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The Shield ~ Protective

I had just finished in wardrobe before I heard my stomach grumbling. Dammit.
“Looks like someone is hungry.” Sandra, our seamstress giggled, removing a piece of thread from my shorts. “Starving.” I rubbed the exposed part of my stomach. “Is catering still open?” She nodded. “Okay I think I’ll head down there. My match is only in the next hour.” I picked up my title and thanked Sandra before leaving the room.

I skipped into catering and grabbed a sandwich before running back out, heading for The shield’s locker room. “Everyone decent?” I knocked on their door and heard them all shout yes before I opened the door just a crack to peep and see for myself. Sometimes they would lie and I would find myself in a room with Dean parading in his jockeys or Seth still wrapped in just a towel.

Wow you look nice. No vest?“ Dean hugged me from the side before taking a bite of my sandwich. "Not tonight.” I shook my head, wiping the crumbs from the side of his mouth.

I was currently a part of the Shield storyline. Some nights I was out there with them and other nights I was on my own (still representing them), like tonight.I won’t lie - sometimes it was nice to not have to wrestle in the heavy gear.

“Put this on.” Roman tossed something at me. “What is it?” I couldn’t open it up properly cause I still had my sandwich in my hand. “Here let me help.” Dean walked over and took my sandwich, biting into it.

Ambrose!” “What? I said I would hel- oh you thought with that? No.” He bit into the sandwich again before walking to the other end of the room. I dusted my hand before examining the piece of material. I looked at Roman questioningly – it wasn’t cold, it was actually quite humid today.

“I don’t want you parading around like that,” he pointed at me, “for the next hour.” Roman was always really protective of me – all the members of the Shield were.

“C’mon Rome.” I whined. “On.” He didn’t even bother looking up at me. “I walk around backstage like this all the time!” I reasoned with him. “Yeah – with US at your side. We have a match now and your little admirer is out there.” He raised his thumb over his shoulder to point at the door. There was no arguing with him.

I heard Seth sigh deeply before he walked over to me and took the jacket from my hands. “who’s your opponent tonight? Keeping the title, right?” he unzipped the jacket and held it behind me. “Charlotte. Yup.” I extended my arms backward, allowing him to put it on for me. “What’s the storyline like?” he stepped in front of me, adjusting the hood neatly. “Dana’s gonna come in and kick my ass.” All three boys turned to face me.

“I’ll be fiiiiine!” I raised my hands, palms up. Of course they were worried - I wasn’t exactly best of friends with Dana behind the scenes. “Hey guys. They need you in the gorilla now.” Stephanie peeped through the door. The boys nodded.

“(Y/N). Please. No funny business.” Seth kissed my forehead and left first. “Kick ass out there kiddo.” “You too.” I smiled at Dean who quickly ruffled my hair.

“Keep that jacket on.” Roman zipped it right up to my neck, making me laugh.

“Gosh. So protective.” He let me leave the room first and we went in our different directions.