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Wishes; continued

Before I Start: So, since a few of you wanted to see more of it, I thought I’d actually sit down and try to write a little bit more last night after my mini me passed out for the night. Oh, and I made some edits to the first part which can be found [here] if you missed it. I want to thank everyone who has commented on this so far because honestly, I wasn’t sure about posting it to begin with. I thank you from the bottom of my icy black heart and I love you all so much.

A few people wanted to be tagged; I’ll get right to that: @theworldiscolorful @smolsassynalilsmartassy and @panic-angel3314 here you go, sweethearts! I hope you all enjoy the update! XOXO - pixie

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They had so much potential with Sister Abigail. How cool would it be if they resurrected her and gave her, you know, an actual female voice and body. And any sort of consistent backstory. (Didn’t Bray bury her under their burnt down hick house?) The future potential, after the Finn feud is over where she could turn to get revenge on Bray or hold some sort of power over him. Like there is SO MUCH MORE there besides a man in a veil and fucking cheap ass voice effects. 

Alright it's finally done

So I noticed a disturbing lack of wall/locker room smut fics for Dean.  I decided to remedy this, so here you go, Dean/OC (who does not have a name, nor will she, I’ve left it purposefully vague, you are welcome!) in the locker room, enjoy! (also side note, Dean being tied up last night at NOC may have already spawned another fic in my head, which may end up being a follow up to this one)

Under the cut for those who don’t care for it, also a link to it on Archive of Our Own (and no this will not go on FF.net, because with my luck my husband will run across it)

Don’t Call Me Princess


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