wwe outside the ring


Outside of the ring, Kevin Owens was one of the coolest guys you have gotten to know. So it wasn’t out of the normal routine for him to travel with you, Big Cass and your boyfriend Enzo.

After a scary collision with the bottom rope, Enzo was taken to the hospital. You wanted to go with him, but you had a match later so you had to wait until then. Once your match was over with, your friends and travel buddies were ready to go and you headed to the hospital.

As soon as you got there, you all saw Enzo already walking around, completely coherent…you have never felt so relieved to see him okay.

“Hey. How you doin’ cupcake?” Enzo asked you as soon as you walked into the room.

You couldn’t help the tears that hit your eyes as you smiled at him. You went over to him and wrapped your arms around his waist.

“Better now.” You replied, lightly sniffling.

“Hey, you don’t need to be cryin’. I’m okay.” He said, kissing the top of your head.

You pulled away and kissed him.

“I know. I’m just glad you’re okay.”

“Hey, buddy. Glad to see you’re alright.” Kevin said as he walked over to you and Enzo, clapping Enzo on the shoulder.

“Thanks, bro.” Enzo replied.

You unraveled yourself from Enzo’s embrace and stepped aside so that he and Cass could talk about what happened out there. You saw Kevin walking towards the other side of the room and pull out his phone. Your curiosity was piqued even more when you realized he was about to take a selfie.

“What are you doing?” You asked, walking over to Kevin.

“Just thought I’d take a picture, show everyone that he’s okay. Twitter’s been talking non-stop about him.” Kevin replied. “You want in on this?”

“Uh, hell yes.”

Kevin lifted his phone and made sure to get you, Enzo and Cass in the picture. You mirrored Kevin’s face because you couldn’t help but think it best suited your feelings about Enzo’s current state. He then posted the picture to twitter so you could retweet it to spread the word.

@Y/N-wwe Looks like someone’s feeling better @FightOwensFight ;)

“You ready to go, cupcake?” Enzo asked as he turned towards you and Kevin.

“Yup.” You replied as you and Kevin walked over towards Cass.

Enzo grabbed your arm to pull you close to him before he kissed you once more. 

“Good. Cause I believe I owe you one for leaving me hanging this mornin’.” He whispered in your ear.

“Too bad, you have to wait.” You grabbed Enzo’s discharge papers in his right hand. You flipped the page and showed him. “No physical activities for the first 2-3 days.”

Enzo looked down at the paper, his eyes widening and then looked at you.

“You expect me to wait? Have you seen yourself?”

You shrugged with a sheepish smile on your face. 

“Doctor’s orders. I don’t make the rules.”

Enzo sighed, turning around to go change behind the curtain.

“Dammit.” He mumbled to himself as he closed the curtain.

Andre was different. We were on the plane one morning, we’re sitting in first class, and he wants to pull the arm rest up. He wanted a little more room. Plus, Andre used to have a couple of uh… eye openers in the morning just to keep his shooting hand straight. So the waitress comes by, and he’s pulling at the arm rest, and she says, “Can I get you something?” and he says “Screwdriver.” So, about 10 minutes later, she comes back with a Black And Decker screwdriver! Andre says, “What would you have brought me if I’d said ‘Bloody Mary’?”

I said, “Ma’am, could I talk to you for a minute?” So I took her back into the gallery, I said “This is something that’s gonna help you in your aeronautical job. Uh, when a man gets on the plane and it’s 7 in the morning, and he’s 7 feet tall, and he’s 550 pounds, and he’s tanked…  DO NOT BRING HIM TOOLS.” [x]