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Team Mustang’s Theme 

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Here’s some dude’s translation from the comments:

See our grace, our traditions and pride
We are Punjabi, and see how we stand in your way like a mountain
See how we get recognized for our bravery in any battleground
See how the enemies fear is and cry out
Who dares to come and stand in our way
Cause the place where they live has our army
So forget all the delusions toy Jane in mind, and stop givingyourselves false hopes
Punjab pride comes down to your hood and you cannot do anything
Even death fears when it looks into the eyes of a Punjabi
No mother has given birth to a child that can stop me
The aftermath is fatal where Punjabi drop bombs
We grow up playing with danger since childhood
Don’t be mistaken to think that I ever get scared of anything
I have a thirsty for blood and I don’t drink anything else (!!!)
5 rivers, Sutlaj, Beas, Jehlum, Ravi, Chanab
Flow in my veins as the spirit of Punjab

Punjabi boys rule wherever we go
No ships ever stop us
Brave nation of lions (x3)
Our spirits touch the sky (x2)

Lion’s one year of life is better than jackal’s 10 years of life
Lion’s single attack is fatal
I am proud Punjabi and I am proud of Punjabis
I am the Hanuman (look this shit up dude) of Punjabi traditions and pride
My attack is deadly when I hit you with the hammer
I break bones and I challenge toy for once to step up to me and find out
All you haters remember one thing
I am Punjabi and I will demolish you
We fear none, we never back down
No matter how difficult the path is, we never back out
I’m a gangster, I’m a player, you’re a rookie
I rule the world, I’m a hustler, you’re a beggar
Learn from me how to live of bravery like lions
Sarkar Raj (I don’t know this reference), I rule 25 towns
I would rather be beheaded than bow down (!!!)
I will eat you like lions eat flesh (d u d e)

(Repeat chorus)



WWE.COM: The 20 greatest squared circle returns:

12. CM Punk, Monday Night Raw 07/27/11

The always outspoken CM Punk backed up his big talk at Money in the Bank in his hometown of Chicago, winning the WWE Championship from John Cena in a thrilling match before walking out on the company with the with the title in tow. Eight days later on Raw, Rey Mysterio won a tournament to crown the new WWE Champion only to lose to Cena in another match later in the night.

Just when the Cenation leader was about to bask in the glory of another WWE Title victory, his theme music was cut short by the heavy guitar of Living Colour’s “Cult of Personality” and the reemergence of The Second City Saint. The self-proclaimed Best in the World stepped into the ring and both Superstars raised their identical belts in the air, immediately embroiling the two in a serious title controversy.