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Rest in peace, Rosey
[April 7th, 1970 - April 17th, 2017]

Reports have surfaced that former WWE World Tag Team Champion Rosey, real name Matt Anoai, has passed away. He was 47.

Rosey competed for the WWE from 2001 until 2006, starting in developmental as one half of The Island Boys with his partner who would later be known as Jamal (who would even later be known as Umaga). The two debuted in the WWE as 3 Minute Warning, monstrous henchman for Eric Bischoff who would tire of segments and send in Rosey and Jamal to bring them to a violent abrupt ending.

When Jamal was released from the WWE, Rosey began teaming with The Hurricane in a comical but successful duo, where he morphed from being a Super Hero In Training (note the acronym) to being The Hurricane’s super sidekick! The two captured the WWE World Tag Team Championships at Backlash in 2005.

Outside the ring, Rosey was well-liked by his peers and has been mourned greatly by superstars from the WWE and in the greater Cincinnati area, where he teamed with Jamal in HWA. Rosey was the son of WWE Hall Of Famer Sika, the brother of WWE superstar Roman Reigns, and was the father of three children as well as the owner of a restaurant in Mason, Ohio. I had the pleasure of meeting Rosey several times, the most memorable of which being in 2005 shortly after he and The Hurricane won the tag titles. I recall telling him that I’d marked out for the occasion, to which Rosey said, “So did I!”

Rest in peace, Matt Anoai. You were beloved by so many, and I’m sure you’ll never be forgotten.

Crash Holly

While fans of the WWF were introduced to Crash Holly in 1999, the man born as Michael Lockwood would actually start wrestling 10 years earlier, making his pro wrestling debut in 1989. Lockwood wrestled in various companies throughout California, first as Johnny Pearson before finding a niche as “The Leprechaun" Erin O'Grady. Things worked out well for Lockwood as he would wrestle a few matches in ECW, including a dark match at November To Remember 1997. When Lockwood was signed to a WWF contract in 1998, he would wrestle in the developmental promotion PPW, and would wrestle in Mexico as The Green Ghost (a play on the word “gringo”) for the WWF show Los SuperAstros.

In August of 1999, Lockwood debuted on WWF Raw as the cousin of Hardcore Holly. Known as Crash Holly, Lockwood would begin teaming with Hardcore Holly in a tag team known as The Superheavyweights, with both alleging that they weighed over 400 pounds each. The team found success in October, defeating The Rock ‘n’ Sock Connection (The Rock & Mankind) for the WWF World Tag Team Championships. Imagine that: you go from being a leprechaun to an ECW dark match guy, to being a masked wrestler in Mexico, to defeating two future WWE Hall Of Famers for the Tag Team Championships!

Though the Holly Cousins (who would eventually add Molly Holly to the onscreen family) were a successful pairing, the team wouldn’t last forever and Crash Holly would find another niche: the Hardcore division. Inventing the 24/7 rule, Holly would defend the WWF Hardcore Championship from sunup to sundown, fighting in impromptu matches that took place at an arcade, an airport, his hotel room, and throughout arenas across the US. In one segment, Holly was even defeated by one of The Godfather’s ho’s for the title, but would soon win it back.

Holly was well-liked by his peers. He was a tough wrestler despite his size, and would refuse to phone it in, often having lengthy matches on house shows against top level wrestlers. At the Unforgiven pay per view, Holly met N’keigh Wheeler, who he would marry the following December. In June of 2003, Michael Lockwood was released from the WWE as he neared 4 years with the company. The following November, he was discovered at his friend and fellow wrestler Stevie Richards’ house, partially clothed and surrounded by a pool of vomit around his face, as well as an empty bottle of the prescription drug Carisoprodol. He had died from an overdose, an apparent suicide that perhaps stemmed from divorce papers he had received from his wife.

Sunny and Skip

In 1995, two obnoxious fitness gurus made their WWF debuts under the names of Skip and Sunny. Immediately, wrestling fans recognized the deal and booed both entities, unaware that both would have strong significance in wrestling history. Sunny would go down as a WWE Hall Of Famer and Skip, real name Chris Candido, would be beloved by both fans and wrestling enthusiasts alike.

The duo first debuted together in Smoky Mountain Wrestling, and would move on to the WWF to form The Bodydonnas with Dr. Tom Prichard (who wrestled as Zip). After a successful run, which included a reign as the WWF World Tag Team Champions, Candido left the WWF and returned to ECW (where he’d wrestled previously to SMW). It was during this run that he formed The Triple Threat with Shane Douglas and Bam Bam Bigelow. Candido would go on to have runs in WCW, TNA, and in several independent promotions.

Unfortunately, Candido suffered an injury at TNA’s Lockdown in 2005, fracturing his tibia and fibula as well as dislocating his ankle in a steel cage match. Candido underwent surgery to have plates and screws inserted into his legs, and would appear at the Impact tapings shortly after, managing The Naturals. Four days following the injury, however, Candido collapsed, diagnosed with pneumonia. He passed away at the age of 33. Candido’s brother reported that he had passed away from a blood clot, but later stated that it was acute pneumonia.

Chris is remembered by fans and peers as being a solid guy, both in and out of the ring. I had the pleasure of meeting Chris in late 2004, when he came to OVW for a one-off pairing with Nova. Working with several wrestlers who knew him well, I can pass on the knowledge that he was a guy that you wanted to learn from. One who never stopped teaching, and who loved professional wrestling like a child he never had. Chris was a fantastic wrestler who everyone should acquaint themselves with if you have a few minutes to peruse YouTube.

Rest in peace, Chris. “No gimmicks needed.”


WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross (w/Kayla Braxton) Gives High Praise to Tyler Bate & Pete Dunne ©: Exclusive, May 20th 2017.

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johnecrowther-comics  asked:

I am the writer of Nikolai Volkoff's biographical comic book series that is currently funding on Kickstarter until May 9. I was wondering if you could help get the word out. The campaign ends on May 9. I am new to tumblr (just learning it now). Thanks again. Great page. John Crowther

Absolutely! I love Nikolai Volkoff. One of the nicest men I’ve ever met and has plenty of cool card tricks to keep you guessing. :)

This is actually a really neat creation. Artist John Crowther has put forth a lot of effort in creating the best likenesses for Nikolai and company, and the panels look incredible. If you’re a fan of Nikolai’s, be sure to check out the comic at this link: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/laporte/nikolai-volkoff-life-and-times-of-a-pro-wrestling?ref=project_tumblr

NIKOLAI is the authorized comic biography of Croatian wrestling legend, Nikolai Volkoff, 2005 WWE Hall of Famer, former WWF Tag Team Champion, and former partner of the Iron Sheik! Along with Bruno Sammartino, Nikolai was the first professional wrestler to sell out Madison Square Garden. Written by John Crowther (Antarctic Press’ Rochelle), this story of Nikolai’s life is based on in-depth interviews and intimate conversations between the writer and the wrestler.

See more of John’s work, and a special message from Nikolai himself, here: https://johnecrowther-comics.tumblr.com/