wwe superstars: randy orton

Randy Orton ~ Travelling

“(Y/N)! Ohmigosh I’m such a huge fan! Can I please get a picture with you?” “Sure sweetheart.” You smiled at the eager fan who was nearly close to tears. You wrapped your arms around her and smiled at her phone for a selfie.

You greeted a few more fans before heading off towards the Platinum traveller’s lounge. Perks of being a WWE Superstar.

“Here babe.” Randy kissed you on your forehead, handing you a Starbucks cup.

You were headed off to the next city for a WWE Event with your travel buddy and Boyfriend – Randy Orton. Your flight was delayed by 5 hours and you guys took ‘refuge’ in the lounge before more fans came to know that you guys were around.

“I’m so exhausted.” You rubbed your neck and sat down on Randy’s lap. “Don’t worry. We won’t be travelling for another week after we get to New York.” He wrapped his arms around you, comforting you.

“Didn’t you go to the infirmary after your match with Fox?” Randy gently touched your neck. “It’s pretty bruised up (Y/N).” You looked at Randy who looked really concerned. “No pain. No gain, boyfriend.” You winked.

“We’re getting you checked out as soon as we land.” You had a really high tolerance to pain so when something was bothering you physically, Randy immediately knew it had to be dealt with.

“I’m fine. It’s just a little stiff.” You shifted and pulled out your laptop from your backpack. “Wanna watch a movie?” It was as if he read your mind. “Mean Girls?” you looked up at him with any luck that he would say yes. “You’re the only person I’d watch a chick movie with (Y/N).” he shook his head at you, smiling before pulling you back into your arms.

“We’ve got a five hour waiting time Orton. This isn’t going to be the only chick flick you watch.” You giggled before kissing him.

Sorry its quite short.. It was sitting in my drafts for so long and who doesn’t love a little RKO ;)

Imagine the Wyatt Family

Bray and Luke watch My Little Pony.
* Randy struggling to understand
* He actually gets really into it
* Watches all of the episodes with Bray and Luke
• One night Bray and Luke change the channel when Randy is hYPE to watch MLP
• Randy being hurt AF bc they turned on Stranger Things

* Randy goes off from house to house to find someone to watch with
* Dean looks at Randy up and down then closes the door.
* Randy comes back hours later and Dean sighs then lets him in to watch with him
• Dean gets really into it
• Randy and Dean freaking out when Twilight becomes princess
• Renee walking in, seeing Dean with a horn and MLP shirt. She backs away slowly.

* Dean calls Roman, asking if he wants to watch MLP, Roman declines
* Roman sits next to Seth to watch anime.