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I’ll let everyone react to this as they please.

Is it okay?
  • <b> <p></b> <b>to like 5sos:</b> yes<p/><b>to like 1D:</b> yes<p/><b>to like Hasley:</b> yes<p/><b>to like Wrestling:</b> yes<p/><b>to like drawing:</b> yes<p/><b>to sing even if you are bad at it:</b> yes<p/><b>dance even if you look dumb doing it:</b> yes<p/><b>to make fun of others just because of what they like: no</b>
  • The point of this is the fact that no matter what you like, it's okay. You are ALLOWED to do/like things/people. Just because someone makes fun of you because of it, doesn't mean it's wrong.<p/></p><p/></p>

Your Moment Of Zen: “May I have this dance?”
[February 25th, 2016]

After a monstrous main event where NXT Women’s Champion Bayley and NXT Champion Finn Balor defeated the team of Nia Jax and Samoa Joe, the winning champions continued to wow the Orlando live crowd. Balor addressed Bayley by stating that Finn 3:16 says… “May I have this dance?”

i don’t know how many people saw the corey graves tribute package that aired on nxt. while i enjoyed the video, and i am upset that corey is moving on from doing commentary, something that he said at the start of the tribute package irked me a bit. 

corey said, “the reason i had to retire from wrestling is because what we do is not ballet”. or it was something along those lines… and while corey is NOT the first person to say “wrestling is not ballet”, it bothers me that that saying exists in the first place, especially when you know just how difficult ballet truly is. 

and it bothers me in the fact that this saying implies “dancing is soft. no one gets hurt in dance” when i had college friends who have broken their ankles, have torn their ACL, and have even had concussions because of accidents that have happened when they were learning choreography. 

not mention, dancing is a form of art that requires people to devote YEARS to learning the craft. it’s not something that everyone can do. there are people who are naturally more inclined to be dancers– who just so happen to have the right body type or understand rhythm better than someone else can. 

i’m not mad at corey. i’m just frustrated that i had to hear “what we do is not ballet” when that saying should go the way of the dinosaurs… like, we get it. wrestling is a violent form of physical activity, but don’t devalue another art form just to get your point across. if anything, you would think wrestlers would take dance classes to work on their body movement and timing… but i guess that’s a conversation for another day.