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You’re best friends with Dean and Roman. They just found out your boyfriend cheated on you and they’re mad.

Dean: that’s him?

Roman: yeah - that’s the guy.

Dean: alright. Let’s go. Time to kick his ass!

Roman: right behind you.

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The Shield ~ For You

The match was off to a good start. It was a main event, The Shield versus Randy Orton and Sheamus.

“And it looks like we’ve got WWE Diva, (Y/N), here tonight on Monday night RAW.” Michael Cole announced. “(Y/N) enlighten me a bit. I’m a little confused with your attire. That’s not your ring gear?” Jerry looked at me puzzled.

I looked down at myself and shrugged. “You see. This is the story okay - I was in the gym. I don’t have a match against any Diva tonight so i wasn’t going to be here but then I heard these guys,” you pointed at the ring, “do. Now they’ve been making surprise appearances at my matches for who knows what reason - so I figured I’d return the favour.” You smirked at Seth Rollins, who hadn’t taken his eyes off you since your presence was acknowledged.

You were causing no harm on commentary, so you saw nothing wrong with you being there, and you’ve grown a little crush on Seth Rollins, which appeared to be reciprocal, so why not enjoy some eye candy. 

The Shield has been displaying an obvious interest in you lately. Not just because you were one of the prettiest girls on the main roster or a crowd favourite, but you were a beast in the ring and hence, potentially their new addition.

“(Y/N). You’re being a distraction.” Dean turned back to face you from his position on the apron.

“Me? A distraction? Oh Heavens no. Who am I distracting?” You acted innocent, raising your arms towards your chest in disbelief. The crowd laughed at your response to Dean. Everyone knew Seth was into you.

Seth hit Randy with The Curb stomp before looking up at you and smiling at your façade. You grinned back at him and the audience ‘Awwww’d’.

As the match progressed and wrestlers were tagged in and out, you made a few jokes with the commentary team and really kept the audience and performers in the ring entertained, making Sheamus and Randy laugh too at certain points.

Seth was tagged in again and Sheamus attacked him, pulling him into an intense headlock. “C’mon!” Roman extended his arm out, trying to make a tag with Seth. Seth looked desperate at this point, nearly at the point of tapping out. “No no no no no no Rollins. You are not a quitter. “ you tried to motivate him. “Yeah! Do it for (Y/N)!” Dean waved his arms in the air, causing the arena to chant your name. (Y/N)! (Y/N)! (Y/N)!

Seth broke out of Sheamus’ grip and positioned him for the Pedigree before going in for a pin. “1…2…3…” You announced with the audience. “Thank you ladies and gentlemen. You’ve been a good crowd.” You took off your headset, and walked around the ring after Lilian announced The Shield as your winners for the night. 

“Hey (Y/N).” You turned around and looked back at the three figures still inthe ring. “I did it for you.” Seth bit his lip, earning a few ‘awwwwws’ once again.

“C’mon pretty lady. What do you say? Wanna be a hound?” Roman took the mic from Seth. You nodded to their theme music and smiled, “yeah. I’ll think about it.” You winked, turned around and continued your way back up the ramp.

Maybe becoming a hound wouldn’t be such a bad idea.

Dean Ambrose ~ Fight

Dean: Dammit where is she. Hey guys, have you seen (Y/N)? We had this massive fight and she ran off.

Natalya: Yeah uuh she left. A few minutes ago actually - you just missed her.

Dean: She left?

Brie: Yeah. She left in tears. She didn’t let any of us try and calm her down. You really hurt her this time, Ambrose.

Den: Shit.

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The Shield ~ Boys

“Kick that ball over here one more time and I swear I will come over there and kick your ass!” Dean yelled. He was getting really annoyed, you could see even Seth was even though he tried to hide it.

You stood up, picked up the ball and tossed it back over to the group of boys. You earned a string of ‘Thank Yous’ and went back to lie on your sun bed.

It was the third time they had kicked the ball over to you, enjoying every second where you’d get up and flaunt yourself. Seth laughed at Dean’s dramatic groan.

Seth and Dean were your best friends. They were really protective of you and couldn’t stand it when you had any guys’ attention. You were theirs.

“Why must you be so grouchy, Ambrose?” you took a sip of your daiquiri. “Here. Put this on.” Seth tossed you his T-shirt and you scoffed. “Absolutely not. I’m proud of my body, and you expect me to cover it up - because you guys-,” you pointed your finger at both of them, “don’t like other people looking at it?” “Yes.” They nonchalantly responded in unison. Gosh.

“Well no.”  you threw the T-shirt back at Seth and a ball landed at your feet. You smiled, getting up to pick it up once again. Dean rolled his eyes and Seth flipped the group off. You rolled your eyes at their immaturity. “Can I play?” You turned your attention to the group, smiling sweetly. They were all handsome. All shirtless. You were single – so why not?

“No (Y/N).” Dean’s face stiffened and Seth leaned forward in his chair, “What do you think you’re doing?” You didn’t even bother replying to them before running off to play a game of beach volleyball with your new group of friends.

You were having fun, but you could feel Dean and Seth still watching you. You just scored another point for your team and two guys lifted you up onto their shoulders and had everyone chanting your name. (Y/N)! (Y/N)! (Y/N)! They settled you down onto the sand and you felt a tight grip on your wrist. Seth.

“I’ve seen enough.” He lifted you up over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes. “Sorry. Game over boys.” Dean shrugged and they all booed. “Rollins. Put me down.” You repeatedly hit his shoulder blade, as he speed walked towards the waves crashing on the shore. “Okay. But you asked me to.” He dropped you into the water. “Hey!” You laughed, as Dean splashed more water onto you . You couldn’t be mad at them - you had way too much adoration for them. They were your boys. <3

Tattoos ~ Finn Balor

“Let’s get down and dirty Balor!” I pulled off my hoodie and removed my cap, making my way over to the ring.

“don’t ye wanna change yer shoes (Y/N)? I’m worried about yer ankles - ye need somethin more comfortable.” He suggested, looking down at my converse. I took a minute in my head to decide what I wanted to do next before walking over to my bag to change my converse.

“Okay I think I’m ready.” I lifted myself onto the apron and slipped into the ring.
Finn Balor was a really good friend of mine, even with me moving up onto the main roster, we still trained together.

Finn pulled off his shirt. Damn son. I bit my lip. “Concentrate (Y/N).” Finn smirked at me, causing me to blush.

Argh please. I’ve brought my A game today.” I launched myself at him, catching him off guard.

I successfully managed to get Finn into an impressive headlock before releasing him, “shit where’d ye learn that?” I got up and adjusted the strands of my hair that were in my face, “just something Sami showed me.. Impressed?” I cocked my head at him

“I see ye guys have been bondin without me…” He turned away from me and walked towards the opposite rope. “I can’t wait till they move you up onto main roster next month!” I stretched my arms behind me. 

Finn, Sami and I were the best of friends. We all remained exceptionally close and were so excited when we heard that Finn would be joining us soon. It was quite obvious that Finn and I had feelings for each other but we would always push them aside.

“Me either. I’ll be back on the road with ye an Sami in no time.” Finn beamed at me. "Okay now run at me.“ Finn held his arms out forward.

I took a few steps back and rested my weight against the rope behind me before I took off at full speed ahead. I was expecting for Finn to break my momentum or typically flip me over but instead he charged towards me, knocking the air out of me before I landed on my back with him on top of me.

I felt a cold wind hit my torso. Is my shirt up? “Uhm I’m so sorry love. That went much better in me head!” Finn laughed before attempting to lift himself up. “Whoaaaa. I’ve never seen dis befo!” He touched my exposed skin.

My ring attire was a little different compared to the other female superstars. I liked to wear my signature graphic tees and shorts.. Nothing that would expose too much, so people obviously, have never seen my tattoo. 

“I didn’t know ye had a tattoo. It’s really pretty.“ I redden at the feeling of Finn’s fingers grazing across my skin, tracing the tattoo. This was as close and as intimate as we’ve ever been. Finn looked up at me. he snapped out of his trance and retracted his hand before blushing "sorry.” He swiftly rose to his feet and extended his hand towards me. I allowed him to help me to my feet after shyly readjusting my T-shirt.

“Okay we’ve got time for one more maneuver.” I looked at the clock on the wall. “Let’s make it interesting.” I raised my eyebrow at Finn’s words. “If I knock ye down - you show me that sexy tattoo of yours again.” “And if I knock you down?” I questioned. “Ye won’t.” That cocky bastard.

After putting up quite a fight, Finn found himself pinned beneath Me. My full body weight pressed against him. “I win.” I smirked. “What were the terms if I lost?” He groaned, looking up at me, not even attempting to shake me off him.

“This.” Finn stared into my eyes before I hesitantly lowered my face closer to his till our lips touched… Taking him by complete surprise. “I always wanted to do that.” He smiles, when i break away.

Dean Ambrose Imagine: Signing

You’re a WWE diva dating WWE superstar and current WWE World Heavy Weight Champion, Dean Ambrose. The both of you are crowd favourites and your relationship has never been acknowledged on screen. Today, the both of you as well as a few other superstars have an appearance and signing.

“Any guys try to hit on you – remind them I’m sitting just across you eh.” Dean pecked me on the lips before he walked away.

“Wow. They’re really loud today hey?” Charlotte was referring to the insane amount of noise coming from the screaming fans, just on the other side of the wall. “I know! I love it when they’re this excited!” I took my seat next to my best Friend Cesaro.

“Are you guys ready?” James, the event manager peeped his head through the door. He earned a few nods from the superstars and disappeared once again.

Dean sat at his station directly across from mine and began pulling faces at me. He really needs to learn how to keep that tongue in his mouth. I smirked. “I like that pen. I want that pen!” Cesaro attempted to pull it from my grip. “Well you can’t have it!” I placed my hand on his face, covering the entire surface and pushed him away. “Eeeeeeeeeew!” He licked my hand and I wiped his saliva on his t-shirt. Yes, we were always this childish when we were together.

“Ermaaaaaaaagaaaaaaaaaadh! Randy Orton! It’s Randy Orton!” A group of girls squealed, pulling my attention from Cesaro. “And that’s when you know an appearance has begun.” John Cena laughed. The fans swarmed the place. I lost count of how many photos I signed. My hands were cramping at this point and we were going onto our second hour.

“Is (Y/N) your girlfriend?” I heard a boy question Dean. I picked my head up from the t-shirt I was signing for fan, just a little bit to see Dean’s expression. The idiot was blushing. “Maaaaaaybe!” He did his little head bobble. “She’s really pretty!” The boy turned around to look at me and I quickly turned my attention towards a fan approaching me, “Hey there sweetheart!” I don’t think he suspected that I was eavesdropping.

“Well if she isn’t your girlfriend… is is she like… Your wife?” the little boy was so persistent with his questions. “One day she will be.” Dean handed the boy his signed photo, “I can hear you Dean.” I smiled. Dean looked at me. “I know (Y/N),” He knew I had been listening the entire time.  

“Hi. (Y/N)” a guy who looked around my age greeted me. “You’re really handsome!” Paige complimented him. She was on the other side of Cesaro. He was really handsome come to think of it. He had nice hair, gorgeous blue eyes. A really good tan… I stood up to stretch my legs a bit.

“T-t-t-thank you.” He seemed shocked that Paige complimented him. I smiled at his evident nervousness. He turned his attention back to me, and extended his hand out towards me, “Hi (Y/N), I’m Mark.” I was about to shake his hand when someone’s hand filled the position. “Hi Mark. I’m Dean,” I look at Dean stunned and he points me, “her boyfriend.”

Mark was one of the very last fans allowed to enter, as most of us were ready to leave after an extremely tiring day. After I signed Mark’s T-shirt, James cleared everyone out, leaving just the superstars.

“Ah finally.” Cesaro stretched his arms out. Him and Paige were talking about something when Dean tugged at my beanie. “So… your wife huh?” I raised my eyebrow at Dean. “yup.” “And what was that?” I was referring to his incident with Mark. “That guy was checking you out (Y/N). You’re mine!” He pulled me by my forearms, raising me to my feet and pulled me in for a kiss. “Don’t lie! You heard Paige calling him handsome – didn’t you!” Sasha yelled.  “Oh yeah and that.” Dean admitted nonchalantly, shaking his hair wildly. Damn I love this man.