💪Nikki proved that women can be strong💪

  • Smackdown Creative: Alright guys. Raw has really stepped up their game. They've started a Jericho and Owens feud, they hinted at a PR nightmare, and even brought out The Deadman for funsies. What can we do to top them?
  • Shane McMahon: Hmmm.
  • Tyler Breeze: *walks into the room to get coffee*
  • Nikki Bella's ring gear: *is neatly folded on a cart*
  • Shane McMahon:
  • Shane McMahon:
  • Shane McMahon: OK now just hear me out before you say anything.

Dean calling Renee pretty

Dean saying Renee looks good in high waisted pants

Dean complimenting Renee’s red lips

Dean saying he ain’t Renee’s daddy and she can do what she wants while giving her heart eyes

Dean telling Renee she doesn’t need to apologize and that bryan loved it

Dean defending Renee when JBL asked her if her dating Dean was a conflict

Dean not slapping JBL so he wouldn’t ruin Renee’s show and make her angry with him