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Torn (Seth Rollins x Reader) Part 1/2

Part 2

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A/N: Yo. Deal with this, because I canโ€™t. This is like angst and heartache for the sake of it, also I donโ€™t even know who Iโ€™m rooting for anymore, but hey itโ€™s all good. First things first: this is a fic for @nuroxic because this gurl needed it and sheโ€™s AMAZING, so, thatโ€™s that. Secondly, please note that this part contains just as much Baron Corbin as it does Seth Rollins, but fear not, the second part will be all Sethie-poo. Finally, please enjoy my feelings, and tell me how you feel, too!

Summary: Today is day one: the first day of the rest of my life. The first day of falling out of love with Seth Rollins.

Warnings: Swearing, crying, betrayal, LOVE. No but really itโ€™s all good.

Word count: 5745

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I cannot get over this moment. It’s dually great.

Kevin Steen allows us to watch him openly weeping after winning the NXT Championship (before he hides his face with the title). And it’s not just joy at coming to the WWE and being immediately successful (two months to the day after his debut), but getting to win his first title from his best friend. The friend that he believed he would never get to wrestle again. You can see at the beginning of the match how happy they are to be in the ring together again. What a wonderful, meaningful way to lose and gain a title.

And at the same time Kevin Owens is so fucking relieved that it was worth it. He betrayed Sami and he got the title. If he’d lost his best friend and it had all been for nothing…