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Meet Sandra Gray, the Veteran Seamstress of the WWE

In 1994, a young woman walked into a Marietta, Georgia fabric shop looking for someone to make a last-minute costume for her boyfriend. Two years later, that young woman would become Sable, WWE Diva, wrestling fashion icon, and all-around babe. Her boyfriend (now ex-husband) was Johnny B. Badd aka Marc Mero, and he needed something to wear for the Pay-Per-View event he was wrestling in that week in North Carolina.

The woman in the Marietta fabric shop was Sandra Gray. Although it was the middle of a busy prom season and she had never sewed on spandex before, this woman was begging her, so Gray told Sable to come by her house later and she’d get it done. That chance encounter led Gray to a new career as a seamstress and designer for the WWE, a job she still holds today, over 20 years later.