wwe fail

some days are good, and some days are bad. and when you have bad days, here are a few things you can keep in mind to make them a little better:

  • kuzy’s bird celly
  • andre’s smile
  • the time willy blocked a shot with his ass
  • the time grubi threw down a stars player in the crease with a wwe move
  • holts failing to cut schmidty’s hair into a mohawk
  • orlov launching duchene into orbit
  • oshie tripping over his own damn skates for no reason
  • nicky and ovi being married
  • the way ovi will literally kill a man if someone touches nicky
  • carlzner being married
  • andre just wanting to make friends
  • mojo being the world’s biggest prankster
  • beags living his life like it’s 2004
  • sanny singing karaoke
  • the time ovi had to escape his own home
  • dances by mojo and his father
  • nisky’s post-goal smiles
  • andre’s cuddles with his teammates
  • ovi and nicky PDA
  • andre’s laugh, kuzy’s laugh, mojo’s laugh, nicky’s laugh

Fans jumps in the ring and gets in Roman Reigns’s face and get taken out by security!

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I Can Be That Call (ROMAN REIGNS)

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(ANON) Reader’s being a WWE superstar, fails the wellness policy and is placed on 30 day suspension which only adds on to the emotional stress and depression she’s dealing with, until boyfriend Roman Reigns shares a few words with her (ANGST/FLUFF)




I let out there breath I’d been holding in for minutes, as I made my way inside the house. The familiarity of the house all hitting me at once.

After a long few weeks of being on the road traveling, the many hotel rooms, different cities, basically all that being a WWE superstar brings, I was finally back at the place that had always brought comfort to me.

The place that held the many memories me and my boyfriend Roman Reigns had created.

But right now, in this moment, I wasn’t too fond of being home.

Me being here just didn’t come under good circumstances.

It wasn’t just one of our usual breaks.

I was being forced to be here.

Forced from the road, and all that traveling brings, forced to sit for 30 days waking up everyday to remember why I’m here and what’s caused it.

Forced to deal with my stupidity.

“Oh, there’s my baby.” I said somewhat cheerfully, picking up my, well, me and Roman’s dog. “Mommy missed you…”

I let my bag slip from my shoulders, and made my way further into the house.

Placing a kiss on our dog, I glanced over at him. “Where’s your daddy?”

“Who was it Blake?” Roman came around the corner with a question of his own. “Babe, hey” He greeted coming closer, surprise lacing his voice. “What are you doing home?”

Did he have to ask that, bringing me back to the reality of my actions.

Like I know it was coming but damn.

“Did you catch it too?” He questioned me once more, this time it being more of concern and not suprise.

I shook my head in response to his question.

That was why he was home but mines was so much worse, and way more humiliating.

After I took too long to give Roman a verbal response he spoke up.

“You gonna tell me why, or..?”

I sighed, holding my breath again, kinda like when I stood outside the door.

“Can we go sit?”


The second I finished up my story, well my confession of why I’m home unexpectedly, I looked down at my hands pretending to be deep in thought over my nail polish.

“Babe… I get how you must be feeling, but it’s okay. Things happen, and sometimes those things make you do stuff you know you shouldn’t do…”

I slowly raised my head, looking at him. “Roman, you don’t get it. I was stupid jeopardizing my career like I did.”

“Y/N.” Roman said pulling me closer to him. “You’re not stupid, you just wanted to numb whatever you’d been feeling. I’ve been there so I get you. I wasn’t trying to numb a feeling but I did slip, and I had to pay the same price as you. These thirty days will be gone before you know it.”

I nodded, taking in what he’s said.

I mean, it wasn’t a surprise that he was suspended long ago, for the same reason as me.

Only thing that was different was the why.

Why we had done it.

And honestly, I’m not too sure I even remember his why, considering that was like I said, long ago.

But mines was because of my past.

The past I’ve tried so hard to always make a distant memory out of, had once again come into play.

The depression of it all, just crashing down all at once trapping me under it, until I couldn’t deal anymore.

Until I, like Roman had said, had to numb it.

Or myself.

I had to do something that I haven’t done in what seemed like centuries, but only was a decade or a little over one.

And normally I would’ve picked up the phone, making a quick call to my mom, knowing her words of wisdom would somehow make things all better, I couldn’t.

Because she’d been taken away from me, months ago.

So as if I didn’t have enough on plate to deal with, there was that being piled onto it.

Kinda like another serving that I had to force myself to swallow down.

A tear slipped down my cheek, falling right onto my skin, as I sniffled lightly. “Roman it’s just so hard. All this shit I’m going through and I don’t have anyone to talk to.”

I felt a firm pair of hands grip onto my shoulders as my boyfriend began to speak. “You have me, Y/N. I’m here and I’ve never given you a reason to think otherwise…”

I this moment his tone of voice was a bit intimidating, to say the least but I knew it came from a good place.

“…I know I’m not your mom but you don’t have to hide how you’re feeling. I’m here babe. I’m here for the most random talks, to the more emotional ones…” He trailed off looking into my eyes, as his thumbs wiped away whatever was left if my tears. “ I cant take her place, but I can be that call.”


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Nah fam. I just heard that Brock Lesnar isn’t gonna be punished by the WWE for his 2 failed drug tests?? Are you fucking kidding me?

WWE sat and fucking humiliated Roman Reigns over his wellness policy violation. One of the most hardworking men in the locker room. They put him through hell and are probably going to continue to do so.

But no, Ol’ Lego head ass, Ol’ pterodactyl scream head ass, head ass, Mr. “Brock Lesnar does what Brock Lesnar wants to do” head ass gets to skirt on by without any penalties. He fails 2 drug tests and nothing happens.

Why? Because he brings Vince money. Which is some fucking bullshit.

I’m not surprised by this. I’m just really mad.