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AJ Lee brought a little bit of crazy and a lot of fun to the WWE.  It’s too bad she’s not around any more.  She certainly helped pave the way for the women who ended up being part of WWE’s ‘women’s revolution.’

Before AJ Lee there weren’t t-shirts for females or female contract signing segments or pretty much any segments that involved a female (other than Stephanie McMahon) speaking on a microphone.

This petite wrestler made a huge impact during her time with WWE


Little Wrestling Things I Love:

the ‘You deserve it’ chant


favourite female wrestler meme:        I favourite match I                                         ☆ Sasha Banks vs Becky Lynch - NXT Takeover: Unstoppable

                              ~  “This, honestly, felt like the first NXT Divas match where                                            an ambulance ride should have been in order for both                                            women. They brought psychology, but not in the pure                                              way: they took chain wrestling and slapped it with a                                            pillowcase full of bricks. It felt real.”   -Diva Dirt

Renee Young and Paige. Renee Paquette and Saraya Jade Bevis. They are the two who inspire me the most. Paige’s style and character, Renee’s elegance and professionalism.
They’re a model to follow for me.

Paige is different than any other one: a style completely opposite to Bella Twins, she isn’t afraid to be herself. She will tell you everything she thinks, because she’s not afraid of herself. She’s strong, beautiful and has a wonderful personality. Paige taught me not to be afraid to be myself, to be strong and beautiful, to stand out from everyone.

Renee, on the other hand, is very elegant. She’s like a kind of princess: kind, adorable, elegant and professional. She followed her dreams, she was busy and she didn’t let herself down by those who hate her only for her husband. Nevertheless, she continues to be one of the most important interviewers: beautiful, enterprising, determined, professional. I love Renee’s professionalism. No one can deny it. Renee taught me the strength of will, professionalism, being always a step ahead of the haters, leaving me behind all that is negative.

Renee and Paige are the people I most admire in WWE. Of course there are other women who inspire me, but they’re more than all of them.
Even though they will never read this, I say it anyway: thank you for all.

Jack Gallagher - Flirting?

Jack Gallagher -  You both have similar gimmicks so you two decide to become a tag team.

- Warnings - None :)

Word Count - 689 words.

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You were sat at a makeup desk, surrounded by the ongoing noise of objects being cluttered around in an urgent flurry to get things prepared for tonight’s show. With the finishing touches of your makeup look being applied you shuffled in your seat; ultimately aiming to irradicate the cramp in your right leg from sitting too long. Oh- the joys of being a WWE women's wrestler. Finally, you felt the final swish of the brush against the apples of your cheeks signaling your look was now complete and you could now move forward into your long, hard day of work. That’s when you saw a pale, small-bodied, however, muscular body approach you.

“How are you then today Y/N?” The man grew closer standing directly in front of you. With the whole WWE roster being like family meant everyone knew everyone; you and Jack Gallagher were no exception. “Looking splendid as always.”

His compliment only made you giggle. It was the same every week; almost a routine, he’d come see you and tell you how great you looked. Not that you minded- I mean every girl could use that confidence boost every once in a while. “Awh thank you Jack, I’m great.” You answered, admiring the faultless makeup that had been applied by the Glam-Squad.

“So Y/N, I’ve come here for a reason. I’ve been thinking a lot.” Jack murmured leaving you confused as to what he was going to come out with this time. He’s usually here to talk to you but never has any conversation lead to anything deep and at this point in time, your mind was solely fixed on the point that this was less than normal.

“Yeah… that’s never a good thing.” You chuckled whilst fastening your coat around your petite frame.

A wide grin laced it’s way onto his face as he placed his signature umbrella onto the floor, preparing to let out whatever was weighing down on his mind. “We’re similar people.”

His comment was short and snappy and totally not what you expected. Quite literally it was the complete opposite. “Is that it?” You snickered. “I don’t know. Not really…”

“Think about it. We both have pretty much the same move set, we both are billed from England and we’re both good-looking.” His rambles seemed on-going; he did have a point however he still left you with absolutely zero clues as to where this was headed.

You stared at him in complete perplexity; longing for an answer to the jumble of questions filling you head at that present moment. “And your point is?”

“My point is… you know I have a match against Noam Dar and he has Alicia Fox by his side. So… Do you want to join me and kick her arse?” His dark eyes almost seemed as though they pleaded for the wanted ‘yes’ as he fiddled with the well-groomed tips of his mustache.

Your eyes visibly widened and your posture instantaneously perked up. “Yeah, I guess I wouldn’t pass on the opportunity to fight someone. But just saying even if we’re both billed from England, we’re completely opposite. Like you’re so gentlemanly and I like to kick arse and eat food.” You joked.

“Ah-ha. So maybe after we win that match, you’ll let me take you to get some food?” Jack questioned, evidently he was fairly nervous as his white cheeks were soon flushed with pure crimson. 

You soon felt yourself blushing as well. It had been a while; way too long since you’d last been out on a so-called ‘date’, so this came as an utter surprise.”Fine,” you muttered letting three little words roll off your tongue, “It’s a date.”

You’d never seen someone look so thrilled to go to dinner with you- out of every person, you. His grin was enormous, eyes gleaming, nervous sweat dripping from the ends of his bright hair. “Oh and Jack.” You called as he began to walk away, letting your luscious locks cascade down the sides of your face. “I’m expecting a lot from you. No fast food… Let’s see if you really are the gentleman everyone claims you are.”

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tenilledashwood | Very special to be back in Calgary, Alberta Canada yesterday and catch up with my trainer Lance Storm and some of my closest and oldest friends (who I forgot to take photos with 🙄)!! Loved reminiscing on good times and special memories with you all!
Can’t believe it’s been 9 years since I first moved to Canada and took Lances class! What an incredible journey… #SWA