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Rest in peace, Rosey
[April 7th, 1970 - April 17th, 2017]

Reports have surfaced that former WWE World Tag Team Champion Rosey, real name Matt Anoai, has passed away. He was 47.

Rosey competed for the WWE from 2001 until 2006, starting in developmental as one half of The Island Boys with his partner who would later be known as Jamal (who would even later be known as Umaga). The two debuted in the WWE as 3 Minute Warning, monstrous henchman for Eric Bischoff who would tire of segments and send in Rosey and Jamal to bring them to a violent abrupt ending.

When Jamal was released from the WWE, Rosey began teaming with The Hurricane in a comical but successful duo, where he morphed from being a Super Hero In Training (note the acronym) to being The Hurricane’s super sidekick! The two captured the WWE World Tag Team Championships at Backlash in 2005.

Outside the ring, Rosey was well-liked by his peers and has been mourned greatly by superstars from the WWE and in the greater Cincinnati area, where he teamed with Jamal in HWA. Rosey was the son of WWE Hall Of Famer Sika, the brother of WWE superstar Roman Reigns, and was the father of three children as well as the owner of a restaurant in Mason, Ohio. I had the pleasure of meeting Rosey several times, the most memorable of which being in 2005 shortly after he and The Hurricane won the tag titles. I recall telling him that I’d marked out for the occasion, to which Rosey said, “So did I!”

Rest in peace, Matt Anoai. You were beloved by so many, and I’m sure you’ll never be forgotten.

Why are some of you tearing down Mandy Rose because of her looks? Yeah she’s gorgeous but she’s also one of the most athletic women in the WWE.

You know the women’s revolution isn’t just about getting the girls better matches & more tv time, it’s about changing how people view women’s wrestling. If you shit on Mandy saying she’s only here because of her looks than that’s all people are going to focus on. Give her a chance.

She’s been compared to one of the greatest female competitors, Trish Stratus. You all know Trish the 7x women’s champion, the 1x hardcore champion, her & Lita where the first two women to main event Monday Night Raw, & lets not forget she’s a WWE Hall Of Famer. Trish is someone who many say is their influence. If you all remember correctly Trish was only hired for her looks. She’s literally known as a sex symbol. She used that to her advantage but she also trained hard, got strong & became one of the best female wrestlers & look where that got her. Don’t shit on Mandy because of her looks she just might be the next Trish Stratus.

Everyone starts somewhere.


Joey Ryan uses his penis to flip Mick Foley
[August 5th, 2017]

In a very “of course this happens in 2017″ moment, pro wrestling’s penile powerhouse Joey Ryan conquered perhaps his most hardcore challenge yet. At OTT in Dublin, Ireland, WWE Hall Of Famer Mick Foley attempted to administer Mr. Socko to Joey Ryan, who leapt to capture Foley with his signature penis. What happened next was nothing short of ridiculous, in the best way possible.

Something I noticed Cena said that was hard to catch in the war of words that was going on was:

“Everyone back there knows you’re the guy, but out here, they’re still trying to catch up.”

I mean, true. Hall of Famers, WWE Superstars, wrestlers from other promotions, and icons have all agreed that Roman has “it” and is the future of the WWE. Elite in the art. A tough S.O.B. Hardest worker in this business.

The comment section just think they know better than those who actually work in this business.

Just sayin’.


Can I just say that we are looking at the 3 guaranteed future Hall of Famers, as in these guys should definitely be inducted at the same time as each other. Seeing Survivor Series last night and that Shield moment just shows that these guys careers will always be intertwined, no matter what happens or what they’ve done to each other. The fact that Rollins would help Ambrose after their bitter feud and the fact that Seth & Roman showing solidarity as the final 2 for Team Raw. And to top it all off, it happened at Survivor Series, their birthplace. Shield for life.

  • WWE: Here's a voodoo priest wizard who's powers include lightning, teleportation, and kicking ass! We call him The Undertaker!
  • Fans: YEAHHHHHH!
  • WWE: Also we have a guy called Mick Foley! Aka Cactus Jack, Dude Love, and Mankind! His powers include not dying after falling through a steel cage twice, getting speared through a burning table, and getting ripped open by a lot of sharp shit repeatedly!
  • WWE: Remember Kurt Angle?! He's a Hall of Famer! Also, his powers include the ankle lock, everything being damn true, and now he's the RAW GM!... and also Jason Jordan is his illegitimate son!
  • Fans: ... okay hold the fuck on

Happy WWE Anniversary John Cena (June 27 2002)

15 years ago today John Cena made his TV debut on Smackdown. 15 years ago he stood toe to toe with wrestling legend, Kurt Angle. Little did he know, he’d be inducting Kurt into the hall of fame 15 years later. Cena made an impact the moment he stepped foot into that ring. Who knew this 25 year old nobody in biker shorts would later become the WWE’s top star. Many, including Vince McMahon himself, doubted him. They didn’t think he’d be anyone special, but damn did he prove them wrong. Having been a fan of his for over 10 years I can not believe it’s already been so long. He’s done so much over the past 15 years it’s kind of hard to count his accomplishments. I would like to thank Cena for all that he’s done. Not only for the WWE, but for his fans. Thank you for giving us 15 years. He is the reason why I have a passion for wrestling. I started watching because of him and continue to do so thanks to Cena. Hopefully when his career is all said and done, fans will look back and realize how much he has given us. I truly hope they will appreciate him more and give him the credit he deserves. Happy anniversary future Hall of Famer.


Jacqueline joins the WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2016