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Rant Time!

So I’ve read a couple of comments saying that “The Undertaker only shows up for a pay check.”

Let me tell how obscenely wrong this is. First off, the Undertaker has put more time and dedication to the WWE more than any superstar or diva that’s been in this business past or future. So what if he’s 50 years old. He loves this business more than some of the wrestling community will ever begin to stomach. He shows up on his terms, not the screaming kids that show up  to the events. He’s not here just for you, he’s here because he wants to, and you have absolutely to place to judge (I don’t care and neither does he, end of story).

None of these new faces will ever get to the Undertaker’s league, no matter how blue in the face you get. He’s that untouchable. If you sincerely think any of these new faces have that level of dedication that spans almost 25 years then your batshit crazy.

The Undertaker is all about respect and this generation of fans have yet to earn any iota of it. You all want him to retire so badly because you’re selfish, hypocritical, and ungrateful children. You want to be treated with the same level of respect, try shutting the fuck up, and be appreciative of what you got in front of you and stop being over-zealous spoiled brats. Stop being so damn petty.

Try imagining a Wrestlemania without the Undertaker’s presence. If that’s not a wake up call then you’re a bunch of no hopers. He doesn’t need to prove jack shit to you because it is all set and done with already. Expand your wrestling knowledge more than just 2012 to now. Don’t expect to be taken seriously either. Don’t cry either when he doesn’t show up for a Mania, you did to yourselves, and your going to lie in your graves. Pun not intended.

The Undertaker’s legacy is what all of your favorites dream to be. I’m sorry but putting any hope into Bray Wyatt being the next Undertaker is naive. He’s memorable for an entirely different reason but no where an Undertaker, that’s the reality with him. Being a scary character that’s fitting for a horror movie doesn’t automatically mean your another Undertaker. No one wanted a carbon copy of him and never will, you’ll be killing anything that made the Undertaker special to begin with. This is exactly why you’ll never write for the WWE because you, yourselves, can’t write for shit either. There’s always going to be someone better than you.


The reality is when you know Kane, of all people, was right this whole entire time. You all hate him because he tells the cold, harsh, truth that pops your “happy place” bubbles because you can’t accept the fact you are Seth Rollins.

CM Punk, that you hail as a god, would be disappointed in you all. That’s probably one reason he up and left. You’re too stupid to realize you’re stupid. I digress.

Paige Receiving Death Threats:

WWE Diva Paige has been on the receiving end of death threats on Instagra, her mother, Indpendent Wrestler Sweet Saraya Knight reveled the following on Twitter earlier this month. 

She also posted screen shots, revealing that she sees these messages every day: 

External image

External image

Saraya Knight contacted her local authorities after tracking down the person making the threats, it is unknown who the person is threatening her or if anything has happened to them. 

Crazy fans are not uncommon in the world of wrestling, a few years back, former WWE Diva Maryse had to take out a protection order on an obsessed fan. A then-61-year-old Lee Silber left hundreds of voice mails and threatened to track Maryse down and “take her to heaven with him”, her 3-year protection order expired this past  

“I like Total Divas, but the writers need to stop booking matches for the sake of a reality tv show. TD should be one separate thing from WWE and nothing more. It just holds divas back, like Natalya on this past Raw for example. I was so happy to see her, and then realized that she was out to promote the new season. The seasons are also filmed ahead so every time the company tries to incorporate the show with their product, it just never works out.“

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1,000 Matches In 2015 - Match 552:
Team Paige (Paige & Becky Lynch w/ Charlotte) Vs. Team BAD (Naomi & Sasha Banks w/ Tamina)

WWE Raw [July 20th, 2015]

There were 6 matches on Raw last night, and 2 out of the 6 involved the WWE Divas. Where the fans may have perceived this as being problematic in the past, everyone is well on board with the movement of WWE Divas taking their place in the spotlight and conquering as only they could! In this match, members of Team Paige (represented by Paige and Becky Lynch) take on members of Team BAD (which stands for Beautiful And Dangerous, represented by Sasha Banks & Naomi). It’s kind of awesome to see Becky Lynch and Paige teaming up again since their Shimmer days together, and it’s great to see that all 9 characters in this storyline have defined characters and history. This match was another great one from last night’s WWE Raw, and it’s got me beaming with pride to be a pro wrestling fan!

Full confession: “It breaks my heart that Chyna, one of my favorite wrestlers I loved watching as a kid, will probably never get into the Hall of Fame, when she deserves it so much. It sucks even more that others consider her the female Chris Benoit of WWE, and she didn’t even kill anybody. Part of me thinks that if she would’ve chosen a career path that WASN’T porn and if she would’ve been the bigger person by making peace with HHH and the McMahons (despite all the hurt she’s been through), her chances of getting in the HOF would’ve been greater than they are now. Things for her haven’t been easy at all, but she’s making it worse for herself by lashing out on HHH, Steph, and the company on social media. I really hope she gets better, starting by letting go of the past already.“