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I ❤️ SmackDown’s Women’s Division

“You don’t like the Bellas, Eva Marie, Cameron, and Rosa Mendes, so you aren’t a supporter of women’s wrestling.”

There is so much wrong with this that I can’t believe some people still stand by these words, fighting to the grave over the internet because of someone’s personal liking and/or disliking.

This blog, and many others, has and welcomes raw opinions. I am not going to give up my valid points because someone hides behind black sunglasses and calls me a, and I quote, “shemale lover.” I welcome your ideas, your opinions, and I expect you welcome mine in the process. To quote an old teacher of mine, “Argument makes both you and the person you are arguing with much smarter and open-minded.”

I’d like to make this clear: I respect every woman and man to enter a wrestling ring because they put their bodies on the line for our personal entertainment. Just because I don’t like Nikki Bella doesn’t mean I dislike Stephanie Nicole Garcia-Colace. I can hate Nikki’s character like many hate Roman Reigns’ (or, to quote many, his lack thereof one) whilst respecting Joe Anoa'i nevertheless.

“You don’t like the Bellas, Eva Marie, Cameron, and Rosa Mendes, so you aren’t a supporter of women’s wrestling. You only like the 4 shemales, and cannot appreciate a real woman.”

I don’t mean to sound like a brat, but these people, who deem themselves as warriors of the Bella Army, are part of the reason I could have a disliking for the Bellas. As many refer to them as “dickriders” of the twins, if you won’t let me get a word in with a valid point, the person(s) you’re defending could be thought to reflect your close-minded nature.

Let’s replace this argument: “You don’t like apples, pears, strawberries, bananas, and kumquats, but you like oranges, kiwi, mangoes, lemons, tangerines, and pineapples. Ugh. You don’t like real fruit, you exotic-tasting food lover!”

This comparison really sheds light on our quall: perhaps you will realize how ridiculous this sounds. Just because I don’t like some fruit doesn’t mean I don’t like fruit: some tastes just aren’t appealing to me for whatever reason. I still love fruit, just not all fruit.

To address the arguably ruder part of that anonymous comment, I like other wrestlers than the “four shemales.” Naomi, Natalya, Maryse, Carmella, Nia, Dana, Peyton, Billie, Asuka, Ember, and Mickie (throwing in ‘alumni’ - Maria Kanellis, Trish Stratus, Eve Torres, AJ Lee, Beth Phoenix, Melina, Lita, Victoria) are just naming a few. All of these women aren’t Horsewomen, yet I still like them.

*All I know is that these women (and the 4HW as well) don’t rely on reality TV to make themselves stars.* You know as well as I do that the Bellas were lost causes until the 2011-2012 time period, when Nikki began dating Cena, the face of the company, and Brie met Daniel Bryan, arguably one of the fans’ all-time favorites, up there with Cena, Austin, and the Rock.

Brie and Nikki fought Kelly Kelly, Tamina Snuka, Alicia Fox, Beth Phoenix, and weren’t portrayed as the heroes they arguably are now. 2011 brought Brie’s first and only WWE title reign, which she held for only 70 days. April 2012 brought a 6-day reign for Nikki Bella, and only until November 2014 did she get her record-setting title reign. 

During the time period of 2012 and 2014, in 2013, the first episode of Total Divas was broadcasted, which seemed to almost “revolve” around Nikki and Cena’s relationship. The show was successful, and a little over a year later, in November of 2014, Nikki entered the longest Divas’ title reign. With the fact that Nikki having a title reign brought even more popularity to Total Divas, and with the fact that Nikki and Brie were dating the company’s top stars, you can’t help but wonder if their “Hollywood success” could’ve aided in creative’s choice to have Nikki break AJ’s record. Though they didn’t depart from the company, you could see that Hollywood offered more for them than a wrestling ring ever would. 

Speaking of AJ’s record, it’s evident that Nikki broke that record to erase AJ’s impacts on the divas’ division. WWE wanted to write Lee off as quickly as possible because of their real life bad blood with Punk and AJ. Though they knew that Nikki defended the title not all that often (most of her reign fell in the Divas’ Revolution, which was led by the warring state of the 3 teams of Team Bella, Team B.A.D., and Team PCB), and with the knowledge of female impact on sports everywhere, having Nikki quickly erase one of AJ’s arguably “most notable” records and lose the title 6 days into her now record-setting reign was the best option. 

I don’t mean to generalize, but there are things the Bella Army will catechize people like Paige, AJ Lee, or any of the Horsewomen for, but let the Bellas’ same mistakes slide-especially when it comes to promos. Paige bringing up Charlotte’s dead brother (which, I know, is absolutely horrid) is horrible, but the Bellas insulting Kharma’s weight, pregnancy, and looks is “okay” because it’s “all scripted.” AJ dropping the truth about how reality TV saved people like Cameron and Eva is misogynistic, but the Bellas dissing AJ and saying she’s only “famous” because she “rode the coattails of male superstars” is perfectly dandy. This is extremely hypocritical, but once someone dares to point it out, we’re attacked with hate comments hiding behind sunglasses or shady posts where you’ve tagged us. 

Sure, Nikki and Brie have improved over time. They’ve developed character, ring, and mic skills. (Might I add, it took them…hmm, 2008 to around 2014…six years to do so.) Yet with all of the dickriders on here, it seems to me that many see these women, who though are well-rounded because of their variety of moves, who lacked something that made them pop out of the mold of Diva, as greatest of all times. Fabulous Moolah? Nooooo. Lita? No way. Trish Stratus? Not even close. Mickie?  Hell no. Jazz? Nope. Jacqueline? Not at all. Chyna? No. On and on. Sure, they’re good; but they are not GREAT, they are not as wonderful as you guys view them as. Sure, you may like them, as I, for an example, like Becky. But I will always admit that there are people who were and are better. Many people of the Bella Army will throw out the accomplishments of other women who came before to make the Bellas look like wrestling goddesses. 

I’ve touched on this a bit before, and I will acknowledge it again: though they seemed to be focused on reality TV, they still stayed in the business when times were tough regarding their ring personas. Yet, unlike someone like AJ, though they weren’t on the top of the division, they still got their paycheck and didn’t have to face backstage hatred because of their significant others. While Nikki and Brie taped Total Divas, AJ dealt with the hatred of their (I believe) stepfather, John Laurinaitis. So whilst they still continued their wrestling careers, other than the fact they weren’t given a lot of screen time, they didn’t face anything otherwise “difficult.” 

Sure, they spawned the “#GiveDivasAChance” movement because of their 30-second match with Emma & Paige. But do any of you guys, the ones that worship the Bellas for “giving divas a chance,” pay ownage to Emma and Paige and for their work on the division? Or do you turn them away because the Bellas beat them so quickly? If you “give divas a chance,” why won’t you give Emma and Paige a chance? 

You might oblige with acknowledging Emma and Paige, but many of the Bella Army can’t stand (for the lives of them) the 4HW of the WWE. There’s something about Bayley, Becky, Charlotte, and Sasha’s overall excellence in wrestling that really ticks over the Bella Army. Their well-roundedness in all forms of wrestling (power, submission, technical, and high-flying) is something you dismiss. You get all riled up that the Horsewomen are seen as the saviors of the division and that some people like them and not the Bellas. You get all, mind my “slang,” triggered over the fact they’re given the accolades and everyone else but Trish and Lita are thrown out. What about your precious Bellas? What about their accomplishments in a division where all accomplishments are scripted (mind for accomplishments of excellence with character, mic, and ring skill [this point was made to point out championships])? What about the fact they’ve just recently improved yet still trail the Four Horsewomen, Naomi, Natalya, Paige, Asuka, Ember Moon, many more women in the division? 

“Name something the Horsewomen can do that the Bellas can’t!!!!” Okay, I’ll admit that the advantages of the 4HW could be unfair because there’s 4 of them and 2 Bellas. I’ll just focus on individuals for now.

Bayley has an overall connection to the younger audience that Brie has attempted to do with her using Daniel’s “yes” chant and some of his moves. Bayley is unique in her “bleeding babyface” ways, yet Brie and Nikki have blurred the lines between face and heel all too frequently, whether intentionally or unintentionally.

Becky has escaped the women’s wrestler “mold” that has been established the past couple of years. She brings a very unique feel to the ring, and the steampunk attire and “bleeding babyface” ways is something that is near Bayley’s, but not as sucking up to the crowd and more following of the rules, even if it puts you at a severe disadvantage. Nikki and Brie have used Twin Magic unfairly to win matches, and they fit almost perfectly into the Diva-esque mold.

Charlotte outwrestles Nikki, Brie, and almost every woman on the roster. I believe the only ones that can come close are Asuka, Ember Moon, Becky, Sasha, Bayley, and Mickie (as well as Lita, Trish, Beth, and more in their prime times). No matter how much they improve, I highly doubt the Bellas will be able to reach the wrestling skill heights Charlotte has.

And now for Sasha - for Sasha has, is, and will get louder pops than Brie or Nikki. There’s something about her character, the Legit Boss, that will make fans chant “we want Sasha” in many women’s segments on Raw. Nikki gets louder pops than Brie, yes, but she doesn’t come close to Sasha’s crowd eruption.

“The Bellas didn’t have a platform in the indies or in NXT to help improve. They grew (and took longer in doing so) because they had to do it while still on the main roster.” While I can see what this point is trying to say, if the Bellas did truly want to develop fully and become the next Beth Phoenixes of the division, they would enroll in extra acting and wrestling classes. Did they? Nope. “Their improvements came earlier than 2014!!!” someone will bring up. Did you guys suddenly forget about the horror of the Bella feud in 2014? Did you guys tune out Brie’s horrid acting and fake crying? Did you not see Nikki’s fails at covering up her emotions, or her promo now known as the “Growing Up Bella” meme? Or did you turn a blind eye on these horrors so you could complain about Paige and AJ Lee some more?

“Why do you care that the Bellas have a reality show or that they walk the red carpets? It’s their business, after all!” It is their business, and I applaud them for sitting on the brim of Hollywood and the WWE for this long of a period of time. Yet they should always focus on their wrestling careers and improving in the ring before getting famous for reality TV. If they want to be reality and Hollywood stars so bad, they can leave the WWE because it’s holding them back. To me, it seems they appreciate Hollywood more than the wrestling ring based on the fact they’re consistently focusing on more Total Divas/Bellas episodes over furthering Nikki’s wrestling career.

“Everyone can’t get past their looks, so they aren’t given a proper chance! They still suffer from a negative stigma because of AJ’s pipebombshell on the Total Divas cast!” I have gotten past their looks: sure, they’re beautiful, but so is Carmella and Nia, and they aren’t being pushed and/or being booked properly. Plus, they’ve been given a lot of “proper chances.” Nikki’s the longest reigning Divas’ champion, for all sakes! Someone who isn’t given “proper chances” is someone like Carmella.

And if the bombshell still impacts their viewing, I don’t know what to say. It’s been what, three or four years now? Natalya and Naomi aren’t viewed like that anymore because they broke free of the Diva-esque vibe by showcasing their in-ring skills. The bombshell just provides extra information and boost to an argument: if AJ Lee said something that can help you prove your point, use it to your advantage, folks.

“The Four Horsewomen should have to scratch and claw like how the Bellas had to for eight years of their careers!” Hold up, hold up. First, the Bellas got their first title reigns in 2011 and 2012, which was three to four years into their careers. Secondly, them having to wait for three years for a title reign isn’t that bad, considering at the time they were very poor on the mic and in the ring. They had major appeal because of the fact they were twins and even have admitted that they were originally hired because of that signature “twin appeal.” Waiting that amount of time for a title whilst not having skills to back up a good reign wasn’t “scratching” or “clawing.”

You know who did scratch and claw? The Four Horsewomen. Bayley and Sasha worked in the independents (alongside men) as Davina Rose and Mercedes V: them going to the WWE was their whole scratching and clawing. Overcoming the odds with childhood dreams to make it to the top is always a good story. Looking to John Cena and Eddie Guerrero as inspiration, Bayley and Sasha eventually made it to the top.

I know more about Becky’s story, though: she worked as Rebecca Knox, left her family at fifteen to learn how to wrestle (alongside men) after being inspired by Lita, went to the UK, Canada, a lot of Europe, and Japan along the way, broke her head open in a match in Germany, dealt with marijuana and alcohol abuse, attended clown school, and eventually made it to the WWE.

And for Charlotte: she never thought she would wrestle and was always into other types of sports until her brother, her inspiration, Reid, unfortunately died in 2013. From there, she got the boost to make it to the top (with flair hahaha I’m so funny).

I will give the Bellas this: they scratched and clawed to try to make our viewings of them disappear. Yet was the world ever conspiring against them? At the time, they had fame and fortune; just doubt on our part. “But Nikki’s neck injury!” I will give Nikki that. She is passionate enough to come back to the business that hurt her, a lot like how Becky did, and that is one of many things I can respect about Stephanie Nicole Garcia-Colace.

There is one last thing I’d like to address: “You only dislike the Bellas because they’re not fully white.” PHEWWWW. Do not play the racism card. Please. I still like Bayley, Naomi, Asuka, Ember Moon, Sasha Banks, AJ Lee, and Nia Jax despite them being “not fully white.” That’s a piss-poor excuse.

To add as a “disclaimer:” I am completely open with argument and differing opinion. I’d love to hear what you have to say, as long as it’s not hateful from behind a pair of sunglasses.

OK…So I’ve been seeing some people who are complaining/upset that Sasha didn’t mention AJ Lee in her promo from Raw. But do you know who else Sasha didn’t mention

These women who unlike AJ are actually being overlooked!! By EVERYONE! 

Do you think these women didn’t want a change! Do you think these women wanted the pink butterfly belt! Do you think these women wanted to be a part of the era in WWE that is constantly disregarded!

This is not a hate post about AJ Lee or Sasha Banks. This is an appreciation post to the women that I grew up watching, that I loved! The women that I believe deserve places in the HOF but probably won’t because people never talk about them anymore! 

If it wasn’t for these women there wouldn’t have even been a division for AJ Lee or Sasha Banks so start acknowledging their accomplishments and successes 


🙌🙌 YES! YES! YES!The Queen finally arrived to SDLive👑💙 WOOOO!!!!

TJ Perkins x Reader: Flowers for The Lady

Requested: Yes! By @imaginingwwesuperstars

Warnings: Nope! 

A/N: Two things 1) The picture has nothing to do with the story I just wanted it to be the picture 2) It’s from TJ’s perspective!

    I watched from backstage as she pinned, she laid there completely limp from being planted to the mat by Charlotte. Fear crept into my stomach when she didn’t get up immediately and as the show cut to commercial I ran, faster than I had in a very long time, to the ring. The medical staff was examining her and they helped her up leading her backstage, not letting me help, not letting me touch her. She slowly regained consciousness and walked back on her own mostly, but this only eased my concern slightly as I followed behind the medics. 

    The medical staff finally let me into her room after they had done a full check up and I opened the door seeing her with her face hidden in her hands sobbing. I slowly walked in, shut the door behind me, and squatted in front of her, moving her loose hair from her face and took her hands in mine.

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