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Dating a jealous/protective Alexa Bliss would include

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Dating protective/jealous Alexa would include?

• Since when you two started dating, she always has been jealous

• And also over protective

• She hate when someone look at you

• And when someone try to flirt with you, she would be able to kill the person with her glares

• She isn’t afraid to get in an argument with anyone

• Even get in a fight with them if she needed to

• She always need to touch you

• It can be by holding your hand

• Or having an arm around your waist

• She kisses you a lot

• “ you’re mine baby “ 

• And if someone dares to say something bad about you, well he better knows how to run fast

• She’s protective over you 7/7 24/24

• And she always defends you no matter what

• Just because she loves you so much

Fight // Nikki Bella

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Request:Imagine where Nikki Bella starts a fight with Natalya when she talks trash about her girlfriend because she’s not a wrestler and isn’t into WWE and she’s just really protective over y/n /and it starts out before the match where they’re yelling at eachother after natalya sees Nikki and her girlfriend kiss

Warnings: Fight and swearing (that’s not really PG whoops)

A/N: I miss the Bella Twins so much, I just can’t wait to see them back together

Nikki’s match was coming up next, so you kissed her lovingly, to wish her good luck, but Natalya saw the scene, Natalya was a wrestler just like your girlfriend but didn’t like her very much honestly, which you couldn’t really understand why since your girlfriend was the sweetest woman in the whole world, at least she was with you.

When Nikki started to walk to the gorilla, to be prepared for her entrance, Natalya stopped her, a smirk on her face.

“ So you’re really in love with this bitch? “ mocked Natalya

“ What did you just say? “ asked aggressively Nikki

“ Seriously Nikki, this girl isn’t into WWE and she isn’t even a wrestler! “

“ And what’s the problem with that? “ snapped your girlfriend

“ She’s useless then! “

It was too much for Nikki, she was so angry at Natalya for talking about you so bad, yes you weren’t a wrestler, but that didn’t mean you were useless, even if you didn’t know a lot about WWE or even wrestling in general, you were so supportive with Nikki, it was the only thing that really mattered for her. And hearing insults like these, was something she hated. She couldn’t hold it anymore, she looked at Natalya and punched her in the face which lead to a fight between the two women.


Little Wrestling Things I Love:

the ‘You deserve it’ chant

AJ Lee brought a little bit of crazy and a lot of fun to the WWE.  It’s too bad she’s not around any more.  She certainly helped pave the way for the women who ended up being part of WWE’s ‘women’s revolution.’

Before AJ Lee there weren’t t-shirts for females or female contract signing segments or pretty much any segments that involved a female (other than Stephanie McMahon) speaking on a microphone.

This petite wrestler made a huge impact during her time with WWE

Cuddle // Alexa Bliss

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Request:Imagine where Alexa and the reader are cuddling and the reader will do anything to make the Alexa blush and then the reader says something and Alexa comes back with something that kind of shocks the reader but makes her blush

Warnings: None

A/N: First of all, I would love to thank you for all the requests ♥ and two: I thought it would be a great idea to finish and post this imagine since my baby won tonight ♥ I’m so proud of her 

Today was a day off for Alexa, your girlfriend. For once, which was very rare, she could spend the whole day at home with you. So you decided to do nothing special, simply enjoying to spend some time together and cuddling while watching some tv shows or movies. Which was you loved the most actually. 

But today, you wanted to make Alexa blushes more than anything, it wasn’t easy to make your girlfriend blushes. So you had to try a few compliments before maybe, succeeding at making her blush. But you didn’t except to turn this way. 

“ Y’know Alexa, you’re so cute when you’re cuddling with me. “ you said smiling 

“ Oh yeah? “

“ Yeah! Well you’re usually really beautiful, but when you’re all cudly, I love it so much “ you said

“ Well thank you love “ replied Alexa smiling lovingly at you

“ I have a question “ you said looking at your amazing girlfriend

“ Yes, what? “ 

“ How do you look so beautiful all the time? “ you asked her seriously, trying to make her blush

“ I don’t know. But there’s one thing I know. You are so beautiful and I’m so lucky to have you. And that’s why, one day, I’ll marry you “ said Alexa, suprising you and making you blush

“ Wait, you’re serious ? “

“ Yes I am. You don’t want to? “

“ Yes I would love to! “ you said smiling happily


favourite female wrestler meme:        I favourite match I                                         ☆ Sasha Banks vs Becky Lynch - NXT Takeover: Unstoppable

                              ~  “This, honestly, felt like the first NXT Divas match where                                            an ambulance ride should have been in order for both                                            women. They brought psychology, but not in the pure                                              way: they took chain wrestling and slapped it with a                                            pillowcase full of bricks. It felt real.”   -Diva Dirt

I love you // Alexa Bliss

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Request: Imagine where Nia sets reader and Alexa up so they’re alone so Alexa has no choice but to tell Alexa she likes her

Warnings: None

Trapped. You were trapped on a room with the woman you loved, but she didn’t know your feelings, not yet. You were talking in the changing room with Alexa when someone got the wonderful idea of closing and locking the door before leaving, that’s how you ended up here, locked, waiting for someone to open the door. 

It had been twenty minutes since you were locked in the room, Alexa and you didn’t talk that much anymore, you both tried to unlock the door, without succeeding, obviously. You even call for someone but nobody was here apparently, they probably were watching the match that was going on at the moment.

“ so uh since we’re locked inside for I don’t know how long, I would like to tell you something. “ told you Alexa, looking at you

“ yeah, what do you want to tell me? “ you replied, wondering what she wanted to tell you

“ It’s been a while since I realized this, I love you Y/N “ confessed Alexa

“ I love you too “ you replied quietly

Just after your answer, Alexa kissed you and as you were kissing, the door got finally unlocked by Nia, who opened the door, smiling proudly.