Becky wins MiTB, Naomi loses the Women’s Title

Since they are redoing both matches next week, it’d be pretty wasteful if we had the same endings.

  • Rusev costs Naomi the Title - I’d have Naomi lose to Lana because Rusev’s entrance pops and Lana rolls up Naomi.
  • Secret Service Rusev - Rusev’s new gimmick is being Lana’s secret service bodyguard protecting against the against the MiTB winner. He has the whole suit, earpiece, sunglasses, it will be adorable.
  • Becky Lynch wins Money in The Bank - She wins it straight up, good moment, big pop
  • Carmella’s Vendetta - Carmella focuses all her hate and resentment toward the new Money in the Bank winner Becky Lynch. She tries to ruin any cash in or title opportunity Becky has.
  • Naomi gets her Rematch - Naomi’s rematch is ultimately a failure maybe because of either Rusev interference or a heel tactic.
  • Naomi vs. Natalya - Natalya throws it in her face that Naomi kept giving Lana title opportunities and it blew up in her face due to her overconfidence. (Doesn’t need to be Natalya but I don’t see Tamina fitting this role and Charlotte a face I think)

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