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I’m all about liking who you like or hating who you hate, It’s like everything else, but the fact that some haters have to obsess over someone they claim to hate, I find it completely sad and pathetic. I don’t like Emma from Raw, I find her to be a “Diva” who is trying to put the female wrestlers back to 2005 era. The thing is, I don’t obsess over her and I don’t follow her on social media or tell her she is a gold-digger for whoever she is dating. I don’t know her real, first or last name or much of anything about her besides the fact that once upon a time I liked that she use to actually wrestle instead of modeling bathing suits on Raw or dancing on Raw. I truly don’t like her. Hell, I never even talked about her until right now to prove a point. I just find it a little scary that Brie and Nikki haters, which they can hate these women if they want to. The Thing is, if you hate these two women and everything they stand for, why is it do you know so much about them? And the biggest thing of all, why lie about them. Brie and Nikki left in 2011/2012 to take a break from traveling 24/7, over 300 days out of the year not to make it big in Hollywood. Also, Brie and Nikki both have and always were Athletes not models. Total Divas was a platform to show how females had to work twice as hard to be able to get the same amount of respect the guys do. This wasn’t about being famous. And you want to talk about Brie and Nikki being pretty? Name one female in the wwe who isn’t pretty. From Stephanie to Nattie to Carmella, Nia and Emma to Billie down in NXT all these women are stunning and gorgeous  And you want to talk about acting skills? Brie and Nikki didn’t sign up to be actress’ they signed up to kick ass and they said that from the first interview to the latest podcast one. So hate on Nikki and Brie all you want, but at least have legit reasons and not being they lack actress skills because if they wanted to be actresses they would be auditioning for roles not going back to the wwe after a serious and almost life threatening neck injury or in Brie’s case after having a baby. 

Divas vs Women Wrestlers ISSUE !!

Ok I would like to address a issue in women’s wrestling. Some butthurt fans are upset about a meme I posted telling the difference of divas and women’s wrestling. And I was inaccurate for portraying Dana Brooke on Total Divas and not Paige. But that doesn’t take away from the fact that DIVAS LIKE Dana Brooke, The Bella Twins, Cameron, Candice Michelle, Eva Marie, Kelly Kelly and other plastic mannequins were hired to be eye candy and when they couldn’t cut it in the ring, they used their beauty to stay relevant. They were involved in the Divas Search and were involved in bikini contest, two minute matches, Hence, why they are DIVAS. When I see them I am not convinced they are women wrestlers. Nikki Bella is now improving but it came to the end of her career to now improve. If you think a diva like Kelly Kelly is a women’s wrestler you are delusional and a SJW. Women’s wrestler definition: a women who wrestles like a man and doesn’t rely on looks to get ahead. I thought I wouldn’t have to clarify but clearly some people are TRIGGERED. Btw when any of you can name a 4 star Nikki Bella, Kelly Kelly, or DIVAS match you can respond below. But until then I will be SMFH.

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WWE fans: WWE only cares about using women as eye candy, they don’t respect them AT ALL as athletes. Why can’t they listen to their fans?

The same WWE fans: Oh my god, why do all of these divas wear so much makeup? It’s not like they’re on national TV every single week. Ugh, fake plastic whores. 

The same WWE fans: This bitch is so ugly, fire her. Who cares that she’s actually good in the ring, she’s not better than Sasha!

The same WWE fans: Ooh look, Paige’s titties!

Women Naturally Hate Each Other, and WWE is Naturally Wrong

Guest post by: D. O’Brien of The Stretch Plum

“As of right now, the only thing I can say I “naturally hate” is the fact that you insist on marketing women as eternal enemies.”

Last night, like about a billion other people, I tuned in to watch WrestleMania 31, which was a much better show than I was expecting if I’m going to be honest, but one thing really bugged me – and no, it’s not the fact that Lana threw her shoe for apparently zero reason, though those ARE expensive shoes, so girl, what are you thinking?

No, the thing that sticks in my craw about last night was the commentary team stating on live television before a match involving four women that “women naturally hate each other”, so obviously, they’re going to wrestle about it, right?

WWE is doing themselves a huge disservice perpetuating this bullshit and it’s not just because WWE is a company supporting a costly anti-bullying initiative, which is in and of itself a problem since they’re doing a bang-up job having one sister tell another she wishes she had died in the womb, or having those same sisters steal another woman’s clothes, or having their main female babyface tell other women they don’t look like “real women”; WWE also wants us to Give Divas A Chance and ran a Fight Like A Girl ad, and yet here’s a table full of men saying women naturally hate each other – but does the company even realize they made liars of themselves just as recently as the Hall of Fame induction ceremony for 2015?

Alundra Blayze was inducted by Natalya Neidhart-Kidd, and far from any hatred there everything I saw of the two ladies on-screen and off indicated a great mutual respect and even love for one another. Is that natural hate? Nattie and Naomi took part in the four-way tag match at WrestleMania, albeit in more managerial roles, and yes, they did fight one another at one point but NOT out of any outward obvious hate, but more as competitors watching their respective teams’ backs.

Looking at NXT, which is part of WWE no matter how weird that seems at times, you have more than a handful of beautiful, capable women whose competitiveness is not driven by hate, but sheerly by that: they are, first and foremost, competitors who happen to be women. This isn’t high school and no one, in the year of our lord 2015, should be handing a bunch of little girls the outdated notion that all women are our enemy and we should be doing our best to hate them.

AJ and Paige, the ever-so-cutely (barf) named “Frenemies” (because I can’t be your friend unless I secretly want to destroy you, right ladies?), won their match last night against the Bellas and left the arena as a team, which kinda downplays the idea that women naturally hate each other – I’m not going to team with you if I hate you. That defies the very nature of the word. Please stop being difficult, WWE. Put women on commentary if you can’t figure out how a decent female dynamic is supposed to work.

WWE is really shooting themselves in the foot if they’re going to have tag teams of women based solely on blood or general dislike for other women. Because let’s think about this: you could have AJ and Paige teaming NOT because they dislike the Bellas, but because they’re both damn fine wrestlers in their own right and they want to wrestle other women who are. Like Nattie and Naomi, who could make a tag team work because WWE insists on overshadowing their gender because their husbands are on popular tag teams. Or have Lana stop being Rusev’s interpreter/morality chain and let HER have some singles matches. WWE has the resources, they just need to quit undervaluing them.

I know no one from upper management at a billion-dollar wrestling company is going to care what a woman says, but WWE, please. Come on. More than ever, women need to see positivity in every field. Your product reaches all over the world, including countries where women are abused and killed simply for being women. Why can’t you opt out of the convenient rhetoric and misconceptions about women and just give us a good healthy dose of solidarity and support?

Is it really so hard to manage that in this day and age? Because as of right now, the only thing I can say I “naturally hate” is the fact that you insist on marketing women as eternal enemies.

Words cannot expressed how beyond happy I am to win the Slammy for Diva of the Year! I was so nervous when I won! This year has just been truly incredible and I first want to thank the WWE Universe and the Bella Army for voting for me! It’s all of you that made this win possible! And it’s all of you that made this past year the most incredible year of my life!! Becoming the Longest Reigning Divas Champion in WWE History (btw was so nervous on stage I forgot to say champion! Haha) Becoming the #1 Female Wrestler on PWI, Being Rolling Stone’s Diva of the Year, so many other magazines and websites saying I’m the most improved wrestler of the year, and now winning the Slammy for Diva of the Year. This has been such an incredible ride and journey! And I couldn’t have accomplished all of this without all of the amazing women of WWE! The women wrestlers I share the ring with, the women that work backstage at WWE and in our corporate office, the women at NXT and all the women and girls that buy tickets to our shows to cheer us women on and of course the men and boys too, thank you for cheering us, booing us and chanting for us! Because of all of you us women are equal to the men and mean some thing! So thank you all so very much for making me have an incredible year! I couldn’t have done it alone! Love all my wrestling girlies and Bella Army so so much! Stay Fearless!! Nikki
—  Nikki Bella (x)