wwe evan bourne

Friend: What’s your favorite thing on a guy?

Me: Belts.



For those not keeping up with NJPW, this might be new news for you, but Matt Sydal (formerly Evan Bourne in WWE) has gone missing. He missed a flight four days ago, and has not been heard from since. No social media activity, no reports of people seeing him, nothing. 

This is the last tweet he had sent out as of the time of this post:

It’s incredibly weird for him to no show shows, especially big ones like the NJPW Destruction Tour and its getting incredibly worrying. 

He was booked to win the Never Openweight 6 man tag belts along with Ricochet and Satoshi Kojima, but since he was not heard from since he was swapped out for David Finlay Jr. 

I just hope he isn’t found dead or something, that would be an absolute tragedy.

R-Truth: “That’s cool, though, man, that’s cool. Your dad wants to show his son off.”
The Miz: “But he never compliments ME, it’s always, like, ‘Oh, yeah, you’re doing OK.’ He always compliments, like, Kofi.”
Curtis Axel: “Kofi’s his favorite, isn’t he?”
The Miz: “It’s Kofi, it’s KEITH Slater…”
Curtis Axel: “Keith Slater.”
The Miz: “Keith Slater. I’m, like, dad, it’s Heath. ‘Yeah, Keith Slater.’ HEATH!”
R-Truth: “He looks like a Keith to me.”
Curtis Axel: “Didn’t he like Evan Bourne?”
The Miz: “He LOVED Evan Bourne. 'Mike, why don’t you do any of that stuff that Evan Bourne does?’ Well, dad, because your genetics doesn’t allow me to do that, OK?”

Remember when Zack Ryder was the US Champion? And when Punk was WWE Champion? And Evan Bourne and Kofi were tag champs? And Bryan was WHC? And Beth Phoenix was Divas Champion? And Cody was IC Champion (and still Cody)?

Good times, huh?