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Rest in peace, Rosey
[April 7th, 1970 - April 17th, 2017]

Reports have surfaced that former WWE World Tag Team Champion Rosey, real name Matt Anoai, has passed away. He was 47.

Rosey competed for the WWE from 2001 until 2006, starting in developmental as one half of The Island Boys with his partner who would later be known as Jamal (who would even later be known as Umaga). The two debuted in the WWE as 3 Minute Warning, monstrous henchman for Eric Bischoff who would tire of segments and send in Rosey and Jamal to bring them to a violent abrupt ending.

When Jamal was released from the WWE, Rosey began teaming with The Hurricane in a comical but successful duo, where he morphed from being a Super Hero In Training (note the acronym) to being The Hurricane’s super sidekick! The two captured the WWE World Tag Team Championships at Backlash in 2005.

Outside the ring, Rosey was well-liked by his peers and has been mourned greatly by superstars from the WWE and in the greater Cincinnati area, where he teamed with Jamal in HWA. Rosey was the son of WWE Hall Of Famer Sika, the brother of WWE superstar Roman Reigns, and was the father of three children as well as the owner of a restaurant in Mason, Ohio. I had the pleasure of meeting Rosey several times, the most memorable of which being in 2005 shortly after he and The Hurricane won the tag titles. I recall telling him that I’d marked out for the occasion, to which Rosey said, “So did I!”

Rest in peace, Matt Anoai. You were beloved by so many, and I’m sure you’ll never be forgotten.

Swing Me Baby One More Time (Cesaro x Reader) *smut*

Request: A Cesaro smut where his tear-away suit comes in handy outside of the ring. :) @wwe-smutfics

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Word Count: 618

Warnings: Smut, unprotected sex

You watched Cesaro swinging Rusev around the ring. But you were too focused on that perfect ass of his. You just wanted to reach your hand out a smack that thang. As he saw you on ringside supporting him from the Cesaro Section, he left Rusev to settle from the swing and got out of the ring. He pressed his lips to yours, sending shivers down your spine. The crowd especially the Cesaro Section went crazy. Cameras aimed and flashed. “We’re not done yet.” As he turned around, you took the opportunity to smack his ass. He looked back and winked.

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With the count of three Rusev was out! Cesaro came next to the Cesaro Section and got you out from behind the barricade. “You truly are the Swiss Superman.”

“Wait until I’ll get you in bed.” He kissed your cheek and went up to backstage where Natalya and Tyson Kidd were cheering for Cesaro. As Tyson and Cesaro began talking you looked down to notice something was bulging out of Cesaro’s pants. “We’ll have to go guys.” You and Cesaro went to his locker room. The scent of his cologne hit your face and his suit was neatly hung on the wardrobe. “Cesaro I have to let you know that-” He quickly cut you off by locking his lips to you. “I know.” You both looked down and laughed. “You know what caused that?” He asked you as he shed your clothes off just to reveal the black laced bra and matching panties. “That smack you gave me on my ass.” You blushed at his words and immediately wrapped your arms around his neck. “Well if you want to continue where I started…I’ll be happy to oblige.” He let out a groan as you pushed your hips on his crotch, grinding slowly. He threw his head back and you took the opportunity to smack his ass again, which made him even harder. 

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“You know this material does make an effect when you slap my ass.” You smirked as you slowly pushed him back on the sofa. Your fingers slid up and down his toned abs until they reached for his tear-away suit. You slowly removed them and removed his underwear in the process. His member sprung free. You licked your lips and took him in your hand; your warm wet mouth made contact with his soft skin, making him moan your name. You began bobbing his head and you licked his prominent vein that was pulsating. You took in your mouth and began sliding your head up and down, while you held Cesaro’s hands behind his back. “Y/N!” You felt him twitching in your mouth and you bobbed even faster. He came in your mouth and you swallowed every last drop. He removed your bra and panties and he placed his member at your entrance. He began sliding his member up and down, massaging your clit every now and then. “Fuck?!” Your breath got all caught up in your throat when you felt him entering you slowly but not all the away in. He slowly pumped. Then he slowly entered you again, thus time thrusting even harder. He began sicking on you nipples, his tongue circling your nipple while he played with his fingers. You let out a moan and you had a fistful of the blanket that was covering the sofa. Your walls clenched around him so he slowed his pace; he pumped slowly yet deep enough to hit your g spot. His load shot inside you and your body writhed under him. “Damn baby. I should spank you even more.” He placed a kiss on your forehead.

Lilian Garcia and Stone Cold Steve Austin [2010]

I love the relationship between these two. It’s as if Lilian watched Stone Cold and thought he was so cool, then she got to work with him and befriended him when she arrived, to find out that he’s actually an awesome guy. If you haven’t seen the Raw: After The Show set, I honestly think that the Lilian/Austin stuff is the best part. Great picture of two awesome humans.