around your nails out of nervous habit - as soon as you saw the officials hand rest at his side signifying the continuation of the match you slowly let out a breath you didn’t even know you were holding; hearing the Samoan beside you do the same.

The match dragged on and you could see fatigue setting with in both superstars, Jojo had long lost interest but you and Roman were still perched on the edges of you seats - it seemed Ro wanted your plan to work almost as much as you did. Your eyes drifted from the screen for a mere 5 seconds but were instantly diverted back as you heard a huge pop erupt from the crowd - one so deafening it even brought Jojo’s attention to the TV. You squealed in delight as you saw Dean hook Miz’s arms ready for ‘dirty deeds’, you excitement rocketed as he successfully hit the devastating DDT and the official began the three count. You rapidly slapped Romans arm as the referees hand touched the canvas finalising the three count, you hugged Roman, your heightened emotion caused makeup stained tears to fall onto his shirt.

“Y/N you have to go hide, you know he won’t be out there long” Roman’s deep voice announced pulling away from the celebratory hug. You quickly nodded in realisation and headed to the bathroom of the Dean’s dressing room, assuring you left the door open a fraction so you could see your boyfriend the moment he walked in. It was a short five minutes before you heard the two best friends. 

“Congratulations brother” Roman quite literally screamed at Dean, you boyfriend chuckled pulling Roman in for a ‘bro hug’

“Cheers man, means a lot - happy to be holdin’ the gold again” Dean mused gesturing to the title gleaming upon his shoulder. A look of fondness adorned your face admiring how happy he was - and how he was about to become a whole lot happier.

“Where’s Y/N man?” Roman questioned clearly trying to conceal the smirk creeping to his face, as Dean scooped up Jojo giving her a massive cuddle from her favourite uncle. You heart beat sped up and a feeling of warmth swarmed your body just seeing just how much of a perfect daddy Dean will be.

“She couldn’t make it, she was really sick this morning” he shrugged continuing to hold Jojo - the small girl amused by the championship upon Dean’s shoulder. “I’m waiting on the soppy congratulations text that she’s probably been typing for five minutes already” he rolled his eyes playfully - that sentence was the perfect opportunity to reveal your presence. You made one final check of you back pocket just to make sure the scan hadn’t fallen out - as soon as you felt it that beaming smile broke onto your face again.

“What sort of champs girlfriend isn’t there to greet the champ” you announced as you walked out of the bathroom door holding your arms out. Dean promptly placed Jojo down and bolted over to you; picking you up and swinging you round.

“I thought you were ill! You little bitch you lied” he scolded playfully his scruff tickling your face as he kissed your temple.

“I did not lie, i did feel sick - but i wouldn’t miss the love of my life getting what he wanted more than anything; his championship back!” you argued defensively with a giggle, pressing your soft lips to Dean’s as he continued holding you in a tight yet comforting embrace - that was until his arms loosened around you and his face become more serious.

“Babe, i promise i will give you what you want soon - i’ll make you happy, i already know you’ll be an amazing mother” he mumbled lowly his piercing cerulean staring directly into yours as he gently intertwined his still sweaty hands with your more delicate ones. You stared at him your features perplexed in bewilderment - before you finally understood what he meant; you had to try your hardest to conceal your smile before you spoke up.

“Maybe a lot sooner than we thought” you announced twirling a strand of your loosely curled hair between your painted nails. He gave you a puzzled look and placed his hand on your shoulder - daintily rubbing circles into it with his thumb; something he often did to comfort you. 

“Babe i can’t promise anything soon or tell you when it’s going to happen but -” you interrupted him before he could finish his sentence.

“I’m pregnant” you spoke loudly over the rumble of his deep voice and the background noises of the arena that all faded to silence in that one moment - a grin spreading from ear to ear across your face as you saw, Dean’s eyes light up, something not even a title win could bring to him.

“You’re lying” his voice drawled out in disbelief as his muscled hands automatically left the go of his precious title and made their way to your only minutely, protruding belly. “I can’t - i can’t believe it” he blinked rapidly as his grin widened exposing his pearly whites. “I’m going to be a Daddy!” he shouted almost at the top of his lungs before encapsulating your small frame in his much larger, herculean like one. Your small arms tightened round his large frame as tears of pure joy spilled from your eyes and onto his vest clad chest. The romantic embrace was cut short as your remembered the scan in your pocket - he gave raised an eyebrow at you as you hastily tore yourself from his embrace and reached to your pocket.

“This is why i was ‘ill’ this morning” you said sheepishly handing him the tiny black and white scan. “Three months yesterday” you smiled as his brows furrowed to study the small-scaled image. 

“Babe… why has our child got like four arms?” you snorted knowing he was bound to ask something stupid like that.

“Dean - did it not cross your mind that, ya know - that could be two different babies…” your voice trailed off towards the end of the sentence as you saw realisation set in his features.

“Woah woah - twins? You’re telling me that you’re bring two mini Ambrose’s into the world at once? Jesus Christ someone send help” Roman spoke up from the back of the room causing you and Dean to burst out in a fit of giggles. You even heard Jojo laugh a little at her fathers comment. You quickly turned back to Dean only to be met with a wistful kiss slammed onto your plump lips.

“Twins eh? I can’t believe it. I am the happiest man alive right now - all thanks to you Y/N. I love you” he spoke solemnly after pulling away from the short but love filled kiss. 

“I love you too Handsome” you beamed up at him. “However as much as I’m enjoying this huge mushy love stuff - I’d much rather enjoy some fries and a chocolate milkshake.” Smirking as you saw the disgust on Dean and Roman’s faces you spoke up again. “C’mon the twins are hungry” you chuckled beginning to make your way out of the dressing room.

Roman and Dean shared a look before shrugging, starting to follow you and Jojo - who had already left her daddy to be with her favourite auntie.

“Hey, congrats man. This’ll be the most joyful, yet most stressful thing you’ll ever experience. But trust be it’s worth it” Roman mused as he stared at you and Jojo lightly skipping through the halls; the words left his mouth with wisdom and experience causing Dean to let out a hearty laugh. Before he spoke - almost out of earshot

“All I can say is - I truly am THE happiest man alive.”

A/N: This one was soo good to write! All the daddy dean feels!! I’m also very very sorry this one took so long to upload - i’ve been ill and it made me kinda unproductive - whoops :/ But anyways i hope you all enjoy - oh and if you enjoy this i could make it into a series? I’m not sure. But happy reading! ~ Moxxii :) x

Fucking savages, The both of em

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Dean Ambrose - “I won’t say I told you so”

Prompt: a thing i saw on tumblr but i can’t find it to tag
Requested: lol no because my brain doesn’t want to come up with ideas for stories you guys have requested and i’m sorry
Warnings: None
Words: 1300+

“y/n!” You heard Dean’s growl yell down the hall. You had tried to get past him and back to the women’s locker room without him seeing him. You knew he wasn’t going to be happy and you could tell by his voice that he had found out about the match. 

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Hold Back The River (Roman Reigns x Reader)

Context: Reader is best friends with Roman, traveling with him and valeting him to the ring. The two were inseparable. What happens when everything changes?

**A/N: ** Shout-out to @lclb13 because this fic is written based on a request from her imagination. I made this as true to the request as possible. Protective Roman is pretty cute. The song choice for this one: “Hold Back the River” by James Bay.

**S/B: ** Check out @thiickreigns for version two!


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“Tried to keep you close to me

But life got in between

Tried to square not being there        

But think that I should have been…”

           It was a long day, a really long and tiring day. The flights, the interviews, the training: long, tedious and tiring and all I wanted to do was go back to the hotel and sleep. Instead, I was here in Orlando, Florida, sitting quietly in the stands of the arena an hour and a half before Monday night Raw began.

           “Hey, baby girl. Whatcha thinkin’ about?”

          Roman’s deep, soothing voice from behind my row of seats caused me to jump up in shear surprise. I turned around with a scowl planted firmly on my face, trying my best not to smile at his apologizing pout. We’ve been best friends since we started out in NXT five years earlier. Now, we worked together for the same company and traveled together all the time. When I say I loved this adorable Samoan to death, I truly meant it.

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Dean Ambrose - Caught Red Handed

Dean Ambrose - Prompts #6, #13 and #33: “I’m in love with you”, “I hate you so much I love you” and ““Bite me”. “If you insist””

Requested for - @myfakelife121

Warnings - Implied smut (again), swearing, some fluff..maybe?

Word Count - 3381 Words

A/N - If you’d like to be tagged in any future fics, feel free to message us :)

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So, it had been three years since the destruction of The Shield and the infamous trio were now back together and once again being pushed as the strongest faction of the decade against Triple H’s new innovation of Evolution (although it was The Shield holding nearly all the gold) and pretty much the whole wrestling world was happy - except for me.

Since you had become the Women’s champion creative had decided that to really finish The Shields whole ‘we have all the gold’ facade they needed the Women’s champion as basically their Valet, who occasionally faced off with the ‘new’, more like rip off Evolution’s token bitch Alexa Bliss - which honestly you didn’t mind, in all fairness it rocketed your popularity sky high and obtained you some good matches and a hell of a lot of credit from other wrestlers. But the worst thing about the entire situation was travelling with one particular ‘lunatic’ of The Shield.

You could never quite place my finger on it but there was something about that man that for one, drove you crazy and made you want him in your bed then, there was the other half that was repulsed by his attitude and wanted to be as far away from him as humanly possible. However, you knew that those feelings of sexual tension would never be reciprocated by him. You were pretty sure the guy hated your guts, you were also pretty sure he had used every excuse under the sun not to be near you at any given time. Roman and Seth often tried to convince you that he was just ‘difficult’ and didn’t really hate you - but that was often hard to believe when he’d sigh or roll his eyes at you when you simply coughed.

It was one horrible and shitty, stormy night in Portland, Oregon and you and Dean (of course being the last to arrive because he wanted to stop four times) found ourselves talking to the hotel receptionist who sounded far too happy to be informing yourself and Dean that there’s only one single bedroom available. You both rolled your eyes at each other, he even had the audacity to claim it was your fault you were late. It was a minute or so of hard stares before accepting that neither of you were going to travel to the next town over a 3:20 am. You sighed and satirically thanked the annoyingly preppy and over enthusiastic Beatrice, as you turned to face Dean. You gave the unbearable man one last eye roll before snatching your bags off the floor and trudging towards the elevator with his heavy boots clunking along the floor following suit behind you.

You flung open the door to the rather, for once, not too seedy looking hotel room. Your eyes were instantly drawn to the decently sized bed in the centre of the hotel room, you huffed remembering that both of you and Dean were too stubborn to sleep somewhere else meaning that ultimately you were going to have to share. You let the heavy bags fall off of your shoulders and onto the floor; not really caring where or how the landed as fatigue suddenly hit you upon seeing the comfy looking bed. You lazily reached down into your bag and retrieved my night time clothes before half signaling to that ignorant bastard you was going to change.

The minute you came out of the small, yet seemingly lavish bathroom you cast your gaze upon the lunatic fringe, in just his boxers sprawled out across the whole bed already fast asleep. My top lip curled in annoyance as you snarled, climbing into the small space on the bed and trying to shove his muscly frame over to make some sort of room. You growled when he wouldn’t budge hardly an inch and flopped yourself down pretty much on his whole arm.

“Argh fuck” he groaned sliding his arm out from underneath you, you giggled slightly in an almost evil manner. “You little bitch” he said a playful tone; something that surprised you. Usually, he’d have said it with a lot more meaning and hatred lacing his gruff voice.

“You were taking up the whole fucking bed and wouldn’t move, you literally weigh a tonne when you sleep” you murmured back to him snuggling down into the warm sheets, a comforting sensation as the rain lashed the windows of the high building. He rolled over so he was facing you before chuckling and mumbling an incoherent sentence that you couldn’t even read from his lips in the barely illuminated room - the moon providing the only light in the whole room, yet even that was barely a soft glow. You just shook your head at him; those rare feelings of fondness swelling in your heart. Just as you were about to roll away from the Lunatic you heard him faintly whisper something, yet this time it was a lot clearer. “I’m in love with you, Y/N. You sat up in confusion as you began to repeat those six words over and over in your head, like some sort of mantra. Maybe it was just his lethargic state producing false and irrelevant mumbles…or maybe it really was the truth. You shook the thoughts from your head and turned over to sleep, once again burying yourself back into the soft sheets. Yet throughout the night you struggled to get a fully beneficial sleep as those words just played on your mind like some stupid repetitive song that you just couldn’t banish from your memory.

After last nights sleeping arrangement and Dean’s slip of words; which you discovered he clearly remembered nothing about it, the car ride to the arena over was somewhat awkward - well for you at least. About halfway through the journey you were tired of Dean’s complaining, Seth’s emo playlist and Roman’s severe case of road rage so you plugged you earphones in to ignore the rowdy bunch, but it didn’t help much as it surrounded you with you own thoughts which still continued to dwell on Dean’s words. At some point during the journey you could feel yourself drifting off into a light sleep, the rhythm of the road lulling you into a peaceful sleep; one where you could still sense your surroundings. Your head came to rest on Dean’s broad chest to which he didn’t resist, he simply let you stay there even letting his arm drape around your frame. You smiled to yourself almost unnoticeably just as you felt yourself slipping into a heavier slumber.

You were gently shaken awake by Roman, the ‘dad’ of the three of you as you arrived at the arena. Your eyes fluttered open adjusting to the bright sunshine as you now saw Dean sat in the driver’s seat, you stretched out your limbs as they cracked one by one.

“Hey doll, we have like an hour til the match” Roman spoke as Dean and Seth began grabbing luggage bags from the trunk. You stretched your arms and nodded lethargically, slowly making your way from the all too comfortable back seat. You reached to grab your bag only to see that Dean had already got it and was halfway across the car park, you shrugged and felt your heart swell slightly at the gesture that probably meant nothing more to him than a favour (despite his sleep induced mumbles). You grabbed the various jackets that were left in the trunk before joining Dean and Seth leaving Roman to lock up the rental.

It was now just five minutes before your tag match with Dean against Kevin Owens and Alexa and you and Dean were sitting with Roman and Seth in the gorilla position just chatting as you usually would. Yet once again that annoying arrogance that Dean carried around with him when it came to you reared its ugly head; at every given moment he was talking over every word you said, with a sick smirk etched on his face. Both Roman and Seth could sense how much it was pissing you off, yet gave you a small nod as you kept your cool and simply prepared for your entrance.

Throughout the whole match, your focus was off and Alexa Bliss was beating the absolute shit of you; you just couldn’t distract your mind from those words that Dean had spoken to you. No matter how hard you tried, those stupid words were just glued to the forefront of your mind. Oh and the small factor that for the whole match Dean made it his sole purpose to try and distract you and in fact along with his unnecessary distractions those thoughts nearly cost you the match and definitely would’ve if you hadn’t managed to scramble to your corner and tag an extremely smug look Dean who hit Owens with two Dirty Deeds to obtain the pin.

You walked through the curtains back to the gorilla to where Roman and Seth were still seated in the same place as you had left them fifteen minutes ago.

“Well done you two” Seth spoke standing from the crate and pulling you and Dean into a hug, Roman nodded from his position on a chair and stood to give you both pats on the backs.

“Hey, you three up for drinks at the hotel bar”” Dean questioned wiggling his eyebrows at the three of you as he changed into a new vest and slung his jacket over his shoulder. Both Roman and Seth shook their heads, Dean shot them both a confused look as you shrugged your shoulders in some sort of agreement to his proposal.

“Sorry man, gotta skype the wife and kids” Roman spoke as the four of you began to walk towards the parking lot. Dean nodded as a notion of understanding and slapped his brother back.

“Ah fair enough brother, family first ‘n all that, what’s your reasoning Rollins?” Dean question his gruff voice echoed through the bare parking area as a raised a very much comedic looking eyebrow at the Architect. Seth rolled his eyes at Dean as you and Roman began (once again) loading the bags into the trunk.

“If you must know Ambrose I’m a little preoccupied with some stuff tonight” Seth shrugged as a light blush appeared on his cheeks even under the dimly lit parking lot. You looked over at him and a small bubble of laughter escaped your lips as Dean looked confused as ever before what Seth was implying finally dawned upon him. His top lip curled in disgust.

“Ugh yeah don’t want to hear anything about that thanks very much” he grunted getting in the back passenger seat next to you. “Just me and you for drinks the doll face” he winked, you inwardly rolled your eyes as displeasure racked your body. Yet you were secretly desperate to be alone with him again; even if had been an utter asshole all night.

“Sure thing, when we get to the hotel I go get change then I’ll meet you down there” you smiled at the man who you honestly believed had more mood swings (well regarding you) than any pregnant woman in the world. He just nodded a sly; almost shy looking smile etching his way onto your face - the sight caused your heart to warm in a way that you just hated but couldn’t stop.

As we arrived at the seedy hotel; which somehow seemed a great deal more aesthetically pleasing in the dark of the night, you grabbed yours and Dean’s bags (knowing he’d head straight to the bar) and took them up to the hotel room so you could change into something a little sexier than workout leggings and a Dolph Ziggler top.

You pulled out a pair of skin tight black skinny jeans along with an olive top that had one of those cute lace up corset-like fronts from your suitcase; you knew the top would definitely show off your cleavage a little to much but you just shrugged and threw the clothes onto the bed and went to retrieve your favourite pair of Louboutin boot heels.

As you stood in front of the full-length mirror in the only luxury part of your hotel room; the bathroom, you gave yourself one last check over and touched up your eye makeup and smoothed the material of both your top and jeans before giving your reflection and a curt nod. You swiped your phone and purse off the nightstand and made your way down to the hotel bar.

Your eyes scanned the dimly lit bar rapidly, trying to spot the shaggy-haired man, that you had such a love-hate relationship with. Your eyes lit up a little as you saw him at the bar already nursing a drink probably a jack and coke you thought to yourself as you walked towards where Ambrose was perched.

“Hey Dean” you smiled as you sat on the empty seat next to him; he returned the smile, something which shocked me but I brushed it off just as I noticed his eyes flicker down to my well pronounced cleavage.

“I got you a drink” he spoke, his voice already sounding grittier as a result of the harsh liquor. You nodded in thanks and took a sip of the drink, a grin crossed your lips as you tasted the familiar coconut flavour of Malibu.

“Oh my god, you remembered my favourite drink” you giggled as you downed pretty much the whole thing before placing the drink on the bar and wiping your mouth. I noticed him signal the barman for another round “You tryna get me drunk or something” you nudged his shoulder lightly. He playfully rolled his eyes at your comment.

“Hey, of course I remembered your favourite drink I’m an amazing friend, what can I say? Also, I’m not trying to get you drunk but, ya know what’s a celebration without being at least a little woozy” he announced as he ordered yet more alcohol from the bartender.

“Friend huh? Ya know, I’ve always thought ya hated me” you shrugged taking a rather large gulp of your new Malibu and coke.

“Nah I just do it to piss ya off, ya cute when ya pissed off” he shrugged, offering you a shot of whatever liquor he had just order, you gingerly took the shot from his hand as your mind once again began to race a million miles an hour at his words. You necked the shot and sighed at the almost soothing burn as the liquid travelled down your throat, you shuddered and brushed the thoughts away putting it down to the ‘dutch courage’ he’d gained.

As the night went on more and more shots were ordered and consumed, yet you both only remained slightly drunk; you opted for the term ‘tipsy’. You checked your phone and saw the time. You nudged Dean’s shoulder, “Oh my god, it’s so late you!” you exclaimed as you lazily shoved your phone in his face.

“Sure is Darlin’” he smiled swigging the rest of his drink, “We can go back to the hotel now if you’d like” he hopped off the bar stool and offered you his hand. You gladly accepted his offer but grimaced as you stood on your feet, suddenly remembering the pain these shoes put you in. You pouted up at him as a small wince left your lips.

“Carry me?” you asked quizzically with another pout of your lips. He raised an eyebrow at you before leaning down, allowing you to wrap your arms around his neck. You giggled as his muscular arms wrapped around your waist and brought you up to his level, your head rested on his shoulder as he carefully walked out the bar, your smaller frame securely wrapped around his much larger one.

The loud ding of the elevator in the eerily silent hotel lobby gained your attention; forcing you to lift your head from his somehow comfortable shoulder. Dean rested you on the hand rail of the elevator, his herculean frame standing between your legs as you wrapped them around his waist for support; his crotch pressed closely up against yours, sending those rather x-rated thoughts rushing through your head. You shut your eyes and took a deep breath in as you tried to expel the dirty thoughts, for them to only increase when your eyes fluttered open to see his baby blues boring into you, you were just about to speak up when your words were forced to a halt by a pair of soft lips colliding with your own. You squealed in surprise but melted into the quick and messy kiss, you hips beginning to roll against his in a subtle movement of desperation. He reciprocated the movements as he began to grind his own hips into yours, his hands gripping your ass causing light and breathy moans to fill the small elevator. Your manicured hands tangled themselves in his messy locks of hair as you tugged at them, as your mouths continued to collide in the heated kiss. The both of you were so lost in the heat of the moment you had failed to realise the elevator halt to a stop and with the signature ding, you opened your eyes to see your boss; Triple H standing in the doorway of the elevator. You pulled your mouth away from Dean’s quicker than you’ve ever done anything and coughed awkwardly as your boss wearily stepped into the elevator a questioning look animated across his face.You unwrapped your legs from Dean’s and stood up beginning to smooth out your clothes as a few awkward glances were exchanged in the elevator. 

“Aye kids, there’s something called a room ya know. These elevators they all have cameras now” Hunter chuckled as he stepped out of the lift giving Dean a pat on the back and wink which he returned with a smirk. As soon as the heavy metal doors shut obscuring you both from prying eyes Dean slammed your shoulders against the flat wall of the elevator and began roughly trailing his lips down your neck, his hands once again finding their way to your ass. 

The elevator doors opened again as you reached your floor, Dean gripped your wrist and almost dragged your towards your hotel room as you tottered along behind him in your heels. Before you could even blink he had the door unlocked and he was pulling you into the room by your hips. He slammed the door shut and threw you down onto the bed; stripping his t-shirt off then crawling on top of you. His lips straight away beginning to attack your neck as his hands pretty much tore your top in two, you moaned lowly at his kisses as your hands moved towards his belt. Dean pulled away to remove his belt; to met by the sight of your frame laying on the bed with mussed up hair, glassy eyes and swollen lips.

“Fuck you’re beautiful” he sighed placing another peck on your lips as he removed your bra, “I literally, I hate you so much I love you” he muttered his hands harshly massaging your breasts. “Like you get on my nerves but fuck are you amazing” you smiled at his words as your kicked your heels off of your feet.

“Hey Dean, Bite me” you challenge him; pulling down to your level and biting his lip hard enough to draw just a little blood. You pull away and smirk as his eyes turn black with lust. 

If you insist, sweetheart. I don;t think you realise what you’ve started though” he smiled and chuckled darkly as he flipped you over onto your stomach, planting a rather painful yet in every way pleasurable bite near your collarbone. 

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A/N: OMG guyss! I’m so sorry that this took so long. Also it’s so long it’s a legit fucking novel. Anyways, i hope you all enjoy this slightly smuttier number :) ~ Moxxii

Throwing Off The Towel - Dean Ambrose x Reader

Summary:- You and Dean start riding together and sharing hotel rooms to save money, and one night, you go for a shower, forgetting to take your shampoo. You go back into the room in a towel to grab what you need - and give Dean a sight he can’t keep his hands off. 

Warnings:-Smut, Swearing, Some Fluff

Word Count:-1,422


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Sami Zayn - We might not be the greatest love but we're pretty good.

Prompt: Could you please do an imagine where you help sami in a match against mike & maria bc they’ve been taunting him about love, so when he wins you kiss him in the ring and he does that smushy giggle. Sorry it’s so long and i know it kinda hasn’t happened but we can dream😂. Thankyouu❤
Requested: by anon
Warnings: None
Words: 1000+

“Y/n. Sami is at the door” Nattie said coming to the locker room. You grinned getting off the ground with only one wing of eyeliner done and headed to the door.

“Why hello Samantha” you grinned at him

“That’s not my name and you know it” Sami rolled his eyes before kissing your head. He looked at you with a straight face “your make up looks horrible”

“So does your face” you shrugged

“You guys are the god damn weirdest couple” Kevin, who was walking past said, shaking his head. You stared Sami down for a moment before bursting into a fit of giggles. Sami signature smile spread across his face.

“I win” he said and kissed your lips. You wrapped your arms around his neck. It had been about a week and a half since you had seen your fiancé, just because of media, different house show schedules and travelling with friends rather than each other. “Match tonight?”

“Sadly no. Just a backstage segment” you shrugged “you?”

“Yeah against Mike again. I already know how it’s gonna go. Just as I’m about to win Maria will get involved” Sami sighed

“Well there is an easy fix to that” you said gesturing to yourself

“Nope. You are not getting involved, you could get hurt”

“You realise that I am a professional wrestler right?” You asked

“You realise the WWE universe don’t know we’re in a relationship, let alone engaged” Sam said

“Maybe it’s time to tell the world” you shrugged Although you and Sami have been together for quite some time, it’s not public knowledge. You were both private people and decided at the start of the relationship to keep it private. 99% of relationships don’t work out and you really didn’t want people getting invested in the relationship if it didn’t work out. 

“Up to you gorgeous” Sami shrugged “You’re still not getting involved, Mike and Maria are unpredictable. Plus it’s my fight, not yours”

“What’s mine is yours”

“Not yet. Still a couple more months” Sami smiled taking your hand and playing with the engagement ring

“And yet when the welcoming committee was attacking me you wanted to get involved” you raised your eyebrows at him.

“Yeah yeah” Sami waved you off “I should go get ready, and you need to finish your make up” you rolled your eyes as he changed the subject before going on your toes to kiss him. As you turned to walk back inside the locker room, Sami slapped your butt. “I’ll pick you up here after the show so we can go home” he smiled.

Sami’s music hit and your eyes lit up, it didn’t last long though before Mike and Maria came out holding hands and a microphone. “Sami Sami Sami” Maria said “you are just upset that you will never have a love as great as ours”

“Don’t get me wrong, I love having Maria back but god damn I hate this true love, first lady of WWE crap” Nattie rolled her eyes. 

“My husband and I are the greatest love story to ever come out of wwe” Maria smiled looking into Mike’s eyes.

“Nah I think that’s more Stephanie and Hunter” Charlotte pointed out 

“Me and Sami might not be the greatest but we’re pretty good” you huffed crossing your arms. Maria was making you really defensive of your relationship, you’d never been like this before. You and Sami have always had a laid back, chilled out, good vibes type of relationship. You hardly fought and if you did it wouldn’t last long before one of you caved in and compromised. 

“Mike is the greatest husband in the world and the greatest lover” Maria smirked 

“I don’t know Sami’s beard is pretty great” you smirked suggestively raising your eyebrows, all the girls burst into a fit of giggles.

The match began and Sami and Mike went at it. You couldn’t deny that Mike was a good wrestler but of course, Sami was better. You may be a bit bias. Sami set up for the Helluva Kick but Maria got in the ring, distracting Sami because of course, he would never intentionally hit a woman, so Mike got the upper hand. Sami got his momentum back and went for another Helluva kick and Maria grabbed his foot under the bottom rope. 

“I am so over this” you huffed getting up and heading to gorilla position. Thankfully, Sami hadn’t lost his momentum and was still kicking Mike’s butt. Maria was pretty mad walking around the ring. You watched from gorilla and could tell that Sami wanted to go for another Helluva kick. He moved around the ring trying to keep an eye on Maria as well as Mike. Sami whipped Mike into a corner of the ring, that’s when Maria decided to jump on the apron and began screaming at Sami. 

You decided it was now or never. You ran down the ramp at warp speed, running around the ring to Maria. You grabbed her foot and pulled it out from under her, making her slam her face into the apron. You smirked before looking up at Sami. 

“Sami watch out!” You yelled as Mike charged at Sami. Sami ducked a clothes line before whipping him into a corner of the ring and going straight for the Helluva kick and picking up the victory. You cheered loudly as the ref held his arm in the air. Mike rolled out of the ring as you rolled in. 

“I guess we’re public now?” You grinned wrapping your arms around his torso and scrunched your face. “I forgot how sweating you are” Sami just laughed and kissed your head. 

“I thought I told you not to get involved. You could have gotten hurt” Sami said with a very disapproving look on his face. 

“But I wasn’t. Besides I was just levelling out the playing field” you shrugged Sam leant down planting a very passionate and long kiss on your lips. The crowd went nuts, clearly not expecting this. 

“Definitely public now” Sami grinned as Mike and Maria retreated up the ramp. You held up your hand showing off your ring before kissing Maria a little wave. Boy did she look pissed.

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baby it’s cold outside ; baron corbin

pairing; baron corbin x reader
word count; about 1k
warnings; none it’s 100% fluff
request;  Can I request being snowed in with Baron. You guys decide to play video games and lots of fluff!
a/n; Thanks so much @amazonianradiance for this request, I loved writing it, and hope you enjoy reading! Requests are open!

request | masterlist

It went without saying that you preferred waking up when Baron was home. You would wake up usually wearing one of his t-shirts, with his arms draped around your waist lightly. Being the heavy sleeper that he was, you usually went downstairs to make breakfast and walk Xander before he woke up.

Which is how today started as well, you woke up to hear him snoring, obviously exhausted from the past few weeks of travelling, and maneuvered your way off the bed downstairs to start breakfast.

Opening up the fridge, you took out some eggs and veggies, deciding that the quickest breakfast you could have was an omelette. Setting the pan on the stove and turning the gas knob, you realized the clicking sound that you had gotten so used to hearing never came. Frowning you tried again, and when nothing happened again, you went to check the meters.

Gas was on, meaning it might be a pipe outside, or the tank itself.

Throwing on a jacket, you walked over to the door with your boots on, and unlocked the door.

There was no way you were going anywhere today.

The moment you opened the door, a small pile of snow came out landing at your feet, but more importantly, there was a huge wall of snow taller than you where the door should have been.

Sighing, you closed the door and cleaned up the snow before going back to the kitchen and finding something else to eat.

It was as you were putting the toast in the toaster, you felt a pair of hands settle on your waist and warm breath by your neck.

“Morning,” Baron’s voice was still thick with sleep, making you smile slightly.

“Even with 10 hours of sleep you sounds unbelievably tired,” you could feel him smile against your neck, before placing a kiss there and watching as you reached up for the peanut butter.

“What’re we doing today babe?” He asked.

“Absolutely nothing. We’re legitimately snowed in. So you can sleep even longer if you want. I’m going to try and finish up some work.” You turned around so your back was against the counter, and you could look up at Baron as he thought over what you just said.

He leaned down slowly to place a quick kiss on your lips before picking you up and placing you on the counter, laughing at the fact that you were still shorter than him. You shook your head as he laughed quietly before reconnecting your lips to his.

Once you pulled away, he moved his hands up your thighs and looked at the work you had on the kitchen table.

“You know, you could always take the day off from work. Even though it technically is your day off.” He said.

You just shook your head and hopped off the counter, going to finish the task you had started earlier.

As you finished up breakfast, you placed the plates on the dining room table and watched as Baron set up the PS4. Knowing that once it was up and running that he wasn’t going to be getting up from his spot on the couch anytime soon, you brought his plate to him before you sat down at the table to start eating and going through your work.

He was playing one of the Call Of Duty games, groaning when he got killed and mumbling when he killed someone else.

You tried to focus. For 20 minutes you tried to focus hard on the tasks at hand but you found yourself just staring at the screen, watching him maneuver through the forest raising the scope and firing shots. It only took a few seconds before you closed your books and walked over to the couch where he was sitting once his game was finished.

“Teach me how to play.” You said, crawling in between his open legs so your back was pressed up against his chest.

“Are we going to go through this again?” He smiled as you slapped his arm and took the controller into your hands.

“Oh shut up, I beat you in Madden, I’m just not good at these first person shooters so give me a break.”

Baron wrapped his arms around you and laid his massive hands over your small ones on the controller, showing you the different buttons and functions they had in the game.

4 hours and a few snacks later, you were playing against Baron, finally having mastered the basic settings enough to get more kills than Baron. Smiling, you turned to look at him as you got the victory, and he rolled his eyes waiting for you to start cheering.

“Alright, get it over with (Y/N).” He said.

“Nah, I’m just gonna sit here quietly and keep beating you. I know that’ll be even worse for you.” You smirked as you looked over at him, before he pulled you into him and landed a kiss to your lips.

You stayed like that for a while, wrapped in his arms, just embracing each other before you rolled off his lap and put on Netflix.

“Let’s just watch a movie, my fingers are hurting from all that winning.”

—– - –

3 movies later, you were watching Mean Girls, curled up in blankets next to Baron as you felt yourself drifting off.

“Hopefully we get snowed in more often.”

Turning around from your spot, you being the little spoon as Baron had an arm wrapped around your waist and his legs tangled with yours, you gave him a confused look before turning around completely to face him.

“Elaborate?” You said.

“Just laying around all day, playing video games and watching movies. It just feels natural. Feels like home.” He said.

A wide smile spread across your face, and you laid your head against Baron’s chest as he continued watching the movie playing on the screen. Meanwhile you could feel your eyes falling shut, ready to just fall asleep right then and there, where you felt safe and loved.

Like he said, it just felt right.

Roman Reigns - A Spear To The Heart.

Roman Reigns -  Reader is Roman’s girlfriend and Roman has a match with Kevin Owens and Chris Jericho and she is at ringside. One of JeriKO spears reader to distract Roman and it just angers him so he goes after them. Then Seth comes out to help Roman creating an on the spot tag team match.

- Warnings - None really. Little surprise at the end ;)

Word Count - 2,340 words.

Requested By: @lilred91

Originally posted by leakees

I sat on top of one of the cold, metal crates that lined the gorilla position as Seth and I watched on nervously as Roman battled Chris Jericho in a no disqualification match; with Jericho’s loud-mouthed buddy Kevin Owens at ringside for what he claimed as ‘moral support’. By now everyone knew that was a complete lie and all he was set out to do was distract Roman and once again piss off the WWE universe- something the overly brash Canadian managed to do very well.

It was a little over ten minutes into the match and already there were broken chairs, splintered kendo sticks and even tables scattered across the ring. Fatigue also was clearly setting in on both men as their moves became more tiresome and sluggish as time ticked away. I bit my fingernails seeing Roman in a spot of immense difficulty as Jericho had ‘The Walls Of Jericho’ firmly in place.

Both Seth and I breathed a massive sigh of relief as my boyfriend’s exhausted body scrambled its way to the ropes. We both held our breaths as Roman tugged his frame to be standing setting up for what you could already tell would be a devastating spear. Witnessing his body crash into the already hurt Jericho ultimately caused a small, schoolgirl-like squeal to escape my lips as I then knew this would be it and Roman would finally pick up the win. 

However, those short seconds of elation were quickly cut to an end as that interfering idiot yanked the near enough defenseless body of my boyfriend out of the ring, automatically breaking the count. Romans body tumbled to the concrete as Owens crushed his body into the barricade before I heard the faint shouts of him screaming crude remarks about mine and Roman’s relationship… It was in that exact moment, I snapped.

“Seth, I’m going out there.” I blurted out in a fit of anger, gaining a concerned look from my friend.

Turning towards the curtain, my muscles tensed as my arm was tugged backward from the tight grasp around my wrist. “You can’t, it’s not part of the script.” He mumbled trying to ease your outrage however it was clear to see; once he finished speaking, he knew full well he couldn’t change anything.

“I’m not going to sit back listening to that bastard talk about Roman or me for that matter like that. It’s one thing interfering and costing my man the match but it’s another thing mentioning our private lives to a sold-out arena.” I ripped my arm out of Seth’s grip, immediately sprinting through the black curtain that separated the whole universe from out there from the previously calming backstage environment. My ears seemed to muffle the screams of the crowd as focusing solely on making sure Roman was right on track was the only thing circling my mind. As I reached the bottom of the ramp, I turned the corner sliding to the side of my boyfriend who was lying against the barricade clutching his right arm in discomfort. “Hey, hey, Rome are you alright?” I spoke hastily before nodding at his simple response of ‘yeah’.

Part of me was glad Roman was coping with it, however, a good seventy percent of myself was raring to just go and speak my mind to Owens. Aggravation seemed to consume any happy bone in my body making it borderline impossible for me to just let go of the snarky comments that were made. The on-going roars from the crowd only made my confidence grow stronger as I rose taking a few strong strides to be face-to-face with the man of many words. “You talk big Kevin; truthfully I don’t think you can back up your words very well. Acting all tough guy, interfering every damn match won’t get you very far you know.” I sassed keeping a close eye on Jericho’s actions, knowing just the extent he’ll go to in order to gain an advantage over the distraction.

“I can’t back up my actions huh? What about you, when was the last time you wrestled, not since Charlotte laid waste to you four months ago. You know it’s cute you running to the aid of your boyfriend because he can’t finish the job himself, yeah how about a round of applause for Y/N. How about you run on away with Roman and get married, you’re engaged, right? Oh wait my bad, they were just rumours.” It seemed Kevin made it his mission to get under my skin with every single word said. Above all, he was successful in his endeavors.

Within seconds I ripped the restricting, very executive blazer from my shoulders to be dressed in nothing more than a Roman Reigns shirt and leggings- an outfit that can allow for a war to be finished. “Oh dear Kevin, you’ve just made the biggest mistake of your life. You wouldn’t dare hurt me; I know for sure I don’t have a problem hurting you; I’m pretty sure a certain someone over there doesn’t have a problem giving an extra spear to an extra jackass either.” I rose my voice, causing my head to not only be full of ideas to torment Kevin, but also to pound through the extremity my anger has peaked at.

I guess my comments hit him hard- well he walked away from you so I guess that’s a start. Twisting my body to be facing Roman, my heart sank to the pit of my stomach as I witnessed him struggling to even stand without the aid of the barricade. That in my eyes… the complete definition of hurt. I practically dashed to assist the man I so deeply loved, grabbing his underarms to ease his transition. For a split second, I turned to see Kevin giving what seemed to be ‘tactics’ to Jericho from beyond the ring before I diverted my attention back to the intense stare radiating from Roman’s face. “Okay baby, I know you’re hurting but I also know you can do this. It’s not fair on you, I mean come on it’s basically been 2 against 1. Go on back in that ring and set up for the superman punch, he’s going to try and dodge it so go for the spear.” I whispered, running my fingers through the dampened hair of the Samoan to clear it from his eyes. My hands traced up the herculean arms of him until they reached the back of his neck, whilst Romans held my lower back tugging me into a close hug. 

Despite the fact that blood still boiled within my body, just being this close to Roman made this a moment of clarity. “Alright babe, go do this, for us,” I spoke prior to leaning upwards to place my lips upon his. His lips always felt so good against mine; almost as if they were made for that purpose… truly if he wasn’t my soulmate, I’m not entirely sure I’d know what that word means. 

Releasing from his latch, I rested my chin upon his shoulder for one last moment before he went back into his zone. It would’ve been fine, except hairs stood on my body, a shiver raced down my spine and a lump formed in the back of my throat as I witnessed him- Kevin Owens dashing towards the two of us; his eyes dark with the need for revenge. It was hard to even find the words to say in that very moment, the single word that could escape my lips was, “Roman.” I could’ve said anything but that- that just led to Roman being in a state of confusion. He turned his body ever-so-slightly to face away from me but I knew just was coming and it sure as hell wouldn’t be pretty. I couldn’t bare the thought of Roman being put through any more pain than he already is so my first instinct was to push him away.

As quick as I slapped my hand on Roman’s body, I found myself on the floor holding my stomach as pain I’d never before experienced surged through me like a whirlwind. My limbs trembled, my head pounded and my vision was blurred but still, I could see his dark locks flash in front of my eyes. “Y/N, tell me you’re alright. Why’d you do that? Damn it babygirl, you’re scaring me half to death. Say something.” His words expressed in a panicked flurry as he held your cheeks.

The numbness if my entire body made it a difficult task to move or for that fact, speak. All that seemed capable of doing right now was to cry- I just couldn’t not in front of Roman, it’d panic him too much. “I’m fine. Just go and win this match.” I stuttered but with the sole aim to conceal the fact that I was in complete agony. Propping myself up to be sat so my back rested on the walls surrounding the rings, a sigh of relief rolling off my tongue as I heard the far-too-familiar beats of Seth Rollins’ entrance music. A sign that the match could carry on and you could just go backstage.

My legs seemed un-moveable; almost as if they weren’t even a part of me anymore. I practically had to drag myself up the ramp and through the curtain, before I could relax from the strain I was exhorting on them. That task wasn’t an easy one, especially knowing my past experiences with injuries. 

With a slight limp in my step, I entered back to the gorilla area, my hand literally clawing my stomach as I tried to deal with the intolerable ache. Trying to put on a brave face and pretend it just didn’t exist was arguably the hardest thing I’ve ever dealt with, now I just couldn’t do it anymore… My nerves pulsated ten times the speed as normal causing small bumps to form on my body as I bent forwards one hand remaining on the vulnerable area and the other holding me up against one of the many metal crates. A small yet shrill cry left my mouth, echoing around the room and ultimately causing a few heads to face my direction. “Holy, Y/N are you alright, someone go get the medics.” Sasha ran to my side, her hand delicately placed on my shoulder giving some sort of comfort- that didn’t take away any of the pain though. It seemed as though within a split second a medical team were wheeling me off to be ‘examined’ but in reality, it was almost as if time was frozen; as if everything had just been drawn to a halt. Sasha continued to walk by your side until you’d reached the door holding many answers. “Sasha, don’t tell Roman. I’d never hear the end of it if he knew.”

The artificial white walls of the room made it seems so big- made me feel smaller and even more fragile than I already did. All I could do was wait… nothing more until the x-ray and test results came back. A small fraction of my mind still wishes Roman was here but I full well know, he’d be way more afraid than me and totally make the situation worse- well if that’s even possible. “Alright Y/N stay lying down for me, I don’t know how long this’ll take.” One of the medics spoke before the door swung open and a tall, dark figure sprung to your bedside. “Roman -How did you kn-” 

His scruffy beard tickled my cheeks as he ran kisses all over my face before kneeling down in front of me. “Shh, it’s alright, don’t worry about that now. Everything’s going to be fine babygirl, I promise. I just wish you would’ve told me you were in this much pain beforehand. Do they know what’s wrong?” I shook my head at his question- I myself fearing the worst possible outcome. “Ugh, you shouldn’t have pushed me out of the way, I would’ve taken it. Heck- I would take it a million times if it meant I didn’t come even remotely close to losing you.” Just hearing his voice still after a year made butterflies form in my stomach- even if this time they felt like wasps, I still knew that feeling. 

“Miss Y/N?” A tall body entered the room gowned in a pale blue top and trousers. It was visible to see Roman’s features becoming drained of his prior relief, “Is everything okay with her?” He questioned, grabbing my shaking hands in his, intertwining his fingers with mine. “Mr Reigns, we’re just going to need to do an ultrasound scan on her.”

“An ultrasound?” My heartbeat rapidly increased just hearing those words. I jolted my head towards Roman, seeing that his reaction seemed to be an exact mirror of mine. Lone tears began to stream down my cheeks as the gel was applied. I squeezed Roman’s hand a little tighter as he placed a firm kiss on my forehead. 

“Hm, well there was direct impact to the ribs, there’s bound to be some bruising but your baby’s absolutely fine.” Words were immediately caught in the back of my throat, my mouth agape as I heard faint chuckles from Roman.

“Baby? Are you sure?” I rested my head upon Roman’s shoulders, nuzzling it slightly into the crook of his neck.

“Tests suggest that; yes. You’re a lucky woman, and you Sir you are one lucky father.” I let out a small giggle. It all just didn’t seem real to me. Pulling my head away from my man’s body, I was immediately met with his strong, affectionate gaze as he lifted my head up with his thumb. Once again a wide grin was ever present on my face as I caressed his cheeks with both of my thumbs.

“God I love you so much,” Roman exclaimed, leaning in to draw me into a warm embrace. “No more saving me alright babe. And for you little guy…” He cooed, pointing towards the base of my stomach. “You’re more of a superman than me already.”

A/N - Mannnnn I loved this one so much. I enjoyed writing this so so much, ugh!! This was also my first attempt at writing in first person so hopefully it was alright!xo Thank you guys ~ Nikkii

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After Party - Seth Rollins x Reader

Summary:- You go out for a few drinks after Wrestlemania with Seth, Renee, and Dean. After a drunk guy gets far too flirty in the bar, Seth takes you back to the hotel, and reminds you who you belong to. 

Warnings:-Smut, Swearing, Daddy Kink

Word Count:-1,399


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I have no idea if this was fake or real, but all i know is that Roman got utterly decimated..

Sami Zayn - “It’s my baby too!”

Prompt: How about writing a fic where your dog doesnt let your fianceé Sami zayn anywhere near your baby bump when he comes home😊Requested: by anon
Warnings: None
Words: 600+

Sami is probably really regretting his decision to get you a dog now. It was about a year ago when you first brought up the idea. Sami was going away longer, leaving you in your big house by yourself. Now it’s not like you were afraid to be there alone, you just felt better having another living thing there to protect you. So that Christmas Sami got you a dog, a little Rottweiler pup, Archie.

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I Dare You

Seth Rollins/OC: You and Seth are best friends, and decide to go out for drinks with some of the others on the roster. After a few drinks, the girls dare you to give him a lapdance. It turns into just hot, dirty grinding, and Seth has to take you back to his room. Smut. Requested by anon

This was an older request that I finally finished, not a newer one. I have like, fifty thousand others started just not finished yet, so bear with me. They’ll get done, it’s just taking some time.

Tagging my bbies: @lavitabella87 @omgmissmillie @screamersdontdance @everybodyfinnfreeze @shadow-of-wonder @laochbaineann @justtookawaii @sarrahcha @twiistedbliiss @hotspurmadridista @niazha16 @happelu970 @officialbroski10-blog @crowleysqueenofhell @lilmisscrisis @antigonemaia @imnoaingeal @littledeadrottinghood @imagineall-the-fandoms @hiitsmecharlie @macfizzle @oraclegazes @culturalrebel @welshwitch5 @wrasslesmut @actualamyautopsy @blondekel77 @valeonmars @squirrel666 @livingthestrongstyle @damnbuvky @dmm-wts @caramara3 @abbie03d @roserae527 @superrezzy00 @the-geekgoddes @phenominalstyles @panic-angel3314 @that-lolachick @thephenomenonalkingofthebrogues @missdibiase 

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Distance (Finn Bálor x Reader)

Request: Idk if this helps with any ideas but i’m always a sucker for those whole “having a fight and making up later” things. i would love to see one with finn. maybe over scheduling and not spending enough time together or maybe just a jealousy thing?? idk if you’ve done a whole lot like those but i never get tired of them

A/N: I took the idea of scheduling issues getting in the way! Hope you enjoy! I’ll make a part two if need be. :)

Warnings: Angst, fighting (verbal)

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Originally posted by jimdrugfree

You were fed up with it. Tired of the time you two didn’t get to spend together, frustrated at the idea you couldn’t obtain quality time with him. Sure, you completely understood he had a job, a passion he fueled. But you somehow felt selfish for wanting him all to yourself when the going got rough.

The scheduling caused you both to grow irritable. It made arguments form in the thin air, made you both distant. Sometimes you felt as if you were growing apart, your lifestyles not balancing the other out.

As you sat there with your back facing him, he discovered the time he’d be spending on tours again. How it created conflicts between you two. How you weren’t happy with one another during these times.

“You need to fix it.” You mumbled under your breath, Finn catching on.

He gazed at your back, his eyes squinting, eyebrows furrowing.

“What?” He said, quite loud and clear.

Chuckling, you gave him the cold shoulder, deciding not to answer. You were shifted into one of your moods, Finn soon to join within time.

“Do you think I ask for this?” Finn asked you sooner or later. Glancing over your shoulder, he stood upright, a scowl present. “I want to have time with you, but I can’t help this.” He narrowed his eyes onto you. You could feel them boring into the back of your head, his seething evident.

Standing up from your seat, you pushed a heavy sigh from your lips.

“Maybe we need to try harder.” You sank your teeth into your lower lip. “Or maybe we just don’t need to be together if the distance is going to tear us down.”

When those words fell from your lips, a switch inside Finn’s emotions flipped. He was calm, despite the disagreement, but when you said that… His mind suddenly clouded, a thunderstorm making itself known.

“Excuse me?” He snapped, tilting his head to the side. “Ya really going to sit there and say that to me?” He inched closer to you, hands swaying at his sides, his face contorted in pure aggravation.

You shrugged, fueling his anger more.

“How can you be so insensitive?!” He yelled finally, accent growing thicker. “If you didn’t want to endure this, you shouldn’t have agreed to be my girlfriend!” His anger boiled further, his voice deepening.

Your lips formed a hard line as you watched him.

“Finn, the distance,” - “Don’t even start your ‘distance’ talk. I think I get it!”

You scoffed.

“Then ask for time off, so we can actually be together! I have to sit here while you travel the world. Rarely do I get the privilege of hopping on every plane or car with you to go someplace else!” You screamed back at him, your hands flying.

Finn shook his head. “Understand, I had this before I had you.” He finally got in your face, his eyes staring down at you. “You came along during it, I wanted you. I got you, and now you want to throw it away.”

You shook your head. “Maybe you should try harder.”

When you said that, Finn inhaled sharply, slowly releasing the air. It was just you two inside the home in Miami you shared.

“Screw you and screw us, then.” He finally said with a sickening look. “See if I care.”

He brushed past you, his shoulder knocking into yours hard, making you stumble. Moments later, his footsteps rounded the stairs and a loud slam came next, signaling he slammed the door shut with every bit of anger left in him. The rattle made the pictures on the walls move slightly and even caused you to flinch.

Neville - “Happy now?”

Prompt: you have to deal with Neville being all moody cause he lost his title
Requested: by my brain
Warnings: None
Words: 1500+
A/n: do we still call him Adrian Neville?? I don’t know….

The cruiserweight title is the most important thing in Neville’s life. Besides you…

you think.

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A/N: Hope you all enjoy!

Summary: The electric goes out in the hotel, Seth’s your roommate for the night and you need some warmth.

Warnings: Swearing.

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Word Count: 800+

You walked into your hotel room that you would be sharing with none other than Seth Rollins. You held the door open with your boot, letting Seth wheel his bag in.

“At least it’s two beds this time! Remember how we had to share a full sized bed that one time.” Seth laughed. You smiled, letting the door swing shut.

“Yeah, I remember that. You hogged not only three-quarters of the bed but the whole comforter!” Seth rolled his eyes. “I said I was sorry.”

You laughed as you slid your backpack from your shoulders. “Yeah well, I can still feel the cold on my feet.” Seth groaned as he flopped down on the bed.

“You could’ve put socks on!” Seth yelled. “I was afraid to get out of bed! You would’ve taken the whole thing!” “No, I wouldn’t!”

You began looking through your suitcase when all of a sudden the lights in the room flickered and then shut off. “What the fuck?” Seth grumbled, sitting up.

“You okay?” You looked over to the general direction of Seth. “No. I fell and got hurt. Help me.” Your voice was laced with sarcasm. “Really?” You laughed. “No!”

“Well excuse me for worrying!” The lights flickered but didn’t turn back on. You turned on the flashlight through your phone. “You think they’ll get it back on? I would really like to shower for longer than ten minutes in a stadium.”

Seth sighed. “Fuck if I know.” You grabbed some sweatpants and a t-shirt before zipping your suitcase up. “I just hope they can get it up soon. It’s freezing out. Below 20.”

Seth kicked his sneakers off and moved further up the bed, unlocking his phone. The glow of the light illuminating his face. You pulled your dirty shirt over your head and unzipped your jeans.

You could feel Seth’s flickering gaze. One moment his was watching, the next he wasn’t. You shoved your dirty clothes into a different bag.

You unfolded your sweatpants as knocking at the door pull Seth from his gaze on your body. Seth rolled from the bed. “I’ll get it.”
You pulled your shirt over your head as you watched him. Opening the door about half way, Seth talked in a rather hushed, annoyed tone.

Seth tossed down a pile of blankets on the bed. “They don’t know when they’ll get it back up. But they gave us more blankets to stay warm.”
“Aww! I really wanted to take a long shower!” Seth laid back on the bed. “You can still take a shower. You just won’t have a light.” You looked over at him. “Uh! No thank you! I don’t shower in the dark! I see those movies!”

Seth rolled his eyes put otherwise did or said nothing.

A Few Hours Later….

You had two blankets wrapped around your body and you still shivered. Seth had his blankets around him as he scrolled down his phone.

“Seth?” You whispered. Nothing. “Seth!” You whispered louder. Nothing again. “Settthhhh!” Absolutely nothing. “SETH!” He jumped. “What? Are you okay!?”

“No! The heater is out and I’m freezing! Come lay in my bed under my blankets!” Seth laid there for a moment, just looking at you. Shrugging he rolled from the bed and pulled his blankets with him.

Seth drapped his blankets over the top and you lifted them enough so he could climb in.

Once Seth was comfortable, you shimmied closer, cuddling him. Seth wrapped an arm around you, letting you get closer to his warm body.

“You know, I read online that cuddling helps you sleep better…” Seth looked at you from the corner of his eyes. “And?” You shrugged, burying your face into his side. “Just thought you should know you can always cuddle with me when you can’t sleep…You’re really good at it.”

Seth smiled as he stroked your back. “You are too.” You smiled, pressing your face further into his side.

The light flickered and turned back on. Then a loud humming noise happened, the heat was kicking on. Seth looked up and then down at you. You were looking at him.

“You know…I haven’t been sleeping all that well…” Seth said, setting his phone down on the nightstand. You smiled. “Really?”

“Yeah…Can I take you up on that offer of cuddling with you?” You nodded your head. “Of course…I said you could.”

Seth reached over and flicked the light switch off by the bed before snuggling further down into the bed. His lips brushed against the top of your head.

You couldn’t tell if he did that on purpose, but you liked it. “Night, Y/N.”
“Goodnight, Seth.”

Promo Problems

A/N: Hey guys! I done sprained my ankle so I’m stuck here with y’all writing stories! Just wanted to let y’all know that I’m just sticking with one-shots until further notice because I just simply don’t have time to keep up with my stories so I’ve been knocked back down to drabbles and one-shots. Plus, since Seth was seen in a negative light since you’ve read one of my fics, we’re goin into a positive light this time! Also, don’t be shy to ask to be on the tag list!


It wasn’t that you sucked at promos, you just never took the time to work on it and it’s showing live on RAW. You stuttered, paused frequently and you just couldn’t hype the crowd. Unlike your boyfriend, The Architect, Seth Rollins, who’s been in WWE way longer than you have, is a good heel and can cut a promo almost as good as The Cenation Leader himself. You didn’t want help from anybody and especially not from Seth. The man would just rub it in your face like he does everything! But damn, your promo skills was terrible.

“And Carmella, at SummerSlam, not only will you tap out to me…”

You were re-watching yours’ and Carmella’s promo for SummerSlam. Mella was already a heel so you didn’t have to do as much work. But you do have to take her title away from her. You’d forgotten your line as you stood infront of her, silently mouthing your lines, pacing back and forth. The Women’s Champion took this is as a sign to cut you off and continue speaking:

“You’ll what (Y/R/N)? Hold on we’ll wait for you to cut a decent promo for once.”

What she said stung more than it should and you were at a loss for words. You couldn’t remember your lines and you were at a loss for words. Instead of just hitting her, you went off script as spoke:

“I’m gonna make you my bitch.”

You paused the video and closed your laptop. You mentally scolded yourself for going off script. You heard your hotel door open and saw your boyfriend, Seth, peek his head:

“You okay, babe?”

You looked up at him, annoyed. You could tell he wasn’t paying attention to whatever was wrong with you. He came in, closed the door and sat by you, cuddling you in the process. You just sat there, too focused on how to work on your mic skills. Seth soon noticed that you weren’t even paying attention to him. He backed up, looked at you and finally asked:

“What the hell is wrong, (Y/N)?”

Finally, you looked at him with dull eyes and replied:

“Seth, babe, how did you end up being so good with your promos?”

“I just constantly worked on it, in my spare time, I would talk it out over and over. Yeah, I looked stupid, but I killed the promo though. Is that what’s bothering you?”

You silently nodded in confirmation

“Babe, why didn’t you tell me?”

“Because if I did, I thought you’d rub it in my face and get all cocky!”

“Well, I would, but I’d help you first, babe. You should know that.”

You blushed in embarrassment. 

“Alright here’s a suggestion, think of something that pissed you off where you’ve blown up and use that as fuel for your promo you have right now!”

You took a deep breath and thought long and hard, from your childhood all the way up to your dream job working with WWE. You thought of every bully, every fight, bad day and most importantly, every shitty boyfriend. But the icing on the cake was when Seth irritated your well-being. You felt a fire spark and you thought longer and harder. You couldn’t see anything but red.

Finally, Seth smiled at his work and asked:

“Wanna test it out?”

You snarled. “Yes.”

You walked in the center of the room and spoke with so much fire and passion, Seth couldn’t believe it himself.

“Carmella, you’ve bested me at Money In the Bank and Extreme Rules, I’ll admit that. But at SummerSlam, you can bet your ass that you’re hopping out with a broken leg. See, there’s somethings that are just destined to happen and that’s death, taxes and Carmella losing without her ugly man-dog, James Ellsworth everytime! Carmella, not only will I make you tap and send you back to the locker-room without your title, you’re going back to the locker-room, as Y/R/N’s bitch.”

Seth was at a loss for words as you finished.


Insecurity immediately hit you like a ton of bricks.

“Oh my god was it bad?!”

“No! It was perfect! Way better than your other promos! Nice job babe!”

You blushed but thanked him anyways.


Seth picked me up and sat me on his lap. He laid back so I straddled him.

“Let’s make our own promo…”

You kissed him before he stopped and asked me another question:

“Hey, babe, what were you thinking about anyways?”

You giggled as you spoke.

“All the times you’ve irritated me to the brink of punching you in the face.”


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