wwe plots

Do you think the reason we stopped having so much Ambreigns on air and what not was because someone came up to Vince and said “s-sir, you gotta see this”? And, well, Vince is shown the zillions of fanfiction and fanart; some fluffy, some smutty, all slashy. Vince first is horrified, “what in the hell is this?!” Yet he reads one fanfic, then another and another and he can’t stop. He loves it, it’s a new guilty pleasure. He’s gone through all the fanart (maybe even saved a LOT of it), but the fanfiction, boy, the fanfiction is what gets him going because there’s kayfabe compliant plots, AU plots, you name it. And he tells creative to hold back the Ambreigns a bit, slow interactions between Roman and Dean, or stop them altogether… Everyone thinks it’s because he doesn’t approve, but it’s done. Ambreigns then comes to a horrible halt with the brand split, and meanwhile good old Vince greedily rubs his hands whenever he gets the chance to sit behind his big desk, because now he has all the time in the world to read, go through AO3 and FF.net, maybe even Tumblr. “This ship won’t keep on sailing until I catch up” he mutters to himself, scrolling past what he’s read already and starting his way back to the beginning of the Ambreigns hype.